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  1. Look on the wall straight at the main store of Tram. There is a blonde displayed with a similar hairstyle , Good luck!
  2. Yes, their hair rocks and they are known for their wisps like the pic above
  3. Best blonde pubic hair? Looking for mesh for a Slink body and a demo. Any points in the right direction will yield you a kiss. Sincerely The girl who has no patience for marketplace searches
  4. Close but Kevin has a manbun. But I like the look of Kevin. Thanks for the idea.
  5. I was in the "your avatar" section when I posted. Was there something else I was supposed to change? I don't post often so I'm curious as to what I may have missed. Thanks!
  6. This is the current picture on the home page of sl. Anyone know what hair the male avatar is wearing?
  7. We could use a babysitter but um yeah maybe not. . You might find my partner somewhat handsy. Well, mostly handsy.
  8. Sounds like a job for somebody! They could be the Strawberry Singh of RP. But count me out.....paying attention to detail is not my strongest attribute......
  9. What about Contrast (that is black and white does) or Retain & Reflect?
  10. Relationship standards are like drawing lines in the sand at the beach. One wave or a high tide will shift your perspective.
  11. I love "how are you?" from strangers. Should I answer "Colorful in this vivid pixel world" or "I'm not good because I've been constipated for days and I just ate some prunes so don't mind me if I go AFK." BTW, the latter works well when in a sexual rp and somebody IM's to ask what you are doing in rl.
  12. He/she is a gorgeous avatar found in a rp sim and based on the main chat you can tell they are a talented and maybe creative writer. A quick peek at their profile to discover their character's story and then you see the font. The funky f***ed up font that you can't read. Why? Why? Why???????? Why destroy the image with kooky letters? Trying to create an adult profile with kid font is just wrong. Wrong. WRONG. I'm posting this in the hope I might reach one person. If there is one less profile with bad font then I might sleep easier at night. Seriously, it's like the perfume pungent nice lady at church. Everybody likes her but nobody wants to sit by her.
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