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  1. Thanks for the info Arwen. Good to know that it's not just my hamster falling off the wheel these past couple of days.
  2. OK for anyone else that has had or will have this issue, it appears to be some sort of lag. After a few hours, I was able to sort as before then became stuck on another criteria. Still stuck on the criteria this morning, but have an idea it will become unstuck at some point in the future. DB issues perhaps, or the hamster responsible for sorting my mp store by criteria falls off the wheel more often lately.
  3. Store is stuck on 'age: oldest first' & am unable to chose any other option. This just happened today. I have relogged but doesn't fix it. tia
  4. One of my fave movie scenes! Rival (closet facelight wearer)
  5. :matte-motes-shocked: As I live & breath !! Glad to see you've been so diligent Toy & I hope it pays off in the end. We can only hope!
  6. Not sure of anyone else, but I can't even see the tattoo to attempt to identify it. Do you have another photo that is closer & shows the tatoo itself? I saved to my computer but when zooming in is just a blur.
  7. I had this problem also for the past few days & could not figure it out. It ended up being Adblock Plus - disable for sl seems to work but if anyone has any other suggestions, would be awesome. Meanwhile, I'll leave this here in case someone else has issue with Adblock Plus. Rival
  8. Wow Thanks! This is the exact hair. I'll contact the creator & see if she will sell to me. Rival Edited to add: I have sent IM to creator & now wait with my fingers crossed. thanks again!
  9. Yes someone in my original thread mentioned something about PS'g the image. I appreciate your input & believe that what you say may just be the case here. Sigh ... I leave thread up for now but if nothing else occurs I'll get the mods to delete it. Rival
  10. Yes I sent her a facebook request today but have not heard back. Now that I have offerred the reward, & in all fairness, I will sit back & wait & see what happens. But this is a wonderful clue for someone to take and run with. Thanks!
  11. Am unsure if I should put this here or in the 'Employment' section as I think my inquiry falls under both categories. Having said that, please feel free to move if necessary. For a few months I have been trying to locate a specific hair in SL but have been totally unsuccessful. So, to make this search a little more effective, I am offering a reward of L$1,000.00 to the person that locates this hair for me. Need larger photo for more detail? http://tinyurl.com/o6qoq2k I do have a few stipulations: Must be the exact hair, no look alikes.It must be for sale by a legitimate merchant, either the creator or the entity that has permission to sell it (NO Copybott or Ripped Hair) You must agree to have your name posted in this thread at the end of a successful search Terms: Payment will be made upon my approval & acceptance of all stipulationsIf found, IM must be sent to me in world (Rival Destiny) which will date stamp your claim to the reward should there be more than one successful person.Am probably missing some fine points but I think this pretty much covers what I require. Please feel free to ask any questions or post any suggestions etc. Thanks & good luck!
  12. Nema Galicia wrote: I realy like the idea,but would want it so we could narrow down who can see our list. LIke only close firends and family ect. Thanks Nema! One of my comments here outlines this aspect Nema...the feature could go through web profiles where you can assign permissions as we do for web profiles.
  13. Aztek Aeon wrote: A Wishlist would be a fabulous idea, Rival! Thanks Aztek! Rival
  14. Thank you for your input! I hope that a few more people can take some time to weigh in. Rival
  15. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I have no issue with tyhis as a feature, i loved the old wishlist feature on Xstreet. As to "But you seem to merely want to question the logistics and implementation and argue the fine points of implementation." You seem to have come around to my point of having part of it on an inworld profile, as opposed to earlier when you said "it sould only be on the MP and has no place inworld." When talking about a new feature idea you will get people giving suggestions and add to the base idea. Seeing as you wont be the one implementing it or even making it, perhaps you should not take it so personally. You have your opinion and everyone else has their own as well. Yes sorry I wasn't clearer in my posts & that you misunderstood what I have been saying. I don't recall discussing the logistics of how this would work, but I did say that having the Wish List mixed in with our Profile feed would not be a good idea. With regards to what should be on the MP and no place in world, is the actual list. Very possible I misunderstood but that's to be expected when discussing how these things will work. Everyone has something to contribute and not all of us are going to be bang on. When I first began looking at this, I had a rew ideas already and adding the routing of the purchase through the in world profile was just one of my ideas. I hadn't expected this thread to include discussion of the logistics in such detail but I think it may be a good thing. Putting all our heads together I'm sure we can come up with something that would be suitable for everyone. I am just hoping to see it come to fruition. My glass is always half full Rival
  16. Sera Lok wrote: I would love to see this implemented! A couple suggestions: 1. Allow the user to choose for EACH ITEM whether they want it shown on their wish list. As a creator, I don't want everyone seeing what I plan to/may someday buy for full perm creation, but I do want people to see the clothes/hair and other items I would like to have. I think this would be way better than a blanket 'show wish list' or 'don't show wish list,' otherwise a lot of people would just choose not to show theirs for various business and personal reasons. Also if it is implemented, the default should be "do not show wish list" for all items. 2. I'm not totally sure on this and maybe it's a bad idea, but... Allow merchants to view a list of people with their items on a wishlist. It would be nice to see what people want, and also would give merchants the option of sending gifts to their customers for various reasons - gifts they actually want. Awesome feedback, thanks. 1) I think having permissions per item is a terrific idea. SL has such a diverse population I think as things progress, improvements and changes such as this little feature will certainly need to be carefully considered. Also, I couldn't agree more on the default! 2) Another great Idea IMO. Marketing in sl has always been a challenge. I think knowing what customers want goes a long way to help aid and strengthen the decision making process. Get the info flowing both ways there. Also, knowing what customers are buying goes a long way in creators providing them with what they want. It's fine to see how much or how many of an item we are selling but it's another thing to be able to see a range of what a single customer needs/wants/likes etc. Awesome input, thanks. Now my mind is all over the place thinking of even more ways this can be used. Rival
  17. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Rival Destiny wrote: Adding the feature of a wish list would be done under My Account section of the MP which everyone has when registered. The addition of a Store, is another facet of MP altogether - Merchant Home & My Store. At the bottom, you have My Favorites. Those without a store, would simply have the option to set up a store. hth In order to utilize properly they would have to make everyone that uses the MP have a profile on the MP. A searchable one. Or are you saying that anyone that wanted to use the new feature would have to set up a store, whether they had items to sell or not? That seems like a colossal waste of time. When you click on a merchants name on the MP it brings you to their SL profile. Why wouldn't this do the same? LL would have to add a new tab on the MP so you could search for non merchants so you could find their profile and their wishlist. It all goes back to their profile, whether the browser based one of inworld, both would be where the wish list would be. Where would the wish list be if it was a strictly MP based thing? When you join sl, you are able to purchase items on MP so there would be no requirement for residents to do anything further. As per LL: ----------------------------------------------------- To start shopping in the Second Life Marketplace: Go to marketplace.secondlife.com. If you're not already logged into secondlife.com, click Sign In in the upper-right. Enter your Second Life name and password, and click Login. ------------------------------------------------------- First to answer your question: "Where would the wish list be if it was a strictly MP based thing?" I think it should be combined with our Favorites page. As for locating a person's Favorites/Wish List page on MP, I'd iimagine that LL would add another level in the db to search for the resident you wish to buy for. Perhaps an additional tab located where we currently search for merchants/stores. But, I don't think this feature would have to be totally restricted to MP. The Merchant, product & recipient would be there but I think the purchase would begin via our in world profiles. Having the link to our Favorites/Wish List in our in-world profiles, under the web tab. Can be linked through the web profile to take advantage of the permissions there as I know some people do not want to have their info on the web. So, this would accomodate those as well as anyone else that doesn't wish to participate. There would be a choice of who can see your Favorites/Wish List page, the same as we have the choices of who can see our feeds etc. A person wanting to buy a gift would simply go to the web tab of giftee's profile in world & click the link to be taken to MP site and that person's Favorites/Wish List page. From there, it's just a matter of clicking on the item to be taken to the Merchants page to purchase. If you feel this feature would not be of use to you I can understand that. But there has been some positive feedback here in favor. Now if this feature when added would have some negative effect that would impact others, then I can see an argument. But you seem to merely want to question the logistics and implementation and argue the fine points of implementation. Second life itself is and always has been, a work in progress. And the MP also, a work in progress. I think improvements of any kind are needed to move forward. I think this is a feature that would be easily implemented but I'll leave the details up to LL. This thread is about presenting a new feature to LL, it's not about how it will be implemented. Having said that, I think we have drawn a fairly good picture of how it could be done. I would really enjoy having this feature. Rival omg it's a novella .. sorry I got a bit wordy.
  18. Adding the feature of a wish list would be done under My Account section of the MP which everyone has when registered. The addition of a Store, is another facet of MP altogether - Merchant Home & My Store. At the bottom, you have My Favorites. Those without a store, would simply have the option to set up a store. hth
  19. Ok. I will take that as a 'no' to the addition of this feature to mp. Thanks
  20. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Well, if it was on your feed, or even on a new tab on your profile, then someone could buy it for you without ever having to open the MP and search for your specific wishlist. OK so lets look at what you have here: If it's on your feed - you have to search through the feed to find the items. No searching required if on it's own in mp. A tab on your profile & you wouldn't even have to open mp? Well now you have to open the profile. Makes absolutely no sense to put a mp feature somewhere other than the mp. JMO of course.
  21. For me, I wouldn't want my wish list to be mixed in with my feed. Another reason would also be that not all residents take advantage of the web profile, prefer to not participate & keep their profiles in sl. It makes more sense to have a purchase option in the actual mp rather than going back and forth. Thanks for your input though
  22. Well, I've no idea if LL reads here but this is where they suggested I post a feature request. Thanks & I hope we get more yes!!!!
  23. Oh my. We are headed in the wrong direction! Well such is sl eh?
  24. Yes! Am glad you also think this would be a nice addition. Perhaps we can use this thread & have members vote yes or no for this feature? Would be nice if this forum software had the polling, voting feature. Oh hey, another feature to request.
  25. I put in a ticket with a feature request & was notified by Dakota Linden that I may post it here. Am unsure if this has been requested before so if it has, sorry for the dupe. Feature: We currently can store our favorite products from MP. I think it would be awesome if we could make the list public and add a buy button so another resident can purchase the item for you as a gift, etc. Perhaps make the 'show my favorites' an option as there may be those that do not want their favorites to be public. And perhaps take that one step further and have a choice of 'who' can see you favorites. Please feel free to weight in with your thoughts or any additional info. Thanks !!! Rival :)
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