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  1. You are a really decent person, don't blame them I came here this weekend wanting pay back for the greifing I have had inworld this last week, 9 ar's and the lindens did nothing, how I punish the lindens is I show them the people they have and why they can't go forward, they are easy to play and get started you just have to say the name lucinda, you see lucinda predicted all this years ago, she is not allowed on the forum, she was very blunt with them and told the that most were mentally ill and needed treatment and some of their adult acts were not only illegal but show they are mentally ill, this debate got so heated that death threats started being made and the lindens had to close the forum for 3 days, never letting lucinda and lots of others back again, after 2 years they allowed lucinda back but the memory's of the old forum were so strong that passions were raised to even greater heights and lucinda again could not come here. Now when the lindens piss me off I just awake that sleeping dragon that drives all away, you will find the lindens remove the thread once it shows just what a bunch of bullies they have. In one of the post some one said about control, well in way they are right and wrong, not control how they see it as they are a bully they have no concept of how I see it, I see it more as giving them the freedom to really show who they are and display their real inner thoughts not the image they portray to all and that is what you are seeing them do.
  2. I am sure if marigold was sitting there she would think, wow lucinda pulled them out of the hat again and they don't even know what is happening to them, do you think people will want to come here with bullies like you here, can't you see just how easy it is to get you to display your elitist behavior, insult me all you like, it just shows you are uncaring very particular as to who is here and will drive out people you don't like, it is all here in this thread sticking out like a sore thumb but none of you can see it, sl will be a better place once all you have gone. But can't be while your here. Why do you think the CEO don't come here or the lindens listen to what you want, THEY KNOW IT IS YOU KILLING SL, they have put most of you down as having personality disorders, and that's why they are moving away from this social network more to a game network, people that play games don't hang around long enough to get personality issues
  3. Look you all do a great job of showing just how elite sl is, I just don't think there is enough people out there to meet your standards, so sl will have to close.
  4. I told you fat destroys the brain so I don't expect you to understand.
  5. lol, yes combat systems, well they still move, I lost count of how many I have sold, but you can blame combat, but you know it is the people here that are driving the new away, just look at This thread, can you see anything wrong with it, get a person that has never been in sl to read it and see if they would be afraid about stepping on some of your toes, no people want to have fun not get involved in your addiction and who is worthy or not to play SL. NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE THAT CAN SEE. This thread has all the answers but that would mean you having to look at yourselves and what sl has done to you, but believe me IT IS YOU THAT DRIVE THEM AWAY. money plays a minor role as do the lindens.
  6. ty for confirming it, wow do you just realize you admitted that the lindens judge who they will help, lol, out of the horses mouth
  7. lol, ok all of you ready for this, I have my own little network, I also have my own personal grid on that network, seems sl has some problems, with the cache, I suggest some of you move your cache to a drive on its own, errors may show up when these moments happen, both fire storm and the sl viewer suffer from very bad lag, clearing the cache does not always work and you have to use chkdsk at boot to fix it, it seems that some of the textures don't load correctly, clearing the cache when you notice the lag can work but not every time, now I did think of one those ticket things, but do they pay me to debug, why should I do it for free, no let them work it out for themselves.
  8. oh look seems i was right. Label, animation, <-0.243, 0.0, -1.12>, <-1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, 11.2 seem you have to setup the vector and the rotation. ignore those with an axe to grind. i would never let a customer set up the rotation as a raw number as it seems this script requires, it only needs knowledge of the euler instruction so that the customer can use degrees, but then you get what you pay for, it must have been cheap.
  9. Simple all sit targets can be canceled by putting a zero vector into the target, to make it act as a sit target you must enter a none zero vector into it, don't blame the scripter blame the lindens for making it so it can only be cleared with a zero vector meaning that every target must have a vector that is not zero, like <0,0,0.75>. So it sounds as if you have not set it up right and left a default value of zero.
  10. I think most would disagree, sound to me that the instruction setting it as a sit target has a zero vector and i could tell you how to sort it as my business here is script but i dont help people for free, rolig does
  11. This is the wrong section go in the script question section and ask there people like Rolig Loon are experts in this field and will be able to sort you out
  12. Don't pander to his ego, he would love to be seen as him, when he is a sad soul with no life.
  13. lol, IT IS WHAT HE SAID TO ME AND I INCLUDED IT IN THE AR'S 4 TIMES, WITH WORDS ASKING THEM IF TRUE, THEY NEVER ANSWERED SO BY THEIR SILENCE CONFIRMS GUILT AND I WILL NOW SPREAD THAT FAR AND WILD. Why don't you ask in the mesh group as the sad soul is online all day why he said that, every one in the mesh group knows who gold is, ask away, but I copied his chat and sent it to the lindens in the abuse report, now what is hard to understand about that. how offen do i come here, lol, why do you think i am here today, lol, that sentance he said will be broadcast world wide, it could be a boast, so what, i will make him eat those words.
  14. he is not unknown, i have his name, if you are in the mesh group you will know him well as he forced lucinda out of that group with his insults, now he stalks her. his name starts with GOLD
  15. When you find out let me know, I have had a guy make a prim follow me with floating text insulting me for the last week, no matter how many times I AR him it continues he even knows I am doing and said "I make the lindens 30k a week so can do what I like to you". But this seems a new kind of greifing that makes prim follow you with insults or selling crap.
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