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  1. Simple method is to simply highlight everything you have made, rt click it and TAKE it into inventory. It won't be linked together but will be stored as an unlinked Grouped Object (icon in inventory is a stack of boxes). Be warned though that small stuff which is below the viewer's LOD aren't selected when you do this. So if you have little things among big things, be sure to cam around and add them to the selection by using the SHIFT key when you left click on the item. I have taken a large build only to find I left 1/2 of it behind because the stuff was too small to render when I backed the camera up to see the whole build.
  2. It's not free, no. But Corel's Videostudio Pro X4 is what I use, is fantastic with High Def, and is on sale atm for only 79$. I love mine.
  3. The last reasonably thorough census of Furry fandom (early 2000s) showed a remarkable surprise. The proportion of gay, straight and bi furries was almost 1/3 for each of the categories. This disproved the old "All Furry is Gay" mantra certain gadflies liked to scream out. I doubt the proportions have changed substantially since that census.
  4. Of course I have. They are no big deal. If it's not your bag then don't hang out where they go to (ahem) hang out.
  5. In addition to whta the others have said, a little advice for your next upgrade -- ATI does a terrible job of supporting all OpenGL software. When I ditched ATI and moved to Nvidia, almost all of the problems I had been suffering with vanished. So when you start planning the next graphics card to replace the current one, consider an Nvidia 460 or better. I was stunned at how much better SL ran when I made the switch.
  6. Apparently some portion of LL's infrastructure is on the Amazon Cloud. The Cloud is suffering from a serious problem the past few days and many areas of the internet are down because of it. My guess is it will not be fixed until Monday -- the engineers will need to work all weekend without the managers underfoot to actually find the problem and fix it.
  7. If the problem is only just starting today, keep in mind that the entire Amazon Cloud (which is the hosting group for lots and lots of stuff) has just had a major snafu. It's quite probable that some parts of the SL infrastructure are being hosted on Amazon gear, providing a robust, scalable and expandable computing system. Normally, that is... Whatever has gone wrong, it's very big and affects an enormous amount of the internet. So you aren't the only one.
  8. If I don't own it as the ads said for half a decade, I'll not spend the large bucks to buy it. Or anything else for that matter.
  9. Let me just point out how amused I am that LL decided to move allll that data in profile to the web, and then the whole amazon cloud crashed. Come on guys -- crashing the entire cloud?
  10. As a new citizen, you can go anywhere in Mainland (assuming you aren't a teenager). PG or Mature land, and that's all of mainland. The only place you can't go is land defined as Adult -- you must age verify before you can go to that continent (called Zindra) or to Adult sims that are privately owned. You are not limited to Help island. If you are using Viewer2, on the sidebar there is a tab with a little globe on it. This is your Landmarks storage area and you can just doubleclick on any landmark in there to teleport directly there. You can also do a Search for things that interest you and teleport directly to them that way as well. As you are new, the search option will be your better approach.
  11. Age verification is to permit you access to Adult areas. If an individual has a room that they don't want someone in, age ver or not, then it's their room to do as they want with. Do you have the same issue going to other Mature mainland areas or Adult areas in Zindra?
  12. The regular Linden viewer works fine for me on a Win7x64bit machine. I do know that people hopping from viewer to viewer can screw up the cache and lead to other serious glitchs. You may need to simply delete the entire directory with the cache and the program in it and install from scratch.
  13. Yes. The bandwidth permission of SL at default is well below your 8Mbps or even 3Mbps. Unless you've changed your bandwidth in your preferences, it's much lower than even the 3Mbps. So you'll notice no change.
  14. http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=llGetPos When used in the root of an object attached to an avatar it will always return the position of the avatar's center in region coordinates. When used in a child object in attachments, it will return the position of the child, in region coodinates, if the root was at avatar center and the root had zero rotation relative to this avatar center. So if you have one prim attached to a bracelet, it'll report it's position as identical as the avatar's root position. You could try using llGetLocalPos() and adding the offset it reports to the base position of the avatar. Then you have the exact position of the prim in regional coordinates.
  15. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetPos When called from the root of an attachment, returns the wearer's position. But linking two boxes is not the same thing as attachment, which is the wearing of the prims on your avatar. and if you are only moving the child prim via Edit Linked and not moving the base prim, you'll get this kind of answer.
  16. The simplest solution I can think of knowing the state of support today, is to let it lapse, then upgrade to premium once more.
  17. If you have a firewall program, you may be blocking the ports that Vivox uses to provide voice. If you have Zonealarm, open it and look at the program restrictions -- be sure you give Second Life Voice permissions to access the internet.
  18. I don't dispute that abuse is possible in the setup. But if LL does it with the objective of a) showing off gadgets and neat things that just searching won't reveal, and b) giving ALL creators a shot at the front page (instead of only the well heeled bigtime names) so they can gain some name recognition, it would be a good shot in the arm for all. Customers seeing something they never knew existed could become fans of a whole different thing in SL. It could be good for LL, merchants and SL customers who are getting bored with their current stuff. All Win. This of course assumes that LL won't limit the specials to only its favorite people. They would need to spread the wealth and opportunity around, something which they don't have a very good track record of doing. While I see your concerns about how it would likely be implemented, I still think that there is a vast potential good for merchants and customers alike in a properly done One-day-showcase that may just be the shot in the arm that we all need. As for me, my gadgets in the store are simply there because I feel greedy if I don't share my best and cleverest stuff. If they sell, I get my ego boost. If not, I don't care. I'm in SL for fun and personal satisfaction.
  19. *visualizes Darrius in the matching pumps* Oooookay. This is more about you than I ever expected or wanted to know!
  20. There are so many photo systems out there and so many photographers looking for customers, that it doesn't seem to make sense to spend the massive money and time to develop your own. But truthfully, yes, you need lots and lots of poses, and an organization setup which allows the user to find what they are looking for quickly.
  21. You know, that brings up an interesting point Canis. Do most customers Like, Dislike, or have no opinion about being prodded over and over about sales, new products and the like? I personally do not have any sort of advertising for the simple reason that I'm in SL to get away from things like that which permeate every second of RL. I thus assume my customers likewise don't want to be bothered -- just sell them their gizmodo and let them have fun with it. More and more though I think that I'm actually in the minority of SL citizens that think this way.
  22. RCS - Reaction Control System aka, steering jets. Aka omg look at those huge things does this thing accelerate sidewise or something wow... Thanks for your generous offer. But my torchship still flies, so I'm good.
  23. How many bunnies does it take to make one jar of jam, anyways? Curious Carnivores want to know
  24. Alas, the places that come to mind have all disappeared in the last halfyear or so
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