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  1. Well, I couldn't be sure, that's why I said "may have"
  2. It sounds like you may have bought land that is part of the Linden homes land, which means a house and certain objects are included in that sale. If this is the case then you need to simply go into the land details, choose the option to "abandon" the land, and go looking for a parcel elsewhere that you can build on yourself. The mainland is a HUGE place. There is nothing stopping you from having a Linden home as well as other land too. Have a good read up please about land ownership in Second Life. It's a good starting point. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Land_Buying_FAQ There are also some very useful videos over on Youtube created by Lindens (the employees of Second Life) and residents too. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=second+life+buying+land
  3. Some men actually willingly pay a dominatrix ex-policewoman in my home town to nail their testicles to a table - a sight I cannot unsee (someone warned me not to look) - but that was totally consensual, and while I don't understand it either, why people just willingly give money to someone for a kink of any sort, and it melts my brain, it does happen. Often. Watch the film/movie Personal Services starring Julie Walters for a tame and highly amusing version, a light-hearted look at a life loosely based on Madam Cynthia Paine.
  4. It never ceases to amaze me how many people willingly give up their money to some stranger they meet on the internet, although at least in your favour you're being up front about it, and not covertly conning someone by pretending to have real feelings for them. That's not a compliment, by the way, I see you as an out and out narcissist, and know that no matter how much 'power' or money anyone gives you, you will always just be controlled by your own demons. Get ye behind me! Get ye gone!!
  5. Timely reminder eating activates tartar ! HAUNT
  6. A male friend of mine with a jolly nice female avatar alt sent me a message one time saying he was just dancing and a random fellow passed him 250L$ just "for looking nice" !!! Bizarre-o-world
  7. Thanks, Tex, for reminding me why I rarely even bother to log in any more. I remember one amazing conversation I had one time, in on an alt account called Echo. I was simply standing at an infohub having a bit of a tidy up of my inventory when this massive beefcake avatar, you know the type, all shoulders, tiny butt, pea brain, came along, made sure I looked at him because he got so close to my avatar that it gave her a push report. Beefcake: hey beautiful, you're beautiful. Me/Echo: (silent, and in busy mode) Beefcake: oh, playing hard to get are yer? Me/Echo: Hello. Beefcake: so, do you want to see a photo of my d i c k? Me/Echo: do you want to see a photo of MY d i c k Beefcake: what do you mean? You have a d i c k ? (a little crowd had gathered round) Me/Echo: you will never know and *pooof* he was gone
  8. Hello. As an old German friend would say. I am fine, thank you. I am full and warm and happy and lucky! It has been a medium to good day, but I was sad three weeks ago when my pet budgerigar died (real life). We have mice in the house (real life), maybe we should get a cat. I see that you are fine. Good, that's fine and dandy.
  9. I went to give you a hug emoji then realised this isn't Facebook Not sleeping well is the root of a lot of problems. I hope all goes well with your ex.
  10. The antidote, but still kind of Halloween themed?
  11. Spider stew is a standing joke in my brother's house. Our father used to make it - unintentionally no doubt - for he had a "stock pot" always on the top of his stove, into which each day he would add a few more vegetables, some water, chunks of whatever meat he had, and when a huge spider that was living in his kitchen for a few days suddenly went missing, we reckoned that had also made it's way into the pan. Hence spider stew.
  12. Catchy little ditty, video done in one take. ONE TAKE PEOPLE!
  13. That's superb, I'm putting it on a loop for a while. Thanks.
  14. I'm going with the flow of what Youtube is suggesting for me. Interesting though to compare what the different would be wannabees sound like, and wondering who will be lucky enough to be discovered by their own "David Gilmour". Happy Halloween!
  15. They are just there for me to hunt and have my photo taken with, because I am so very antisocial and I like finding bots high up in sky boxes with no actual purpose except to make the land look more populated than it really is. I didn't even look to see if there was a store underneath this particular box of bots - but there usually is. Traffic bots and camping were banned, but Linden Lab isn't God and isn't all seeing and as you've seen, the search results are still rigged by those who still use bots to create false visitor numbers. But it seems to not be as bad as before? When there was Popular Places.
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