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  1. I understand why they wouldn't want this to become a rp sim advertisement page but it is nice to read about different sims and the type of rp. How they could accomplish? No idea. Just like the groups in world get inundated with ads, this would likely be no different. Still....wish it could be done.
  2. This is a secret nod to my RP partner. It's a secret because he won't likely find this post for weeks or months or if at all. 13 years of stories, characters, alts, drama, magic, mayhem, laughs, love and friendship. I wouldn't have wanted to pixelate with any other..... https://www.youtube.com/watch/o8pQLtHTPaI
  3. We play a very dysfunctional family. Our children will likely be hitman /drug addicts or likely the smart ones will have years of therapy before they become a US senator. If you like dysfunction, IM me!
  4. It's extremely frustrating. Blueberry is my go-to but three times today I spied an awesome outfit and immediately went to marketplace only to learn they have all the usual designers but only Slink Hourglass. I hope it doesn't mean that physique is going the way of the dinosaurs.......rowr....
  5. Slink Physique....why are many apparel vendors only creating Slink HG and not physique in their outfits? Grrrrrrrr
  6. Looking again at the pic, the hair might be a freebie that Slink offered many many moons ago. I think it was called Suzy or something. Wow. I might have to log an old avi just to see if I still have. It was a great free hair. Does anyone remember how Slink started with feet attached to the shoes???
  7. Not sure about the skin but the hair reminds me of a hair from Frangipani (am I showing my age)? Frangipani was the bomb...back in the day...lol
  8. Some people like Henry David Thoreau and some like Theodor Seuss Geisel. Both are great writers.
  9. Am I the only that assumes everybody is an alt and that SL is just two people? My partner and myself? It infuriates my partner but somehow he still loves me.
  10. Seriously, this is SL. "Pixel up" and create an alt and be his side girl. It's fun and hot! 😜
  11. Look on the wall straight at the main store of Tram. There is a blonde displayed with a similar hairstyle , Good luck!
  12. Yes, their hair rocks and they are known for their wisps like the pic above
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