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  1. Porky Gorky wrote: Rival Destiny wrote: umm, I know it's tomorrow in Australia but wow, where do you live? She lives far far away, in the land of make believe and pixies. ...hmmm Either that or her tin foil hat has suffered a catastrophic malfunction. I try to find humor in most things these days, but I still have a long way to go to improve on my sarcasm gene which often times result in both feet entering my mouth. Anyway, no offense meant here ... all in good fun. And NO, I'm not promoting my new line of tin foil hats sold on MP (priced to sell).
  2. Boudicca Littlebird wrote: Have I not always posted these kind of threads on a Friday, is it Friday today? umm, I know it's tomorrow in Australia but wow, where do you live?
  3. I think we are all created by LL equally & in the form of Ruth. We are simply here to buy shoes & decorate our environment. ... and that's all I have to say about that. edited to add: so: for the popcorn lovers out there, get a bowl, over-buttered, with salt.
  4. Is quite possible that LL believes that your account has been comprimised. I liken this to a credit card in real life when the card people believe that there has been 'unusual' activity. They suspend the card until they can sort the issues. So for your own protection, they have suspended it. I think that once their procedure is completed, your account will be released & you can return to sl. JMO of course. Good luck & I hope your withdrawals aren't too serious!
  5. Is an interesting idea to form a group to earn Lindens for the collective. However, IMO I can see a lot of problems down the line. Putting a group together to do anything can be fraught with drama, add money to the mix and you have a recipe for MEGA drama. Just off the top of my head I can think of one issue you will probably deal with right off and that's one person out there earning much for the collective and others earning very little but all taking advantage of the sim. Just an example. In addition to that, you have to gain the trust of your members and ensure them that whomever are running the group are on the up and up. There are many ways in sl to take advantage & get those Lindens so people generally aren't very trustworthy nor trusting in sl. As for cheapest rent for building a meeting place monthly? SL land costs vary accross the board & there are many factors involved here. I would recommend looking at what your needs are going to be, how many members you need to accomodate at any given time on your land, what your budget presently is and how much you will need to earn each month to keep the place going. I wish you luck with your endeavour
  6. Yes ... I understand. You could have made your user name something like ... XXSittingPrettyXX and your display name you could change to whatever you desire it to be.
  7. The cost of land in relation to the revenue streams, of course vary. But IMO, they are not at all conducive to new business nor upstarts. Gambling is not allowed in sl but having a business in sl is a gamble. Few succeed & when I say succeed, I mean become profitable enough that you can earn enough to support yourself in rl. The next level is probably the sl biz that makes enough to cover tier & perhaps keep you in shoes. There are many more of these than the first example of course. Finally you have the hobbiest who forks out their mad money simply to indulge their creative side (me btw). All of these, you are dependant on LL to dictate the terms, which can change at any time & have in the past. A good example is the land fiasco where many many sl land owners went ***up & many of those, left sl. I totally agree with the opinion that you need a unique product or find a niche that nobody else has filled. But the best advise I can give is research research research. Learn as much if not more about what you want to enter into before spending any money that you may never recoup. And finally - enjoy & have fun!!!
  8. Transferring items between accounts is something we all wish LL would introduce but as it stands now, it's impossible. You can however pay your other avatar whatever Lindens you have remaining of course. And with regards to Avie name, there is an additional feature now called display name. So you have your logoin name (which you cannot change btw) and your display name (which you can change). hth
  9. Yes I remember on the old forums when you were still teaching. You have an awesome talent and I think your sucess in sl was pretty much guaranteed. But yes, that is a very big step to take - huge. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wow, I will most definitely read the rest. I really enjoy reading the love stories - people meeting online then in real life. Thanks for sharing!
  11. ... oh good to know, thx. I was unaware that that could be done. Learn something new every day in sl.
  12. I've been in sl since Dec/07 & within a very short time, began to expand my creative side. I spent countless gleeful hours learning whatever I could. Building, making textures, photos - which lead me to PS, and onwards. I even dabbled in the land business and had commercial & residential rentals. All of this was for my enjoyment & took up much of my free time in rl. Flash forward to today & I find I've even less time to devote to the creative side of sl. My rl has become so busy that I now have to do a lot planning for my time in sl. This past year in particular, has been very intense. I've never been a 'schedule' type person. I am one of those that will most likely be late for her own funeral. I have most always been very spontaneous but today, I realize that I rarely do anything spontaneous any more. Anyway, I'm curious about others & know that some people love a structured life whereas other's often do things on the spur of the moment & of course there are those that are both. I am curious about others & thought it would be fun to see who has done what spontaneously. So ... what would be the most interesting thing that you've done on the spur of the moment? RL or SL. For me, when I was in my 20's, I met a guy who rode an 850 Norton chopper & fell head over heals. We lived in separate cities and I met him while visiting relatives. We only knew each other for a few weeks when, out of the blue he came to where I worked and said hey, wanna take a ride? I quit my job on the spot, went home & tossed a few things in a bag and off we went for 2 weeks of freedom. It was the most carefree thing I've done & I remember it fondly. And him of course :P
  13. Just to add a few differences on mesh. Mesh is made outside of sl & imported. You use 3D modeling software such as Blender or Maya. See here if you would like to learn more: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Creating_a_mesh Also, the avie has to conform to the mesh whereas the clothing made in sl, the clothing conforms to the avie. This is the reason for mesh to come with an alpha layer so the avie doesn't show through the mesh as it moves. Mesh is not limited to clothes & you can make anything from hair & shoes to structures and even avatars. It's really very exciting to see the new creations coming onto the grid.
  14. The actual animation and the script, are 2 different parts. The animation is created the script allows the animation to run. The animation itself however, cannot be changed. You can however, find an animation that you prefer, one with a longer jump, and add it to the AO. Hope this helps.
  15. Yes most definitely & just to add. The sculpty texturing a mega IMO is even less desireable as there are issues with the bounding box. One being that they can & do impede vehicles. Another way to have different terrain textures I've since been told, is to use the land levels. Is tedious but you can do say 1/4 sim in snow, 1/4 in grass, etc. Awesome that you found something you can use. And thanks for the heads up on that. I hope you will let us know how it works out. I see there is a use of scupts so am very curious on how it goes.
  16. Since banning by IP address doesn't work & almost always will include other innocent users, I'm sure LL doesn't use this method. As another poster said, there is an appeal process when someone has been perma banned. I think this is the only route that the OP has if he wants to use his same computer. The billing lline will not help you with issues other than billing but a premium member can take advantage of live chat. However, I do think this is a situation that would have to be handled higher up the food chain & why they have an appeals process. It would be interesting to learn the outcome if the OP does go forward.
  17. Yes well, the OP also refers to his/her 'mistakes' plural meaning more than one. Regardless, I was trying not to presume or assume since well, we all know about that one.
  18. Yes sorry I missed that bit. A little more diffiuclt but not insurmountable of course. A new computer of course is not in everyone's budget. Then again, you never know what LL may decide. We aren't aware of the reason for your banning & is really none of our business of course. But I would submit appeal & see what happens. Never know without trying right?
  19. I know that years ago LL has reinstated a dormant or abandoned account. However, I think reinstating a perma banned account for any reason should never be considered. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of banning someone? Some may see this opinion as harsh, but I'm a firm believer in following through. That you are able to come back as another account, post on this board so Lindens can see you are returning & was once banned ... well, I think that's very generous of LL to allow you to play the game. You can have any number of avatars but only one avatar operator - you. And when LL bans, it's YOU they ban, not just the avatar. I agree with other poster ... you should consider yourself lucky to be back in the game.
  20. You mean a parcel owner texturing a mega prim with a snow texture yes? Because you can only change the terrain texture on an entire sim, not parcels.
  21. Well, I do understand what you are looking for. I just added a few other ideas - such as mainland sims that are snow textured all year round. This is because mainland owners cannot change the terrain. Understand that when you own a private sim - be it open space, homestead or full prim island, you can only change the terrain texture on an entire sim not just parcels. I can see that this may be part of the reason snow sims all year round, are few and far between. The example that I gave you was of such a sim. I own both estate land and mainland and at one time was in the land business where i rented out commercial and residential land. I know that there are land owners out there that have seasons on their land. So in winter, there would be snow theme. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  22. Oh there are many places in sl to meet new people. Search your music genre and you will be on the dance floor meeting new people in no time. Maybe add your genre preference to your post - I'm sure you will get many replies of some awesome places. Singles? Well IMO that word is redundant in sl. My apologies to those that disagaree. Good luck!!
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