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  1. @Undertaker Colman (I will learn German one way or another )
  2. I am in awe of how young KB was when she wrote this song (13 apparently), and her videos are fab.
  3. This post makes me laugh so much. Reminds me of how someone on a Facebook group I'm in took my real life school photo and put it onto the front of a train, because I am that ugly I look like a train. When I was 15, I might have been upset. I laughed. People are so creative/destructive. Everyone should have a hobby. And if they're doing whatever behind locked doors with virtual photos of our virtual selves, as least they're not on the streets causing mayhem.
  4. Even got a good selection of poses built into it all. A nice place to take friends for a fun hour or two. The Moles have done such a lot of decorating and the new Linden Homes sims are really nice.
  5. Oh lovely! I know where this is, when I was very hot in real life the other week, I was exploring and found this, stood my avatar in the nearby pool and listened to the water, it made me feel cooler. One of the SSPE sims yet to be finished off. (SSPE1199?)
  6. You need to get that entered via Flickr if you have an account, as I am sure it would be chosen for Photo of the Day. What a great idea!
  7. I would have said that you are actually original - certainly in Second Life you are unique, the way you put your avatar together, the photos you take, not like anyone else, unique and identifiable. I loved reading your comments about each aspect of your personality. It made me go back into mine and edit to add more details. I never get the impatient side of you - you have never come across as that at all. I know, context is key.
  8. I wanted to read more about you. On Second Life we think we know people, but we only know a tiny part of them. Edit and add more if you get the time. (Because I am interested and - oh see my personality type. Hahaha).
  9. This video is just fantastic - the lyrics are ace. I love her, I want to be her, I'm coming back in my next life as her. NSFW
  10. Definitely ISFJ-A Apparently - see below - and this is true - I am the least likely of all the personality types to want to ever travel into space. DefenderPersonality ISFJ-A Explore Your Type Introduction Strengths & Weaknesses Romantic Relationships Friendships Parenthood Career Paths Workplace Habits Conclusion Premium Profile Insight of the Day Defenders are the least likely personality type to want to travel to space someday. Source: Traveling Preferences survey, 10179 respondents. Strengths & Weaknesses Defender Strengths Supportive – Defenders are the universal helpers, sharing their knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who needs it, and all the more so with friends and family. People with this personality type strive for win-win situations, choosing empathy over judgment whenever possible. I have a ridiculous amount of empathy, which has led me to be a magnet for people with narcissistic personality disorder. Reliable and Patient – Rather than offering sporadic, excited rushes that leave things half finished, Defenders are meticulous and careful, taking a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation just enough to accomplish their end goals. Defenders not only ensure that things are done to the highest standard, but often go well beyond what is required. Moreso when I was younger I would say this was true, for in no less than three previous jobs have they had to replace me with two people to cover the same workload. I can have a temper, but I can also have infinite patience when properly involved in a task that I may see as worthwhile. I never let others down. If I say I am going to do something with/for someone, then I do it, even if on the day I don't want to. Imaginative and Observant – Defenders are very imaginative, and use this quality as an accessory to empathy, observing others’ emotional states and seeing things from their perspective. With their feet firmly planted on the ground, it is a very practical imagination, though they do find things quite fascinating and inspiring. There's that word again coming up - empathy. And this point is absolutely true about me. Being able to observe others' emotional states in Second Life is more difficult. Enthusiastic – When the goal is right, Defenders take all this support, reliability and imagination and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people’s lives – whether fighting poverty with a global initiative or simply making a customer’s day. Uncannily correct. As people who knew me in world as a ghost hunter back in the day, I also have applied this attitude to situatons in real life. Loyal and Hard-Working – Given a little time, this enthusiasm grows into loyalty – Defender personalities often form an emotional attachment to the ideas and organizations they’ve dedicated themselves to. Anything short of meeting their obligations with good, hard work fails their own expectations. Yes, unfortunately this has a downside. I am my own hard task master (mistress!). Good Practical Skills – The best part is, Defenders have the practical sense to actually do something with all this altruism. If mundane, routine tasks are what need to be done, Defenders can see the beauty and harmony that they create, because they know that it helps them to care for their friends, family, and anyone else who needs it. True. Otherwise I would not have been able to continue being a carer for my brother out in real life for 17+ years. I'm more likely to want a practical than a pretty life in real or Second life. Defender Weaknesses Humble and Shy – The meek shall inherit the earth, but it’s a long road if they receive no recognition at all. This is possibly Defenders’ biggest challenge, as they are so concerned with others’ feelings that they refuse to make their thoughts known, or to take any duly earned credit for their contributions. Defenders’ standards for themselves are also so high that, knowing they could have done some minor aspect of a task better, they often downplay their successes entirely. Every day I beat myself up about something I could have done better. And I am grateful for the little successes. Take Things Too Personally – Defenders have trouble separating personal and impersonal situations – any situation is still an interaction between two people, after all – and any negativity from conflict or criticism can carry over from their professional to their personal lives, and back again. Definitely true - but I think I am getting much better at this. Repress Their Feelings – People with the Defender personality type are private and very sensitive, internalizing their feelings a great deal. Much in the way that Defenders protect others’ feelings, they must protect their own, and this lack of healthy emotional expression can lead to a lot of stress and frustration. I will speak my mind a lot, but more often I just walk out of the room, be it real or virtually real. Example, there are many times on the forums I could have got involved with the tip tap arguments that often ensue, but swear about it in real life and go elsewhere. It isn't worth it, but I feel a lot of the stress. Overload Themselves – Their strong senses of duty and perfectionism combine with this aversion to emotional conflict to create a situation where it is far too easy for Defenders to overload themselves – or to be overloaded by others – as they struggle silently to meet everyone’s expectations, especially their own. Expectations is a funny word to me. I have so little expectations of others, that way, I can't be let down by anyone, but I expect better of myself constantly. Reluctant to Change – These challenges can be particularly hard to address since Defender personalities value traditions and history highly in their decisions. A situation sometimes needs to reach a breaking point before Defenders are persuaded by circumstance, or the strong personality of a loved one, to alter course. I detest and despise change, especially for changes sake, be it a different layout on a website, and look at my avatar, still classic, not mesh. I feel stifled at the thought of having what is really an extra box covering up my avatar, who is me, my established identity. I don't live in the past, but feel there was much to value about the past. Too Altruistic – This is all compounded and reinforced by Defenders’ otherwise wonderful quality of altruism. Being such warm, good-natured people, Defenders are willing to let things slide, to believe that things will get better soon, to not burden others by accepting their offers of help, while their troubles mount unassisted. Massively disappointed in real life with the actions and behaviour of someone, I still hope to be able to help them, even though they will not even think to drive to the DIY place when my strip light breaks down. I know where I stand with them, love them unconditionally, know they don't feel the same way about me. Conclusion: We are all different types of people, with many aspects to our personality, and we are bound to clash sometimes. What an interesting thread you started, Gopi.
  11. Quite a few times I have dreamt about Second Life, and always I can smell what I smell whenever I am wandering around sims aimlessly; plywood and grass. The best dream I had, the nearest to being my avatar, happened when I must have been spending far too much time logged in with my then partner, who was off work in real life for a couple of weeks, so we had a really fantastic time of playing house. He'd built a workshop next to the house I was decorating, and we were both adding bits and pieces to it. In my dream, I'd placed a "No girls allowed" sign on the wall next to the doorway of it, and when I woke up, I made one.
  12. Bad movie, but some good covers within it. (Tom Cruise as a rock singer, nope, does not compute.)
  13. I was never a huge fan of Mariah Carey - but she did grow on me, and then a friend who know I love Def Leppard, put me onto this, and really I thought I would hate it, but I don't, I love it.
  14. I don't know if that is a cover or not, but they did a fabulous version of this:
  15. This track is amazing, Matty, and is the cause of me spending much more time on Youtube this week and less time on Second Life/Forums. It led me down a long and very interesting road. Including this. I particularly like the extra melancholy plucked strings intro, and the fact I can actually hear the lyrics properly in this version.
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