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  1. That's an excellent version I'd never heard before, so double thanks, Ceka, for putting me onto it.
  2. I never had Depeche Mode down as being rock - they were part of the new wave stuff when I was a teenager - but then Def Leppard did a cover version of one of their's, and I saw them in a different light.
  3. Beautiful, heart-string pulling ones...
  4. She got a lot of pretty pretty boys she calls friends
  5. We don't really get any mellower as we get older either - just better, like a fine wine.
  6. Two versions of this one. Both goooood.
  7. Some bands don't just have great musicians in them, but make great videos too.
  8. I loved that film. I loved Michael Clarke Duncan's character in the film. He made me cry, because I am such a girl, and he was such a gentle giant. I thought the OP was being deadly serious at first, until he put forward a recommendation for such a mellow track by a bit of a joke of a rock band. Don't get me wrong, Fleetwood Mac have had some good moments, but they've mostly been about their petty spats and wife swapping nonsense, so I did see it as a humorous tongue-in-cheek post. I mean, who in their right minds these days dares to be "-ist" about anyone?
  9. It's what you wanted, you know it is. Hahaha. You poked the women with a stick and we responded accordingly. Women just don't have a place in rock, do they?! Jimmy Page seems to approve of this, not sure about Robert Plant though.
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