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  1. Thanks I think if I did purchase, the graphics card would be one thing I'd change out to nvidea. I have a Dell XPS that I am using & it has the nvidea.
  2. I was wondering if there is such a thing as overkill when it comes to what computer mfgs call 'gaming laptops'. Am very interested in anyone who has an opinion of running sl on the following: http://www.dell.com/ca/p/alienware-m18x-r2/pd?oc=nam18x2_f_3e&model_id=alienware-m18x-r2 Alieneware Dell M18x Laptop tia
  3. Hotwax wrote: so the facts are... All new merchants that do not have several in world stores obviousley use copybots. That is not a fact, that as an assumtion and a lie, that was only said to hurt other merchants. I didn't say that at all. But ... I can see now how you easily misinterpret what you read. I've no idea why this is so difficult for you to comprehend but the dead horses are piling up here so I'll leave you with the facts once again: Fact: Majority of copybotters are hit and run, they create avatar, copybot, sell until discovered then poof. Fact: Majority of copybotters don't have stores in world.
  4. I totally agree, I mispoke, the merchant said 'Only then'. Regardless, my opinion stands that this is a buyer beware message based on facts.
  5. I think in my original post I said that this is just one of the things merchants do as a result of those that ruin it for everyone else, ie the copybotter. If you are a new store, are legit, have a quality product that residents would like, then you have a good start to making your way up the ladder. I can't stress enough that consumers on marketplace will buy what they like regardless. And, most don't read the merchant pages. It isn't easy to launch a new store or product but this warning from that merchant, is nothing more than a buyer beware warning. One that is based in fact. So I have to agree, if you want the best bet your purchase is not stolen, buy from a reputable merchant who has a track record.
  6. But they aren't saying that. They are saying that if you want a guarantee that the merchandize is not stolen, then check out the merchant & if they are established then most likely, the goods are not copybotted. Edited to add: and even this, will not guarantee as even some longterm established creators have been accused or have indeed stolen. So there is no guarantee....Just like RL
  7. Hotwax wrote: Actually you are quite wrong with your assumption. Its like wal-Mart coming to town and saying that these other store are trying to steal and rip you off. In fact the more laxed comments I see about it the more it makes me wonder how much people are concerned about protecting things over monopolizing them. "** Warning ** Before making your purchase, always check the integrity of the seller. See the profile of the seller, if he is a longtime user and if he also has stores inworld. Only then will you guarantee not to be buying a stolen or embezzled product!" Actually, you are interpreting the message incorrectly. They are simply stating the if you want a guarantee you are buying items that are not stolen, check the integrity of the store. They list 2 reasons why one should do this. And, they are absolutely correct. Regardless of this guarantee, I'm sure consumers know there really is no guarantee here but there is also nothing wrong with this merchant using that term. Another poster here has said, there has even been long term merchants accused of stealing/copybotting/etc.
  8. I do think we all are understanding what you are getting at. The problem is, that this 'warning' is not against TOS. I don't find it disparraging at all since it is only letting customers know that they should be careful whom they buy from. There is also much fact in what they are saying: 1. Beware of new merchants: since most of these people who sell stolen items, do so then close down shop when caught then reinvent themselves anew. 2. Ensure they have stores in world: Having an established store in SL means that you are paying rent & will somewhat give that store more validity. These are two things that can prevent you from buying stolen or copybotted items. Bottom line is, customers may read the warning, but are still free to make their own purchasing decisions. And IMO, it has been my experience that many don't bother to read the detains on our merchant pages. If they see it and want it they will buy it. Edited to add: I know you feel that telling customers not to purchase from new stores, or merchants that have no stores, but I do believe most customers still understand they have their free will to buy from whomever they want.
  9. LIke RL, there are those that ruin it for others. I think this type of warning is a result. So, I don't have a problem with it at all, it's just a shame that merchants are forced to do this. There are many that earn their RL living in SL and copybotters can do much damage in a very short period of time. On another note, if your products are unique, or don't look like another Merchant's product, then you should have no problem rising to the top. It does take much time but I've followed a few who have actually soared to the top. And for your potential customers, I for one am always looking at new creators in sl. If you have something I want and is quality I will most likely purchase it.
  10. Actually, there are cameras. Some folks use them to monitor their sims. Years ago when I had my first sim & I made it into a little commercial seaside community, I had them to monitor my store rentals while I was way up working in my shop. No idea what they have now but then they had a few systems out there.
  11. Yes I do think they have. One other reason that items can be returned, would be auto-return. Such as would happen if you rezzed items on the land without using the correct tag. Am not positive, but I don't think this is the issue in your case. It used to be that if you lost no copy items from inventory that you could file a ticket & LL may be able to help. Of course, much has changed throught the years. Regardless, is worth a try to return your no copy items. Another, is to have the sim owner do a roll back. I have lost no-copy items on a number of my sims before & they have just simply returned to my inventory at a later date - no idea where they were. A good example is a Tucan that I had. I was setting him out & he just went poof. I looked everywhere. I also used object finders and the various tools to locate a scripted object. Then one day, months later, I was on my sim and something buzzed past me. It was my Tucan - borked & in need of replacing but returned nonethe less. So I would encourage you to file a ticket with LL - you have nothing to lose. I hope you get them back
  12. OP said sim owner said it was ok & concluded sim owner didn't return items. Why say it's ok and then return? Are tenants a dime a dozen now? So, I assumed (yes I know about using that word) that someone had perhaps AR'd him/her for having Adult items on a sim that is not deemed Adult. One of the AR's that LL does jump on.
  13. Look for a coalesced item in your inventory. When all is returned from a sim, it all gets bundled up into one item. I'll bet this is what has happened. You need to find an adult sandbox to rez. With regards to setting up adult biz's, no matter what a landowner says, you can only set up adult themed land if the land is set up as adult. Otherwise, LL will toddle on by & return your stuff. hth
  14. A simple fact to keep in mind - Lindens are not permitted to disclose their private avatars. At least, that's the way it was a few years ago. No idea if that policy is still in effect but it certainly makes sense that they would have such a policy.
  15. There you go again using the term 'full sim'. A full sim has 15,000 prims & is US295 per month tier and if mainland US $195 per month tier. the other products you mention, homestead is a different product entirely. It is US$125 per month tier. And your belief that purchasing land is more expensive than renting is outrageous. Why would anyone purchase land then rent it out for less than what they have to pay in tier? If you happen to have a grandfathered sim then you are able to give your customers a break yes, but the majority of land owners, rent their land out at a profit not a loss. See prices here: http://secondlife.com/land/privatepricing.php And you are right about one thing. We should stop it here since you are obviously not interested in correct information. Edited to correct typo
  16. friscolives wrote: First off, I said sim-sized. I did not say renting a full sim. I used sim-sized rather than quote the actual square footage sized, which off the top of my head I'm not sure, some 64 K square meters I believe. It was only to designate the land space size (either sim sized or half sim sized. I thought it was pretty clear in reading it, not sure if it was misunderstood. I never mentioned setting up my own platform. Also, and as a land owner I'm sure your aware of this, you are basically paying for prim. Even if I were to rent a sim, I could go cheaper if I oped for a homestead (about 3750 prim) rather than a full 19000 something prim standard sim. Its pretty common to find a full homestead for about 7000 L a week. This, obviously a rental price, but its not $200 a month. The debate between "buy" and "rent", IMO, is irrelevent as this is posted in the "parcels for rent" board. I'm not looking to purchase, as I think it would likely wind up more costly. I have no problem with honest, correct and polite replies. Just snide, innaccurate ramblings. Again- mosts of your information here is completely inaccurate.. Please, do your research before spouting off. It will save you a lot of embarassment in the end. Hope you find what you are looking for & you're welcome. I can tell by the number of replies offering you what you are asking for in this forum is a good indicator.
  17. friscolives wrote: Why would you assume I havent done any reading up on this? Regardless, I didn't say "purchase" the land, I said "rent." I am currently renting a full sim sized peice of skyland with 950 something prims for 500 L a week. If I were to purchase land in the mainland or an island or something, it may or may not come with 15000 prim ( a homestead would likely only be about 3750 prim) and would certainly not be as expensive as you say. Granted my current deal is a pretty nice one--especially due to the size--but you basically are paying related to the amount of prims you are using, and I only really need about 950 to 1000 for what I have in mind. So if anyone does rent skyland and has something larger (even half a sim size is ok) please IM me and hopefully we can deal. ...because of what you write shows you are very misinformed on land prices. Or maybe it is simply that you are misusing the term 'sim'. What you mean is you would like to rent a small plot of land with x amount of prims so you can put up a sky platform. Also, if you want to 'rent' then the cost will be higher for you than buying of course. So, keep that in mind. As for what you say you are now renting, your landlord is giving you an awesome deal because he isn't even covering his own costs. As I said, a FULL sim is US$295 per month and a FULL sim mainland is US $195 per month. And, as a land owner of both mainland & private estates, I have owned land in SL, paying my tier to LL, for a long long time & am quite familiar with the pricing. So, if you don't want 'honest' 'correct' 'polite' advise, don't ask in the forum. hth
  18. Sim size, I gather you mean a full sim, comes with 15,000 prims & will cost you US$295.00 per month tier for estate (full sim) or US$195.00 for mainland. I highly recommend looking at sl website & reading up on land and the different products that are available. Hope this helps.
  19. hmmmm well, in your case, that would be my fault. I've not bought any of your shoes this week & I'm your #1 biggest customer
  20. xtc4u wrote: I just figured out that I probabily use llInstantMessage(). Just have to find out the key for the avatar that is in the mutual chat. I could scan for them, but then I would have to pick them from a list of possilbe others if some are nearby. I'm confused here...your title to this thread states that you want to find out the channel that two avatars are chatting on (eavesdrop?). Your question however, seems to indicate something totally different. That you want to be able to chat on a different channel than local, with another avatar. I apologize if I'm mistaken here but this sounds like something that would intrude on another's privacy? Just my interpretation.
  21. Belldandy Schmajuk wrote: Drake1 Nightfire wrote: How do you know? Where is your proof that LL "suddenly changed the algorithm"? How do you know the free items aren't selling better? Okey honey, I am not interested in a mindless discussion, I think I answered this question earlier in the thread. Let me be a bit agressive towards you, and forgive me for that, I´m not that kind of person: I think you do not understand the issue because you are not a merchant period. or at least.. a "relevant" merchant, no disrespect intended. What I mean is, you have not been affected at all by the problem and you only know about it because you read my original post, and hence, this day looks like any other shopping day for you. Rewriting this idea: from the perspective of a consumer or from the perspective of a store with little to near zero sales (near zero relevance as well), marketplace really looks like any other normal day, and I should agree with you: freebies outsell many many shops, these shops do not have enought sales to outpace the most relevant freebies, but like anything in the world, this is not enterely true... freebies really have a hard time trying to outsell most relevant shops. How do I know LL changed something from one day to another? its simply, when you notice a sudden sales drop, you start looking for problems, delistings, issues with the magic box (in the past), problems with the mainstore (SIM isues etc.)... etc. in this particular scenario, a change in the algorithm LL uses to sort results seemed to be the problem after careful examination on how MP looked that day. example: oh my gosh! my item dissapeared from the first page relevance/best selling! and.. what the heck? what are these freebies doing around? never saw them before! and so many!! <--- merchant severely confused. This kind of perspective is the result of years of experience dealing with MP trying to survive and making a living from SL. And this constant check and care for your business gives you a deep and daily insight on how MP really looks normally on its best days (most of the time) and how MP looks like when LL decides to go nuts. pd: read the whole thread, I think I mentioned somewhere that LL tacitly acknowledged the changes in MP in the reply I got from my ticket. (if you are still needing a proof written in stone). You take much liberty with the facts & blend them with your own opinions. which I should add, doing this doesn't make them true. ... freebies outsell many many shops, these shops do not have enought sales to outpace the most relevant freebies, but like anything in the world, this is not enterely true... freebies really have a hard time trying to outsell most relevant shops. Like this statement which is entirely false. Most of what you say is based on your own experience, not everyone else's. Then again, the one thing I have discovered in sl is that 'projection' seems to be rampant. ie, it's happening to me so it must be happening to everyone else. And as for your self important attitude, who are you? I've been in sl a very long time, I shop everyday, am always buying something. I look for quality mostly and there are some awesome creators out there. But, I've never seen you or any of your products until this thread. I've seen threads like these come and go with regards to LL 'doing something' to manipulate 'something'. 99% of the time there is nothing too it & it's just another slow day or week on the MP. And btw, who is 'honey'? Just because you have what you think is a successful business in SL, doesn't give you a license to condescend to others. Also, I can see why you mention 'bad costumers' in your profile which is at the top of your Rules list. Your attitude sucks. No offense. '
  22. Ah yes, me as well. Although I wouldn't be searching for that particular object
  23. When I search, I use 'newest first'. I think this is an individual choice. Also, I may use other search categories, but most prevalent is 'newest first'.
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