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  1. Spider stew is a standing joke in my brother's house. Our father used to make it - unintentionally no doubt - for he had a "stock pot" always on the top of his stove, into which each day he would add a few more vegetables, some water, chunks of whatever meat he had, and when a huge spider that was living in his kitchen for a few days suddenly went missing, we reckoned that had also made it's way into the pan. Hence spider stew.
  2. Catchy little ditty, video done in one take. ONE TAKE PEOPLE!
  3. That's superb, I'm putting it on a loop for a while. Thanks.
  4. I'm going with the flow of what Youtube is suggesting for me. Interesting though to compare what the different would be wannabees sound like, and wondering who will be lucky enough to be discovered by their own "David Gilmour". Happy Halloween!
  5. They are just there for me to hunt and have my photo taken with, because I am so very antisocial and I like finding bots high up in sky boxes with no actual purpose except to make the land look more populated than it really is. I didn't even look to see if there was a store underneath this particular box of bots - but there usually is. Traffic bots and camping were banned, but Linden Lab isn't God and isn't all seeing and as you've seen, the search results are still rigged by those who still use bots to create false visitor numbers. But it seems to not be as bad as before? When there was Popular Places.
  6. Coming across rather like that creepy narcissistic chap on the cat food adverts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebSsReMHE0c
  7. Oh so many hours have already elapsed so you will have discovered why by now all by yourself I should think. Is it a possibility though that as the problem is specifically when you log into SL you get disconnected from the Wifi network, that the Wifi network recognises SL as too high a drain on resources for that particular Wifi account? Guessing, but someone I know had this happen at an internet cafe, where everyone else was able to remain connected, just not her and the SL log ins.
  8. tl;dr (tee hee) _____ I put some feathers out for the garden birds to use as nesting material. The sparrows loved it ... but so did the neighbour's cat. This is Bramble.
  9. I mislaid my spectacles and was fed up that I couldn't just ring them to find out where they were (they were on top of the fridge in the kitchen, but how they got there I don't know).
  10. Laughing hard. Two of my computers are Windows 10. But my favourite still is Windows Vista. Bad English in computer language terms undoubtedly. Couldn't give a f*ck. Obviously can't access Second Life now on the Vista, even though I gave it some steroids, have replaced just about every component part, added more memory. Daren't even breathe too hard around it. But it works for what I need it to when I need it to. At this moment in time they can take their Windows 11 and shovel it!
  11. Someone from Second Life introduced me to Andrew Rieu and he certainly takes me to my happy place. The audience participation is second to none, and what a great excuse to dress up in a voluminous colourful frock.
  12. The Islander by Gerald Kingsland. I've read Castaway by Lucy Irvine so many times that I've worn out several copies and felt the need to read his side of the story. (I prefer Lucy's.)
  13. I was in my happy place in Youtube and something was suggested to me. Really rather superb cover versions by an unknown(?!). I tend not to be a fan of vloggers and would-be-wannabees, but there is something about this one. She sounds like she has a really good voice without straining and trying like some of them seem to.
  14. ... where she has spontaneously combusted
  15. I don't even remember posting on the Write Your Own SL Obituary thread, but looks like I killed it
  16. /me hugs you back. Am reading all and being educated.
  17. Thanks, LittleMe, for explaining. I am a little (a lot) out of touch. Just a shame a compromise isn't possible on this one. Linden Lab can't risk a lawsuit, and we can't risk losing Second Life over anything seen to be illegal, immoral ... (oh my!). My head hurts
  18. I thought the gacha machines were just like those bubbly gum machines my mother never let me put my money in when I was a kid (because dogs peed up them, not because they were a device for gambling). Of course, when I was a little older and had my own pocket money, I made a beeline for this machine that sat with another outside our local shop. There was no gamble as far as I could see, just like in Second Life. You put in really a small amount of money and got something back out. The beautiful thing about the in-world gacha machines has been having transferable items that people have put onto their own market stalls, just like a garage/car boot sale. I thought that added to a sense of community whenever I've seen this happen. If it is gambling because some of the machines have a particularly desirable item inside just one of the 'eggs', then yes, it's gambling, but surely that element can be removed, and it can just be a machine full of regular items all of the same value. I've really enjoyed popping a dollar or two into these machines over the years, just to cheer myself up with a little surprise on a rainy day. Where is the harm in that?
  19. Why, are you pregnant with his child? Seriously, if he didn't give you the information, then he doesn't want you to know ... or he will be in touch with you if and when he's good and ready. The man just may need some space for a while. (Welcome to the forums, by the way!)
  20. I love the nostalgia of a necroposted thread. I am such a dinosaur. 10 year old video, I was sooooo excited about being able to make reflections in the water. Ahhhh nostalgia.
  21. Violence breeds violence, and sadly with a narcissist, a broken nose and black eye would make them play the victim for a while and then a bigger rage would ensue. But it is a bloody great shame a big massive truck didn't get him before he murdered your mother. I went out with a "really nice" radio presenter/DJ when I was 16. Beautiful baby blue eyes, loved his mother, did a lot for charity. But he had narcissistic personality disorder, a raging temper to the chosen few behind closed doors, I dumped him because of it, but forgave him six years later, only for him to come to me for solace when his girlfriend left him for another man. I had his head in my lap hearing him pouring out his heart to me. Five weeks later he killed the (ex-) girlfriend, the other man poisoned himself in his car with exhaust fumes, and my 'friend' hanged himself while on remand in prison. Makes you wonder why these things happen sometimes. Narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths are all on the same spectrum, like ticking time bombs waiting to go off.
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