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  1. Well no ... his words were: "...due to some "fine tuning" done by the commerce team (their own words in the reply I got)." Says he got reply from LL and that those were the words LL used.
  2. So you are saying that LL has deliberately 'fine tuned' the search system so that their revenue stream will generate far LESS revenue? Is this some new kinda masochistic marketing trend?
  3. ...yes & what I was attempting to get accross but your comment is much clearer than mine I think. well said
  4. Oh thanks Pam...for some reason I thought there was a similar issue. My mistake.
  5. Well this is where we disagree. I am saying that since the beginning of XStreet and thru to now, whenever you bring up most categories ie 'ring', 'necklace; etc., using 'best selling' to sort, you are going to have freebies & dollarbies at the top because they ARE the 'best selling' and always have been. And IIRC, this has been a hot topic of discussion on the old forums. That freebies and dollarbies get such rankings.
  6. Well, I'm not getting the results you mention. When I search 'ring' using 'best selling' I get mostly freebies and dollarbies, but again as I said earlier, there are some other pieces that are priced. Just on the first page I get 2 items priced at $97 & another @ $98. Next page same result, mostly freebies but some that I know are best sellers because I am a shopaholic. Anyway, I don't see the flooding of freebies but just the same old same old. Freebies have always been 'best selling'. I am curious how you worded your ticket to LL. I don't see any glitches or anomolies.
  7. We have a different experience then. Has been a long standing complaint about freebies being up top simply for the fact that they sell more of these and the dollarbies, than priced items. This has always been the case & I don't see it changing unless LL removes the freebies & the dollarbies from those search categories. Was the same on XStreet and the 'other' marketplaces.
  8. I don't think this is a glitch. Has been my experience these years that the best selling items are going to be the freebies. I sell more freebies than any other products per day. When you look at the population of sl & the fact that many residents don't invest much money, this is going to be the norm. When I searched 'best selling' I also got a few breedables, etc. items so I think it's working the way it always has.
  9. Still you are naming a sim & referring to the owners as being scam artists when this may or may not be the case. The forums is not a place to be used in such a fashion. Using an alt to do this gives you even less credibility. I am suspect as to your motives here.
  10. You might want to remove the sim name and any reference to actual sl people there. Is against TOS to name names ... also is really not the right thing to do to accuse people in the forums. Meanwhile, we are all adults & I think use your commen sense when you participate in any donations RL or SL.
  11. I wonder if this is just the tip of the iceburg? What is happening that we don't see? In the background? For example, could a customer pay for an item, receive that item but the merchant receives nothing, not even the record of sale. so .......
  12. Well, I was considering attempting the change over to DD, give LL the benefit of the doubt here even though they have not responded to 'what's the deadline' and 'what are the o/s issues'. This certainly changes that. I'm not changing over.
  13. This makes total sense. I don't have a large inventory like you but regardless, having to make such changes can be tedious at the best of times. Having to make them & not know if your in for a borked MP store only adds to the pressure. IMO, the main reason for merchants who have not yet migrated is the bugs n issues that need to be fixed. As for those that have partly migrated but still use MB's for some of their inventory, fall under the same umbrella. But for these folks, some stopped because they are waiting for their particular issue to be resolved. Right now, at this time, I don't understand why LL has not responded with a deadline date. And until that date, LL should continue to support MB's. Not break them as I've heard some say they have or are, going to do. I agree with Pamela - awesome that LL is communicating with us. However, for me, the email means nothing without a deadline and perhaps a list of any and all bugs/problems that haven't been fixed yet.
  14. Well, it makes no sense to me that LL would encourage the remaining Merchants to migrate when the existing issues have not yet been repaired. I think there are many more like myself and I know of quite a few that have migrated part but not all of their inventory. This last batch putting on the brakes til these same issues are resolved. Also, if this is now a mandatory migration, then I think LL should give us a date. And in addition to that date, should outline the remaining issues that have NOT been repaired so we can at least make an informed decision. If necessary, I have no problems with taking my stuff off the MP until it's fixed. I prefer this method over having some of the problems that other Merchants are experiencing, should I be forced to migrate immediately.
  15. Thanks Pamela. It certainly sounds like an easy enough process. I suppose I'll get my rear in gear & migrate.
  16. I understand & it's a shame they didn't include that little tidbit - that they don't support MB's - in their communications to merchants. If they did & I've missed it, then of course my impression will be much different than it is at this moment. The last official notice on MB's & the intro of DD was that they no longer had a deadline & that they would notify us when they did. You would think that LL would support MB's until a certain date. At least let merchants know that their stuff may be given away for free. How did that happen anyway? Clearly this is closing the barn door after the horse has left the stable.
  17. Are you on mainland? Cause it sounds to me like encroachment issue. For example, using megas that are textured with sculps. The bounding box can be huge & encroach on neighbors without you being aware of it. Anyway, just athought. Also, if you are building Mon Tue or Wed mornings (Cali time) take a few minutes to check the grid status page. Today they were doing rolling restarts & asked that we not rez no copy items, avoid making purchases, etc. I become very absent minded when building & often don't check or even see sim is going to restart. I've actually added to my calendar to check so as not to bother until my sims are done.
  18. ITA re breaking the MB's. My time is also sparse these days & although I would luv to get it over with, jump on the DD wagon & migrate, I am still very very hesitant about unresolved issues. For me, no matter what I'm doing in sl, it's always 1 step forward 3 steps back. I look at sl as a huge WIP (work in progress) with a never never ending date. Always something new introduced, something else breaks, and on and on. I am one of those people that would make Murphy roll over in his grave. If there is a shopping cart amongst 500 carts with a bum wheel, THAT's the one I'll unsuspectingly choose. I think I'm the only person who as a child, while attending ice hockey games with my father, has been hit twice with the puck while sitting in the audience. We weren't in the nosebleed section but certainly far enough up that the odds were in anyone's favor to avoid such a thing. Anyway, I would like to know that the major bugs are fixed before I move forward & hope that LL will leave the MB's alone until such a time as to offer their customers a system that works. I still don't understand the concept of releasing systems that are not yet fully functional.
  19. Phil Deakins wrote: Boudicca Littlebird wrote: Think one documentary was called, "are you good or evil", can't say any more as it would be working for you. Right. I watched all 6 parts of the documentary (not 4 as you stated in your last post). And, like just about all tales, there is always an element of truth. For example, brown dwarfs exist. That's the element of truth in your large object tale. In this case, there is an observed difference in the brains of psychopaths and non-psychopaths, but it isn't a gland, as you think it is. It's the non-functioning of areas (more than one) of the brain. Also, to be a psychopath you need to have a modified version of what is called the "warrior" gene. Also, the nature of psychopaths is such that they occupy an unexpected percentage of top boardroom jobs. That's according the BBC's Horizon programme that you linked to as evidence. So the bits of truth in your tale are, there is a difference in the brains of some people. and people on one side of the differences do tend to occupy a higher percentage of top boardroom jobs. Now, I'm using my memory here, which may not be absolutely accurate, but according to my memory, you claimed that there is more than one species of human on the earth, and they are differentiated by a gland in the brain, which is either turned on or off, and you cited the BBC programme as evidence of it. The BBC programmes says no such things. Either that, or you said that the gland in the brain is turned on or off according to how our "masters" [from another planet somewhere] want of each individual. You said or implied something along those lines. I can't state that there isn't a gland in the brain that could be on or off, or what the effects of it in either condition would be. What I can say is that the evidence you provided for it categorically does not support what you claimed. I.e. it isn't evidence for such a gland, or of more than one species of human - or anything even remotely similar to what you claimed. It is only evidence of a difference in the brains of psychopaths and non-psychopaths. I'm guessing here but I imagine you've been reading stuff from people like those 'ancient astronauts' fruitcakes, who take a bit of this, plus a bit of that, and mix it all together with a bit of the other, being careful to omit more bits of this, that, and the other that would speak against what they want to believe, and come up with a cast iron claim of something totally ludicrous - and claim that the this, that, and the other is absolute evidence of it. There is a saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" . I'll modify it a little and suggest it to you. If it sound too ridiculous to be true, it probably is. You need to watch these videos backwards in order to get the message here.
  20. This is all well and good - I rec'd the same email as I've not yet migrated. I have no problems doing so - once the all bug clear announcement is made. I have to agree re the 2.5% success rate means little to me also, as I've never had to redeliver an item using MB's. As far as fast? My experience as a customer, DD is much slower in delivery to me than magic boxes. Free test delivery? This should have always been free - i've had to test via buying from my own store on a few occasions & LL of course, rec'd their percentage. If anything, these moneys should be returned to us as we should not have to pay to test LL's system and have LL get paid in the process. I have a few limited edition items that I sell in world that I've been wanting to add to my MP store. When will this feature be ready to use? Finally, there is something important missing from that email. What is the deadline??? I think it's awesome that LL is reaching out about this issue since it's been a long while since DD was launched. I love the idea & look forward to moving over from Magic Boxes. But, what about the bugs that others have mentioned - in particular the ones where merchants don't get paid but the customer's get the products? I look forward to a speedy change over & hope that the o/s issues have been resolved. Edited to add: Pamela, I missed where LL said there are only a few stragglers left using MB's ... can you link me up with that please? To date, I am still buying from merchants that use MB's and I don't believe that statistic. I've not once puchased the items in my cart to have them all be DD merchants. tia.
  21. Thanks for the link. I was looking for something interesting to watch today.
  22. Well I vote we wait til tomorrow to turn Phil into a believer. I have a hot date tonight & annihilation would not be welcome.
  23. Boudicca Littlebird wrote: Wow are you wrong, a simple scan can show if you have an active gland or a dead one, and so many studies have been done that they found one percent have an inactive gland, every person that was inactive headed a bank or corp., please get your facts right before posting, there was even a BBC documentary about it, now doctors can see this they are talking about there being 2 species of human on the planet, wow are you out of date, I could give you links to the documentary but I won't as I don't wish to help you. Well I'm not worried one bit. As a child, I had mine removed with my tonsils. And I should correct you here, there are actually 3 species, I know this cause my mother hails from such a place. Who knows? Could be another as well .... a whole race of people who think today is Friday.
  24. Yes I suppose it could be interpreted in such a fashion. I don't know the OP. But perhaps you know her well & are able to understand what she 'means' as opposed to what she actually wrote. Howevver, after re-reading that particular post, as well as the OP's others, I think my conclusion is quite logical & based on what has been said, holds more water. Statements are very clear. Also, based on what the OP has said in this thread is that should anyone believe, it would be the end. If these beings can know such things, our thoughts & beliefs, then telling ourselves that it is not so, does nothing. Why? Cause they are all seeing and would KNOW we were telling ourselves otherwise to feel safe.
  25. Boudicca Littlebird wrote: As you all think me a nut you are safe, but should that change then that is a different story, your logic is flawed. So let me get this straight...we, the human race, are spared annihilation because we all think of you as a nut, & do not believe your theories, right? And, as soon as anyone believes you, we are doomed. In order for your logic NOT to be flawed, you have to believe that the entire human race sees you as a nut also. And, this includes anyone else that has the same beliefs and theories as your own. Otherwise, we'd all be toast. Is an awesome concept to consider. That a group of people who believe in the same thing, are each an island unto themselves, believing that those that are like minded, are all nuts. You all have mirrors there where you live?
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