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  1. I think most have been unfair to the OP, a lot do have the odd problem, it is clear that a lot here can't show empathy, the OP was calling out but so many could only see themselves, if the OP is reading this then don't feel so bad, change what you do, remember forums are like school yards and always have a gang of bullies standing in the corner waiting to prey on anyone feeling down.
  2. Told you, you have done as lucinda did, you got the same response, you should not go because to started a fight and must finish it at least lucinda did that.
  3. I agree with what you say, but it can be turned around a lot of the problems go when people have things to do. lol, I feel the spirit of joal who never logs here talking though me "equal rights for all mate, one day you may feel alone and want company no matter how virtual it is, those urban versions are nothing more than insults and very unfair", sorry about that but he took over my mind for a sec, LOL.
  4. Is not a troll a valid thing in any kind of role play, you prove the above point that this is your first life and not your second life, be soneone diff.
  5. Great, lucinda has a story, she is the second part of the quest that most the role play stuff is created, ever since lucinda has been here she has a obelisk on her land, 5 years ago when she first came here she bought almost 200 small parcels of land all over sl and built an obelisk on ever one, nothing else just a black obelisk 80 meters high, this made a lot think something else was going on, many church groups bought land next to them and built a cross, lucinda cursed them all, but there is a story, but first it is yohan that must be solved as that will give an idea on what you must know, s
  6. LOL, you are straying down the path of lucinda, "the light bringer", watchout that the light don't burn you, some may even think your lucinda's alt.
  7. I agree, I think it is because they bring their real life here, I make role play stuff hoping people want to be other people but lots don't, they want to be them with a new body and form RL relationships but sooner or later real life and this life merge and problems arrive, this also keeps them locked into that one char, they don't realize if they are lots of chars then there real life is safe, I have found that me role paying diff people upsets most as they can't handle changing personalities from the same person, they think it is weird, ages ago I played two people in the same role play sim
  8. What I find odd about this thread is the replies are greater than the views, does anyone else find this odd.
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