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  1. It's my belief that they treat the world this way because they need to be able to cater to the lowest common denominator. A lot of people make content as a hobby and perhaps don't have a background in creating video game assets. They wish for their builds to look good for them and don't consider the wider implications of texture bandwidth . While I'm not condoning inefficient building practices, it is what it is.
  2. The bounding boxes don't match
  3. You need to make sure normals are set to openGL in substance painter. I don't believe this is the default. You can get some good results in second life using the alpha channels in the normal and specular map to enhance the look of your models. I've had some nice results using the concavity in the alpha channel of the normal map.
  4. If you wish to get super efficient, and some elements of your builds are symmetrical, you can mirror 2 or 4 ways. Think of a table top, an arch or other symmetrical objects. Often this gives a crisper result because you can effectively double the texel density without adding more textures. It's good to add a bleed edge around your islands if this method is used to avoid seams as the texture mip-maps.
  5. It means that you have no LOD meshes present and your mesh is composed of multiple materials. As far as I know , under certain conditions the uploader won't generate any LODs using fewer triangles because it wants to keep all the materials present for each LOD . I only know this because occasionally I upload test meshes without LODs and encounter this behavior. The only way to get lower land impact is to create the LOD meshes yourself rather than letting the uploader make them for you. You will need to make sure each LOD contains all the materials in the exact same order or the it will most likely fail. You could look at this Youtube LOD tutorial for second life for starters.
  6. A) You don't make models with an engine. Rather an engine is a run-time environment to display meshes in and make games etc. If you don't want to spend money, blender 3D is free. B) You can texture your model any number of ways. You can paint directly on the model in blender for example. Or you can paint textures in photoshop. Likewise textures can be baked in your 3D package of choice. The list is endless. C) Depends on the 3D package. Again, blender and a proprietary system called 'Avastar' are often use for second life. D) second life official or 32bit Firestorm if you wish to include physics calculations. 64bit Firestorm will not do this and lead to all sorts of funky li if you wish to use physics. Side note - join groups in second life 'blender avastar' comes to mind.
  7. It's a godsend for me as I make landscaping items which really take a hit when enlarged. It's not that I use a gazillion triangles, plus I make custom LOD, it's just the way it works.
  8. yes, the amount owed will be taken from your us$ balance first
  9. You're correct, cash your lindens out to your account and leave the US$ balance there without transfering to paypal.
  10. Thanks for another oppotunity to ask questions. Will there be, or are there any plans to introduce animated mesh into second life? From my limited technical knowledge I'm pretty sure this may well save bandwidth. A use example might be a pet that has animated limbs rather than multiple meshes that use alpha swap for faux movement. Surely a single mesh containing animation data would be lighter on bandwidth than streaming multipe objects?
  11. Hi Ebbe, A few questions regarding Sansar. With next year not being long away, when will we see the first open beta sign ups for the new platform, and when will we see some more screenies. I've read from you that there will be 'KMs of land'. Could you expand on this please, as given the scale Second Life runs at, 8 regions would be KMs of land. Part of the magic of Second Life is how it evolved oragnically and communities such as Blake Sea happened. Regions can be added expodentially, allowing the community to get larger with time. Will this be possible in Sansar? Finally with machinima being a popular past time in Second Life, are there any plans to incorporate machinima features or tools into Sansar interface. Thank you for your time, Cube Republic.
  12. When will we expect to see the first screen shots of sansar? I've heard there's a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge? Also I'd love to see something like an interactive changing window, so clothing can be tried on in real time, much like the avatar customisation GUIs in other softwares. For example, one could scroll through tops, trousers, shoes etc. Mechants could follow a naming convention and supply small thumbnail images to populate the interface.
  13. What would happen if you made a 'linden tree'? E.g. say you make flowers, plants and trees and wish to include this species?
  14. For me it's 2 days to a month. The more I learn, the more I can do, and invariably the more complex the pipeline becomes. Also new features such as materials, mean more stages to production.
  15. Hi there, I'm looking for 4- 6 reasonably price full perm poses/animation loops for an object I'm releasing. They're basically just sits, but would like them specific for my object. The only caveat is I need them in the next day or so. Contact me in-world if you can help me out. Thank you, Cube Republic
  16. Hi there, I'm looking for a scripter for a couple of projects, nothing too complicated, but alas beyong my limited script capabilities. Would prefer someone who has experience. Will pay in linden $, contact me in-world. Thank you, Cube Republic
  17. I've been sculpting and painting some in zbrush.
  18. Please could anyone explain in layman terms what the 'specular exponent' in the alpha channel of the normal map is and what it does? Link for question
  19. I worked for a company doing this kind of thing. Contact me inworld if you like
  20. Problem with the land ownership model is it's outdated and too exspensive. Why would anyone pay to 'live' on the mainland, it's a digital ghetto wasteland. Areas like the Blake Sea demonstrate what consumers really want. That is a space that's well managed while still allowing some expression within that framework. There's a sense of community and it also looks gorgous. It's also the same with that brownstone estate whose name escapes me! They should scrap mainland all together. Offer several more entry level products....How about a 7000 prim sim? Or how about larger land masses so individuals can create communities? Time and again I explore the map and the best places are the well managed estates. Take the example of Caledon, it's not peppered with yellow, it looks gorgous, there's I suspect long term residents. This again demonstrates what people want. On side note, Anche Chung is reputed to own 11% of the land mass of private sims, however I estimate it to be higher. So the shift in landowership has gone to renting private residential homesteads. On the other hand you also need to take into account the destruction of the land market by the marketplace. There was a time when many people owned land as stores. So people went shopping and bumped into other people with similar tastes and thus further reinforced community. Now people don't need land except for their own little private parcels. Really Linden Lab need to get out of the land buisness and carry on doing what they're good at, which is hosting sims and providing the framework to create whatever you want. They should lower tier, because at the end of the day, as well as my earlier points, this is the real major driving force behind SLs woes. If land was cheaper, this would increase market place sales as there would be a rush on to get land and populate it with content. As it stands, , they're footing the bill for this 'yellow peril' . Surely getting less money for a large amount of your stock is better than constantly getting no money for it.
  21. Straylight, heart1, alternate reality, happy mood
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