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  1. Favourite sin makers? Looking for sins with more realistic flaws.
  2. A lot of people are able to become fully immersed in a film, or a book, or in Second Life, and you obviously can. Take it as a gift, don't ignore it, go with it and enjoy it. I've had some extremely enjoyable roleplay situations in the past in Second Life. Maddie is so right - the lack of distractions, the prettiness of our virtual environment, all help with the pleasurable experience.
  3. Except for me - what you see is what you get
  4. Noooo, it's old Mr Withers from the amusement arcade
  5. That's an excellent version I'd never heard before, so double thanks, Ceka, for putting me onto it.
  6. I never had Depeche Mode down as being rock - they were part of the new wave stuff when I was a teenager - but then Def Leppard did a cover version of one of their's, and I saw them in a different light.
  7. Beautiful, heart-string pulling ones...
  8. She got a lot of pretty pretty boys she calls friends
  9. We don't really get any mellower as we get older either - just better, like a fine wine.
  10. Two versions of this one. Both goooood.
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