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  1. Lionezza wrote: Well, seems I am not the only one who had problems. I contracted you to build me a kitchen, paid half of the agreed price upfront plus uploading fees. No kitchen, no refund. When I asked for my refund (several times without getting an answer), the reply I got was "up ure ass" On Apr 23, 2013 7:57 PM" I doubt your investment is going to pay off if you treat your clients like this. #disappointed It's a shame in sl that you have these people who take $ up front then don't deliver. It's even worse when that IS their way of making $. Shoddy way to make $ but there are always those that will take advantage.
  2. TimothyWilliams wrote: yes indeed, I also make mesh logos, at a low prim. I have wonderd if this is a great start point. I just need to find a good way to attract clients. I had a few more thoughts on the subject of getting customers. One of the things that many photographers in sl have is a Flicker site and/or any other site that shares images. Another is to find galleries in sl to showcase your work. For the web photo sharing sites, maybe add a watermark to your images so nobody can steal them.
  3. TimothyWilliams wrote: It will be up to the client. But yes, Full perms Am not sure I am understanding. When a customer buys a logo, they almost always just want the texture so they can apply it to various places. On their mp sotre, on their in world store front, on the products they sell perhaps ... are just a couple of places that an inworld business uses their logo. I suppose I am just curious as to what you mean by mesh writing. if this is a mesh object in world, how do they apply the texture to all the other things they need? Also, what would they want you to build? Like a sign perhaps?
  4. TimothyWilliams wrote: yes indeed, I also make mesh logos, at a low prim. I have wonderd if this is a great start point. I just need to find a good way to attract clients. Does the customer tell you what they want you to build that will sport the logo? I used to do logos in sl & always the end prouct was a full perms texture so they can apply this themselves.
  5. Do you also offer them the actual image? Logos on a prim without giving them the actual full perms texture would I think be very inexpensive. Even though the customer can easily take a pic of the image, they still don't have the product that has the value - the image full perms of course. Also, getting customers is everyone's bane in sl. You will have to do plenty of research on this.
  6. This is in reply to your software post. This is good. The first thing that pops into my mind is logos for biz's in sl. There are always a ton of start ups & it has been my experience, that logos in world have rl value so you can charge an appropriate price. The other areas you mention, skins in particular are another that I would recommend. I believe there are many niches in skins that have not been tapped. All of this of course is my own personal opinion.
  7. Bottom line? I would recommend anyone starting a biz in sl to only invest $ that you can afford to lose. If you have a product that residents want, they will buy it. If you find that your biz is flatlining or staying the same with regards to profitability I would still recommend NOT investing more than you can lose. If you are earning a ton of money in sl and find that you can fund your rl? Awesome however, I would also have a backup job in rl. If LL shut their doors & you have $ in sl? You will most likely not see it again.
  8. Which graphics software will you be using & how proficient in that sofware are you? Also, making an rl living in sl is possible however, I think you should have done the research and asked the questions first, before making an investment. Photography in sl is one of the most competitive biz's in sl & a lot of residents take their own photos. The other thing that I think you need to take into consideration, is that sl is not like rl when it comes to biz. There are few if any regulations and you are depending on another company, Linden Lab, for your income. There are any number of issues out there to deal with that you would not have in rl. The main one that I know of, is the timing of taking your money out of sl widely varies. I've heard of people cashing out, only to have to wait up to 3 weeks before they receive it. There are more things to consider but too many to list here. IMO if you want to make a rl income from photography, then I would highly recommend doing this in RL.
  9. Thanks so much for letting me know! Rival
  10. I am looking for a particular hairstyle but so far have had no luck. If anybody knows where I can find it, please let me know. thanks!
  11. Merchants with extremely bad customer service don't last very long. It's a shame that some of us lose $ or get ripped off in sl. However, sl is not rl & so there are few laws, rules & regulations when it comes to us as consumers. Having said that, LL most likely would have to increase their staff tenfold if not one hundred times that in order to handle every little dispute between residents, I am in no way minimizing your situation, however, $300 Lindens is just over US $1.00. I can't imagine how many people in sl lose even more each day. Then there are all the other resident to resident conflicts such as 'he/she asked me for pixel six', or 'he/she tp'd into my house.' So the bottom line, LL leaves the policing to the residents mostly.with a TOS & R&R's that we can all use as guidelines on what we can AR etc. LL as a business provides us with a creative/social platform and their main goal is to make $. There is no government like rl no courts etc, LL makes the rules and we freely choose to 'play' ...
  12. ah yes! Thanks again, I think I understand fully now
  13. Yes thank you. I gave my bots that designation back when they brought the scripted agent designation out. But i've not used them since, other than to log them in periodically to keep them fresh lol. I appreciate all the info given here as I am considering a new venture where bots would most definitely come in handy.
  14. Thanks for the explanation. I know that you can't run a bot with a viewer, that isn't what I meant. When I had my bots, I had the software installed on my computer, and would control them just as you explain in your reply. Perhaps I misunderstand what you are saying but my take is that you can now run bots without having a viewer to log them in running 24/7? It is this bit that I am interested in exploring. Being able to run a bot without having to log that bot into sl with a viewer in order for them to be in world.
  15. Avatars = Bots = scripted agents.<----- when I had my bots, this was how it was. When I had my rental biz, I used such software, logged in my bots into sl using my viewer, & controlled them via said software. I am unaware of any other bot than an avatar. I would like to learn about these bots that don't need viewer, can you link me up with where I can find please? tia
  16. I'm confused about not user viewer. When I had my land rentals I had bots (avatars) run by software & I had to keep them logged in via viewer 24/7. What am I missing here? Is there some new type of bot software that we dont' need to keep them logged in 24/7 with our viewer? tia Edited to add: how do we tell if an avie is a bot or not?
  17. If the owner has not responded, try dropping them a notecard. If that doesn't work, your only recourse is to keep trying. Merchants are sometimes slow to respond for whatever reason but not providing good customer service in SL is a death sentence so hopefully this is a merchant that is just busy. Good luck lexifaith1 wrote: Hi can anyone tell me what i should do i purchased clothing from an in world store the 300L$ left my account it said i would need to wait 15 min for the item to be delivered this was 48 hours ago i sent a message to the owner but have not recieved a reply so if anyone can tell me what i should do now i would be very grateful many thanks
  18. Thanks I've always liked her animations. I should pop by again & see if there is anything new
  19. Madeliefste Oh wrote: But I am curious what causes that someone makes this choice. What thoughts or feelings are behind it? There is a simple answer for this, although it is only logical to the person executing it. A person has the inability to retaliate against someone or some entity that they have percieved has wronged them. So they do what they think is the next best thing, they lash out at whomever they are able to. And it doesn't matter whether they actually were mistreated, the only necessary ingredient is that they feel they have been. This goes hand in hand with 'misery loves company' & now others should be aware of how it feels. I can't help but refer back to Pam's comment in another thread regarding the meaning of 'that's unfair'. The same mindset in play. Anyway, IIMO this is the major reason.
  20. I've been looking for a while now for new animations for my AO. I am able to make but this is not my expertise & is very time consuming. The time I do have available is taken up with other things I do. I am quite familiar with the animators that have been around a long time & there are some awesome animators out there. But, I also know there are new creators joining sl all the time. maybe they don't sell on the marketplace or their creations are lost in the volume of animators. So, I suppose am looking for some recommendations. I don't need the entire rig, just the animations will do as I can do the rest. Thanks in advance to anyone who would like to take a few minutes to reply. Rival :)
  21. I believe the max for most mainland is +/- 4m. Other than that, there are the mainland areas that do not allow any terraforming. Below mentions Da Boom so there is prob a list out there somewhere Quoted: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits Terraforming limits:Most mainland can be raised/lowered by 4 meters (+/-). Some mainland cannot be terraformed, including: Bay City Regions, Blumfield, Boardman, Brown, De Haro, Nautilus City Regions, Nova Albion Regions, Shermerville Regions, and West Haven. A few, very old mainland Regions like Da Boom have a terraform range of 40 meters (+/-). Estate (private island) terraformability is settable to a maximum of 100 meters (+/-) by the estate owner or managers.
  22. ... Also, keep in mind that prims available go hand in hand with land size. For the land size discussed here, 512, prims that come with total 117. See here for other configs: http://secondlife.com/land/pricing.php This is for mainland. For private full prim sims, the size to prim ratio is the same as mainland but pricing is higher. There are also other products available of course. hth
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