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  1. Here's my contribution. I can't find an equivalent modifier in blender, however this is how I make my plant LODs which is more or less the same theory. I put the camera in orthographic mode and take a shot from the front and side. I will say I only do this for big plants because a small plant or flower would only be a blob of pixels from a distance anyway so I sometimes use that idea to my advantage in terms of making lower LODs. The empty is just for parenting the camera to make it easy to rotate. The shots are made into a cruciform mesh (like an old school plant) and used for lower LOD. You could do the same for a chair by taking the photos in blender and compositing the texture in your image editor of choice. There's probably a way to do it with nodes. The only projection modifier we have it like for casting meshes onto another. Onc caveat that Arton didn't mention is the meshes need to have the same size bounding boxes or you'll get weird popping behavior I shade the lower LOD in-world so it matches as well as it can. It's not the most elegant solution, but its all we've got and it's better than setting LODs to 0,0,0 then advising on debug settings. https://gyazo.com/0380629183d8b251466cc74834e60a64
  2. new status report https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/5z6vmpxr8k8j
  3. I'm in the same boat. SL is my income and I need to pay my visa card. I got an apology from support, I wonder if Visa will accept this? What about people who process credit to pay land tier, they'll be stuck too. What a cluster LL.
  4. I use 100m2 mega prims around my build platforms, I've not been having any issues and it makes everything look better. I think they can be nested too with a hierarchy, so you could in theory have a house inside that mega-priim volume. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. As someone quite deep into SD this is really interesting. I tried to look you up in world but can't find you, shoot me an IM if you fancy advising me more, I'd appreciate it, thanks!
  6. Years ago I made a set and it had a lot more pieces, but really it's a waste of land impact, same with inclined pieces as this would make the physics bounding box large. It's easier just to tilt a piece. I did include some box pieces that can be pushed together for stairs based on some real life inspiration I took while researching this build, they're quite economical on li if you consider the included planting.
  7. Sorry didn't mean to ignore my own thread, been a bit poorly then that cut into my deadline, nightmare I finished my path kit
  8. This is great work, I love the atmosphere of the second shot. I'd love to make some Moroccan tile sets one day
  9. Yeah it would, give it a try, you can control the intensity of glow with it too.
  10. That looks great. Have you played with emissive?
  11. Going to start this thread as a place for people to start sharing PBR screen shots of either theirs or others content. Please this isn't intended as a place for technical discussions, politics, etc. Thank you. Also feedback only if people request thanks. I'll go first, some paths I'm working on.
  12. The way textures and materials are applied under the new PBR system can be counter intuitive at first.
  13. Still a work in progress,finding my way with colours, saturation levels, etc.
  14. They should be using fallback textures as per the wiki. My plants come with both built in
  15. I saw this on flikr, really nice work.
  16. Oops my bad, I didn't know. I'm using 4 myself, but I rarely make materials in blender. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll see about editing my original post. I've been finding the gLTF packer to be a great help.
  17. You can pack gLTF materials easily with this free software https://aiaicapta.in/gltf-packer/ No need for a mortgage, blender also exports gLTF materials. https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/2.80/addons/io_scene_gltf2.html Edit: as per the SL PBR wiki please use later versions of blender .
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