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  1. Autopilot is "click to walk there", which came from Blue Mars. It came about because someone somewhere thought that 30 years of gaming meant someone somewhere still wouldn't comprehend WASD for movement keys...
  2. I do not use shadows on my Viewer 3, no. They look okay, but do not give enough improvement to be worth the loss of FPS. I buy stuff with prim shadows, yes. They look the same regardless of what viewer one uses. I create my own shadowing since so few can do a good job of it. As this depends on placement of furniture and lightsources, I cannot see how good shadows can be created for a one size fits all building.
  3. If the person resold and it's against the covenent, then the group leader can kick the goober out of the group and take up his land. if the person is just a thief saying it was his land to resale and it wasn't, THAT is theft and reportable to Linden Labs.
  4. You must be the OWNER of the land. This is true even if you are renting. A good landlord will stand there and set the land for sale for 0L. You then have to go to About Land and buy it. Tada, the land is now yours and you can rez on it. If this is not done, then you don't own the land and the previous owner's setting about people rezzing stuff on it (probably not allowed) will be in effect.
  5. Do recall that as much as you and I hate advertising (particular LL's tendancy to give preferential treatment to certain businesses), one of the worst problems in SL is the fact that people cannot find anything to do inworld. So ads about X or Y event is at least a step toward correcting that.
  6. Sorry, but that's impossible. A sculpt map is just a specialized form of image, like a JPG. The data that forms colors instead forms a pattern of XYZ data instead. And you have to have that data IN the SL inventory database before it can be rendered in SL -- that means uploading it. You can easily upload a sculpt per 26 students for 1 us dollar. The cost is small enough that nobody should fret about it. It only gets bad when you upload lots of textures because you can't line them up. What you should do in that case is while you make the sculpt, have the GNUtexture on it so you can see where exactly each block is on the sculpt. Then you can use that texture as a layer in a grpahics program and create a perfect matching texture for that sculpt before paying to upload either the sculpt or the texture. No, there's no way to get free uploads.
  7. Bugs will be duplicate reported!! -- they are on Jira as well and always have been. Nobody else will be able to see what my bug is! -- nor will they be able to delete your bug from the Jira because they are petty little pests. Result, more bugs reach the eyes of those who can fix them. People cant see what the fixes for my bug is! -- I think you are confusing the Jira with the forums and the Help areas... People can't vote! -- why should the voice of the mob decide which bugs get fixed? It's a bug; fix it! The JIRA is the most pathetic piece of garbage in the world of computing. Originally designed for internal management of code maintenance, it was never designed to be user-accessible. If a noob has a problem, he can't report it because he has no idea the JIRA exists and is where he should report the bug. Should the noob somehow find the JIRA, he has to have intimate knowledge of client-server relations and know what bit of code does what in order to report said bug. And then, any twerp wanting to be a jerk can delete the bug and go chuckling back to Woodbury. The JIRA is ***p. There's nothing they can replace it with short of slips of paper on the backs of tortoises that will be worse. And while the voting and discussion stuff does need to continue for new features, that can be moved to the forums quite easily where more people can see them. But nobody needs to see my bug report or erase it -- that won't get the bugs fixed.
  8. I have an older HP laptop; dual core turion running at 2.2Ghz and only 4G of ram. I run SL in low mode, but it works fine. So your new rig should be more than adequate to run SL in medium to medium high quality settings.
  9. And it may have been that the winner was someone close to the labs, reinforcing the notion that some people in SL are favored by LL and get discounts/benefits/freebies that the rest of us do not.
  10. I tried it a few years ago. I bought the Vuzix headset for 800$ after verifying 3 times that it would work with second life. The end results -- it displayed SL, yes. But unless the game was written to use DirectX, the drivers for the stereographic glasses wouldn't shift viewpoints for the eyes. Thus ALL openGL games and programs worked, but were NOT stereographic. Also, the head tracking was based on a magnetometer sensing the north pole of the Earth. After a time, You were not facing forward anymore as the errors of the tracking system accumulated. And the resolution -- 800x600 made it impossible to read anything in inventory or any IMs. one day, a VR headset will be out that will be worth looking into. But I'm going to save my cash until others report it working well for them. I've already bled enough on the cutting edge of tech and don't wish to bleed anymore.
  11. Let's say you have a sculpt tree. But you want to make it bigger, so as it is mod you edit it and scale it up. Ah, but you didn't set the box to make sure the textures stretch too. Now you have this horrid misshapen mass that's useless. And as usual, you blame the creator, even though it's not even remotely his fault that you busted your own stuff by not knowing what you were doing. And this is why so many of us make stuff No Mod. Not because we are arrogant toads, but because we don't want customers breaking their purchases and then blaming us for selling "shoddy" products. I usually keep a Mod version on hand for when people request it, since by my logic someone being able to look me up as the creator and send me an IM has been inworld long enough to know how to edit something without busting it. I usually give the mod variant on request at no charge for those who bought the no mod ones. Most of us just want our customers to be able to rock and roll right out of the box and not be able to break their toys, even accidently. Because inevitably the customer blames us for breaking their toys. So most of us make them hard to break; that's all. And some of us don't mind giving special versions to people who understand that its their own fault if they break it, just because we too sometimes need to have a mod version for special uses when we buy things ourselves.
  12. A music stream in a parcel is a one broadcast source going out to the many receivers' viewers. A parcel cannot be set to multiple URLs, so no, you cannot have multiple broadcasts mixing into a single stream. The simplest way to have several people in different places speak on the stream at the same time is to use GotoMeeting and have a conference call. Then feed the audio out from the conference call computer to the computer that is doing your streaming to your relay. This requires two computers, usually a mixer, a mike, and a 20$ gotomeeting subscription. But it will allow several people to speak on the stream at the same time.
  13. I've been in SL since 06. I've never had anything like that happen to me, no. And it's highly unlikely that anyone would pay the Lindens anything for the ability to determine what your avatar is up to and target RL ads to it. What sales could anyone make like that, hmm? You are probably the victim of a silly practical joke. Look at the postmark on the return address -- do you know any people who live in that city? If so, asking for some "free literature" in some leather and bondage catalogs to that person would be just payback.
  14. LINK stuff together so small and large bits are all connected. Then when you select the whole thing from above and TAKE it, you won't leave behind all the little bits.
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