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  1. Well that would be mainland then but on mainland, you are unable to change the terrain. You can add megas with snow textures and weather scripts to add snow etc., but otherwise the terrain is whatever LL has deemed it to be. There are snow sims on mainland - perhaps that route. Find someone who owns mainland snow sim and see if there are rentals there. All other land be it Open Space, Homestead, or Island, you can change the terrain with EM rights as you say. That is if they give you EM rights that include changing the terrain Some do some don't.
  2. Well it's been my experience that there are sims that winterize. Here is one example: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/65242?search[category_id]=468&search[maturity][]=General&search[maturity][]=Moderate&search[maturity][]=Adult&search =1&search[per_page]=12&search[store_id]=65242google: second life, winter themed sims
  3. There are many awesome creators out there. I think skin is a personal preference though. What I find appealing, another may not & vice versa. I have skins from a variety of creators that I find are perfect for my shape. I made my shape so I can tweek it if I need to while not changing my overall appearance too much. Now with all the other overlays such as makeups, freckles etc. avatars can indeed have a unique look if they want to.
  4. IMO there is only one place that I would consider purchasing Lindens and that would be direct from LL. Any other site would be suspect for the simple fact, that they come and go. I know LL could also poof overnight however, the need for Lindens at that point would be redundant so ....
  5. You should have no problems with any of the payment methods to buy Lindens just because you are Canadian. I would recommend buying the Lindens direct from LL as they accept CC pmts. It sounds like it might just be that whom you are trying to purchase Lindens from doesn't accept your pmt method.
  6. This is similar to a bake fail issue and clearing cache is not recommended for this issue. Seems that whenever anyone has an issue with a viewer, the most popular response is always 'clear cache' followed by do a clean install of the viewer. I have rec'd this same answer to most every issue I've had and inquired about. There is a lot of info out there and can be overwhelming to google for resolutions but I do recommend that everyone read about what your cache does. It actually allows your info to load faster and when you clear it, your info with now load much slower as you have 'cleared' that info. Now puter has to work harder to rebuild the cache so your info can then again load faster. Anyway, just a thought since I used to be one of those clear cache people. Hope your issue is resolved soon.
  7. gretafinesmith1 wrote: when i login sl leaves a message stll downloading clothing. i finish with a naked standard AV that i cant clothe because sl say that my AV hasntloaded. i have reinstalled several times and laded a clean version after clearing sl from my compute tried everyting not sure what caused it except that i had an upset with someone the previous night . i use phonix viewer You should try logging in to a sim that has little activity. I think there are a few listed on the viewer's webiste. You can force your inventory to load by entering anything into the search. Wait until your inventory is fully loaded & see if your issue resolves itself. Is difficult to know what causes some of these issues as there are many reasons but logging into a laggy sim can be one of them. And I would doubt very much that whomever you had the upset with is responsible for this. Also, I recommend downloading and installing LL's viewer. I find that their viewer is the most stable and not as taxing on the system as some of the TPV's. This is true in my case so I can only speak for myself here. Edited to add: when I say install LL's viewer I mean to have both viewers installed. Just make sure your cache locations are not the same as this can cause problems. Often times you can troubleshoot problems by seeing if any issue you have is on the other viewer as well. This can help very much to determine if the issue is viewer related or not.
  8. TuTy's has an awesome one. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DemoTuTys-CHIKA-Pearl-skin/3729456 Also, see: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DemoTuTys-LI-SKINpale-and-midtone/2916244 and: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DemoTuTys-XIAO-Loto-skin/3247624 and https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shape-Skin-Piper-Fair-54163cm/3263787
  9. Emuna Zamani wrote: Whoa! Nuria . . . how do you know how I responded to Xavier? I never posted my response here. Interesting . . . And for your information, an animator that I have done business with contacted me and this was part of her question to me . . . "What is your connection to <insert name of alleged thieft here>. So if Xavier or someone else from the Scooby Doo Mystery Van did not share my name via a list or word of mouth, where did this animator get it this information from, along with the name of the man that I purchased from? I pay my monthly fees like anyone else and I do NOT have to bow down to Xavier begging him to come over and check out the animations. He provided nothing except threats. Why would I think that I should show anyone like that anything? What he is pissed about is that I stood up to him and his threats and I would do it again. At any rate, for a LL representative to tell me to file against him, after they read his message to me, I think that speaks volumes. Yes, that most definitely speaks volumes for me and pretty much puts the whole situation into context. Again, one of the drawbacks of having no checks or balances, very few rules/laws in place to protect merchants or customers, you are going to have people taking the law into their own hands & behaving badly. The worst IMO are the groups that form around the notion of doing good but most always end up being shoddy self serving clique, etc etc. that in the end, are for the elite few in the group and not the genre as a whole.
  10. Yes, the ramifications are that person A makes a claim against person B and LL takes em down until it is all sorted out. This is the most effective way for them to do this as a business. There are no protections for person B should they be innocent. This is wonderful for the guilty but in the real business world would be used as a tool against competition (sound familiar) & put them out of business in an instant. Not the best method but then LL is not in the business of policing it's residents...it's up to them to do that. The bottom line is that we can argue all day long on what is right, what should be done, but the truth is that there are going to be losers because there is nothing in place to assure an honest proper outcome for all involved. There are going to be innocent people getting the shaft regardless.
  11. I do believe that some people forget that there are very few, and I mean very few, business checks and balances in sl. You are acting outside the realm of the real business world - there are no licensing requirements, few legal guidelines, no consumer protection, etc etc. The only legalities that apply are those that apply to the internet. One of those is content theft & the DMCA procedure. This is a legality they must comply with and like any buisness, will do whatever is required to do so ... and no more. If you want an analogy of doing business in SL, you are putting your eggs all in LL's basket & are relying on them 100% for your survival. No LL - no sl - no business. Meanwhile, LL is a platform that includes a mickey mouse economy as part of it's environment. But this is not a real economy. A real economy is driven by people who NEED to work to live. The majority of SL residents spend little and take much. This is just one aspect of a functioning economy and not having that bit is like carrying water in a bucket full of holes. It takes a lot of work, you have to do it fast, and when you get from A to B, there is very little water left in the bucket. This should be taken into consideration when deciding just how serious any business venture in sl should be. JMO. Edited to Add: this is not in direct response to your post but a comment on the subject in general.
  12. Isn't this gone the same way as most other issues? Can't be resolved so abandon & move on to the next bit?
  13. It is very likely that the said original animator looked at the OP's creations and recognized that the anims were his/her stolen ones. Or, perhaps someone else gave him/her a heads up. If he/she had alreadly filed with LL then he/she would of course know the theif. I get the impression that the OP is not the first person to puchase said stolen anims.
  14. This is true however, the OP was in live chat with LL with regards to this incident. Her complaint is that the creator of the animations, the person that these anims were stolen from, sent her an email giving her the impression that she has done something unethical by buying them unawares. She said she did due diligence so this reaction, is uncalled for. I believe when such things occur, that LL would have a fudiciary duty to warn any and all potential customers of the situation. Not work it all out in the background where nobody knows who the thieves really are.
  15. Yes I totally understand why you didn't use a name. I think it would be more than helpful if LL DID though in such a situation, publish the name somewhere so we can all be aware & not fall into the same problem. I have no idea why there would not be such a procedure in place so other's will stop spending their money on items that will be taken from their inventory at later date. There goes your product, money out of pocket - but LL still gets their percentage of sale from MP I;m sure. Shrugs.
  16. It bothers me that this happens & yet nobody is posting the thief's name or store etc so nobody ELSE makes the same mistake. I don't understand what lies behind the fact that when this happens, it is all hush hush - perhaps if not then $ stops flowing?? Meanwhile, am also a creator in sl that uses animations from others - please IM me in world or whatever with the details. I don't want to make the same mistake. My advice is to get your story out there as best you can so your reputation can be UNtarnished as you've done nothing wrong here. Hope this ends well for you and doesn't hamper your business in any way.
  17. This to me, seems to be another symptom of the fact that LL are reactive not proactive when it comes to the policing (if I can call it that) of the grid as a whole. They have always relied on the residents to report and from my own experience with the time it takes to resolve any issue reported or AR'd, it has become progressively much lengthier. Imagine your typical AR - LL, Resident A is spamming Group B with his DJ gigs, or LL, someone is wrong in SL Some of the things I see being complained about in groups are totally asinine and others in the group reply with - oh, AR, file a ticket. Also, it has been my experience that you can now ask one question from any number of LL staff & receive that many answers. This is typical of a system that has grown to a point of being so disfunctional, that getting back on track, is a major task unto itself. The result is that you have things being patched up and put together with spit and duct tape because it's easier to put out the little fires than it is to actually turn off the torch. Bottom line, I think that their main focus would be keeping the revenue streams going as best they can so their major players would be on that end. Policing would be far down the line and other than 'the squeaky wheel getting the grease' all else sits until someone pulls that AR or ticket out of the bowl. I love sl and rely on it daily - so my hope is that things improve of course. I only wish they would become more reactive when it comes to policing the grid. I think they would realize that leaving the control to the inmates is not such a good idea after all I remember when I first came to sl and my good friend set me up with a little patch of land on her mainland sim. I discovered building and scripting and everything else and was in heaven. Until one day, not even 6 months old I think, the sim was wonky. She called a Linden who actually tp'd to where we were. I had actually caused the problem and he thought at first I was a griefer. Anyway, this all took place in like half an hour. Not the 4 or 5 months it took for me to have a mega prim removed that was part way through my build deck and sim last year or so.
  18. ... so a little early morning shopping (I know am addicted & may need therapy at some point) ... anyway, am looking for a necklace to add to an outfit I put together. And I find a lot of new wonderful pieces but again - not modelled and with jewelry, often no demo. No demo means crap shoot - why? Because in SL, scale is often an issue. If you can't see the item in relation to an avie, then you may be disappointed in your purchase. I found a few comments saying they love the piece but the size is much larger than they thought it would be, etc. etc. Am still looking but wow, there are some awesome designers out there and gorgeous mesh jewelry!!!
  19. GothGirl Demonia wrote: TristanMercer wrote: Redzone and CDS were banned long ago after it was brought to LL's attention that the creator of Redzone was a known felon. It was part of his probation to not associate with other felons but did so anyway. He was jailed for 4 months in August 2011. For the two years after his release, he’s not allowed to work anywhere where computers or computer programming are the primary business, not allowed near any online auction site, and not allowed to participate in Second Life, or any online virtual environment or online social network – at least, not without prior written approval from his assigned Probation Officer. http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/2011/08/01/redzone-creator-goes-to-prison/ Red Zone might have been banned, and I hope this guy really did get some time for what he did because I have logs of the creator of this system clearly talking smack to me and abusing when he knew that I was under attack by a known griefer group trying to get me banned from SL instead he used his Red Zone system to add my name into a database and grief me I was kicked out of No Salvation, and two of my friends lands/banned by Red Zone because of this piece of crap spyware system. I did send a few IM's about the system to my friends and the owner of a club and never got a response about being banned because of Red Zone, so seeing this guy on probation/jailed for a few months makes me laugh. It might have been other things he did as well but at least Justice got served. Oh and btw CDS is still in Second Life to my knowledge today like 6 months ago or so I went toa creators store to check out a large build I was buying on the market place and I was teleported home by the CDS system which is still actively logging information without consent of all users including the ability to log IP addresses. Even if the system did not use media to scan viewers which is pretty much useless it is still in my view a violation of the SL community standards as a ban network because while each individual has the right to choose whom they wish on their sims/server they do not have the right to spread accusations, rumors, and by having any information stored in this system or the owners sent information it is telling them I am a Bot. While CDS isn't the only system that uses IP address there are other systems as well like Anti Boot systems that check IP address, and I have no problem with it as long as people are properly made aware of what the system is doing to keep from cheating contests and not abused. CDS + Red Zone were abused, and CDS remains in world today and has done nothing but bring harassment to myself, and other users/ people I know who were mistaken/logged using emerald. LL has yet to ban these systems from Second Life. ( Yes) I have the leaked CDS script from I assume the person who wrote it and open sourced it as well as an IP Snatcher script for Second Life, technically I know enough using these scripts to actually make my own that supposedly bans CopyBot's, or bot users, but I know how inaccurate these systems are and how much harassment they bring so have no intentions of even doing such. In addition to such I wouldn't feel like charging creators for protection that isn't no where near 100% isn't going to actually protect them because I would feel as if I were scamming them. I feel it is better left in the hands of Linden Lab to ban these no good for nothing botters, and up to them to add protection to prevent the massive number of griefer accounts created by griefers like some verifications very basic things like every MMORPG on the internet has. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GEMINI-CDS-Ban-Relay-195-1-month-license-UPDATED-APRIL-16/702706 Yes it still here guys your privacy is in fact still being violated if you have media turned on. ( They deny it, but I have requested my information and all information related to my accounts be removed from this system they refused.) I don't want to slander or defame the creator of this system, however I will say what I think. To make such an anti bot system you have to know the basics of how a CopyBot even works, or have someone with knowledge of third party viewers, doesn't this make the programmers of Red Zone or CDS just as guilty as I am for knowing about a group of griefers or botters. Also I knew of this guy from when I first started SL and before he ever released his CDS I would shop his market quite a bit and purchased quite a bit from merchants who sold at his market, however after I found the abuse the system was doing I never stepped foot in his market ever again because I feel my privacy will be violated more and it will give an excuse to log information or create problems. Also I couldn't help but notice in this guys profile he has Linden World listed in his Picks destination unaccessable which tells me he has linden friends been to the sim or did some asset editing. My problem is simple while I have nothing against this creator or anything I am very angry that LL allows this type of stuff and should at least remove these systems from market and say these systems are no longer allowed. It would make things a lot better, and personally if these systems were all removed I would probabily start to gain some more respect back to the creators of such systems over time. Sim crashing is still a major problem along with the IP disclosure and voice exploits to obtain IP using tools like commview, or voice packet monitoring. I know that if a private estate crashes you can call LL and get instant support, or file a ticket, however if its a public sim like a welcome area they generally don't respond as fast. wow, there is a load of misinformation here but I wanted to just point out one thing. Mainland sim or Private sim - I think you are confusing the fact that the owner of a mainland sim cannot perform a restart where the owner of a private sim can do their own restart. You may be referring to 'sim down' or 'region down' instances where either mainland or private LL must bring it back online. And as far as this issue goes, it doesn't matter whether it is a mainland sim or a private sim, time to do so varies. There is only one preferred status regarding land ownership and the is if you own a certain $ of land, you get express treatment. So to speak, but this usually pertains to buying and selling, ie the transfer time. And,some of these preferred customers also own both mainland and estate land. Edited to add: Also, mainland is not considered 'public' and estate land 'private'. All land that anyone owns & pays tier to LL in sl is private unless the owner wants to allow the public to access it.
  20. I perved your profile inworld and see nothing about a club. I am always looking for new places in sl. I'm sure prospective employees may want to check it out also, so adding the location might help. It will also add much credibility if you include your club in your profile, etc.
  21. I use the back button - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Seems to be a glitch though & can be rather frustrating. Maybe someone else has an idea or a solution but i've been unable to resolve it.
  22. Lynna Yorcliffe wrote: I have filed a ticket on problems on our homestead Fourier - The particles of a fireplace in a Brennan home do not function correctly. The water spray of the water fountain on the home barely is visible anymore. Same house I rezzed on a sandbox sim Aldora works normally at that location. Also noted that anything that uses particles - Fire, Water spray, BDSM furniture to rez chains, and poofers or other environmental items are failing to function normally and restarting the sim from the estate manager console does not help the issue. I filed a ticket on this 2 days ago via the help desk support - no reply thus far. Question - when will this be fixed. Also I have noticed if you near the sim edge in any vehicle like a boat or hangglider you can get sucked into basically a whirlpool like spin which you are unable to come out of with the vehicle and have to abandon the vehicle to gain control of your avatar again. Something in the recent changes is causing several issues - which basically set users ability on vehicles and particles rezzer to malfunction or not work at all. Ok I may be way off base with this but I've had this issue in the past & also on the edge of my sim. Was caused by a mega prim textured with a scupt that neighbor was using for wall. The bounding box kept boats from work properly & they would as you say, get sucked into some kind of vortex and spin. And that was only if you were able to actually get the boat funtioning to begin with. Anyway, just a thought.
  23. Yes the plumber butt crack!!! I should have mentoned that as well since I won't purchase those items if they are too revealing. A little hint is fine for me, but some are way over done. I've seen a few designers sell such items with a few options though. A pair of jeans that are very low and another that are higher waist. Having options such as these, certainly allow that creator to cover a larger market in sl so of course make more sales. To just touch on the photo bit. It's very true that the actual making of the item is most often the most intense & time consuming part of creating in sl. However, the advertising and putting out for sale, either in world or in MP is actually quite a tedious process. At least I find it so. But you are IMO fundamentally correct in that adding an additional shot of the backside would not be that difficult. I want to add one other pet peeve I have regarding apparel, shoes, accessories - permissions. I find that unless I must have an item, I won't purchase those that are 'no copy'. I think it's awesome to have something 'transfer' so you can pass it along if you find you no longer want it. But, there are just too many issues with apparel being no copy that I just can't be bothered.
  24. ITA Rex Faux is awesome & I've also been using it for years now. I use it for my own builds as well as many other things. Even my store is rez fauxed so that if I have to move or LL has a large hiccup like yesterday, I can easily put it back out. Another use, is to rez faux parts of your build if you are wanting to keep the prims down. For example, if you have a section of your build that you don't want to keep out, you can rez fuax that part and just click the box when you want to use it. Like a beach area where you have a cabana, hot tub, etc. etc. Also I've not seen anyone else have the same positoner tool that you provide but there are at least one other prefab seller that includes templates with their prefabs. The template, say the size of a 512 or 1024, has a box in the center where you put the rez box and away you go. Quite handy.
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