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  1. My Manitee Land Office display is not an impulse item, either. But I worked it and worked it until it was simple enough and versatile enough that it could be sold without much support needed. And in the 1.5 years I've sold them, not one person couldn't buy it, follow the notecard and be up and running in under 10 minutes. I don't know the particulars of your product, but as a fellow builder let me say that making gear that the user never has to ask a question about is worth the effort for your time and your customer's satisfaction.
  2. Another method I prefer to use is to have a prim in the tipjar that is where I want the hovertext to be. Top or bottom, left or right, I just have that prim do the text and the rest of the jar is unchanged. A simple linkedmessage to the hovertext prim is the only change to the tipjar script, and an even simpler script in the hovertext prim to set the text itself. And you can even skip all of that if you make the hovertext prim the root of the device and the tip script goes in it, although I find that makes placement and rotation difficult.
  3. I am assuming a Dongle is a wireless internet connection that you pay by the Megabyte? If so, you'll very quickly go broke using it for SL -- every new place you go will have to download textures to your cache. Every person you meet, same thing. If you have music on, you eat one megabit in only 7.8 seconds of listening - a Megabyte a minute. Turn on voice and it's the same. Watch a video? Better have 5 figures open on your credit card! Cell networks are abyssmal for SL for a number of reasons. Cost is just one -- laggy and high ping is another.
  4. I find Jack Daniels makes removing clothes easier This is probably the starter skin with underwear on the skin itself. Buy a different skin and wear it, and the problem will vanish.
  5. Graphics cards: My strong recommendation is the Nvidia GTX460 or better. It's not high priced and doesn't even get warm when running SL. I strongly discourage ATI cards as they have problems with OpenGL that Nvidia doesn't have. Also, any ATI or Nvidia card built into the motherboard will work, but some motherboards then have no PCIe slots for future upgrades, trapping you forever in that card. They also share main memory, making them slower than PCIe cards. If you want the best performance and future upgradability, budget 150$ or so for a GPU and get a motherboard without a builtin graphics card. Today you'll be poorer, but tomorrow and every day thereafter you'll be happy with your decision.
  6. Yes it can run SL fine. But you will need to set your graphics quality to medium and maybe Low for most things. And don't even dream of turning on AntiAliasing. It will get you 45fps in an empty place, 14fps in a crowded dance floor.
  7. My experience with ATI cards in SL has been horrible, to say the least. Please consider getting the Nvidia cards instead; same price, much better performance in OpenGL software than ATI. You don't believe me, ask anyone here in Second Life. ATI's support of OpenGL has been terrible, and they have problems (black triangles) that NO Nvidia card has ever shown. My GTX460 has not had so much as one graphics glitch when running SL. I cannot even dream to say that about ATI.
  8. If you are using the Second Life viewer from the webpage, you are in Basic mode. This is to allow you to get used to SL before switching to Advanced at login (when you feel ready) and giving you ALL the controls. There is a lot to learn to be able to work and play in SL, so newcomers have fewer controls until they are comfortable they've mastered the basics and can switch to advanced. For what it is worth to you, many of us here in SL had to do all this the hard way, with no help and no basic mode. Today, as it was then, it's a little more complex than a hack/slash video game, yes. But it is definately worth the effort to master the interface -- trust me.
  9. They explain it right there on their webpage -- you have to send people to their webpage of your broadcast, and they open up a Flash player for people to hear you. They pay for the service by putting ads on the webpage. So they will never give you the URL for someone who isn't looking at their ads to hear the station. You need the following to DJ inworld: 1) lots of music 2) at least 160Kbps unused UPLOAD bandwidth to send music and more to a relay server somewhere. 3) a DJ Broadcasting program like SAM or the shoutcast plugin in Winamp 4) a server elsewhere that simply mirrors your broadcast to the dozens of listener over a 100Mbps connection. You setup your DJ broadcasting software so it sends the music to the remote computer on a certain port, and what username and password to connect with. Then you give the url and port of your remote computer to whoever wants to hear, or to the parcel's media settings. Many people think that they can just stream away from their home computers and not need the complication or expense of the server. But every person listening will be taking 128Kbps out of your upload and even with 1Mbps upload capacity you can have no more than 7 listeners. Newcomers are often shocked when they realize how few people they can stream music to over home connections -- thus the need for the relay servers. There are several outfits in SL that offer the relay servers at a reasonable monthly price.
  10. Well, one difference between yours and mine is I don't use the AA. SL looks just fine without it imho, and it takes an enormous bite out of the FPS. Otherwise, the only thing I could hazard a guess is that talking on skype while inworld is eating almost half of your upload bitrate (100k).
  11. Interesting. You may be laggy as far as responding to the commands, but not by much. Another possibility -- are you running any P2P programs? Even if you aren't downloading anything, you are still uploading data, making less bandwidth available to SL to respond to your commands. And with that 290Kbps upload, a single person downloading part of a movie from you will take all of your upload, leaving nothing for SL.
  12. Well, memory throughput on an i3 is not exactly great. But an i3 with 4G of ram and that Gpu should be turning in numbers in the high teens under all but the busiest places. I'm running an i7 (950) with 6G and a GTX460 and my settings are maxxed out. And I still get around 35fps in a fairly populated area -- 120fps in my almost empty dev area. Your computer combo seems more than powerful enough to handle SL. So the problem is elsewhere. You mentioned you have DSL. I tried that once, and was terribly unhappy with the performance. The bandwidth was the full amount promised ONLY when it was between 2 and 7am. It varied with how many people were on at that time. And at the times I was logging into SL, it was sinking down to dialup levels (no, I'm not exaggerating). Try pointing your browser to http://speedtest.net before launching SL and see what your available bandwidth ACTUALLY is.
  13. No. Land and prims can be combined only within the same sim. And there's no way for you to buy a second linden home in that sim and use the prims. The Linden Home is more of a Getting Started kit for newcomers. It's a way for new folks to get started quickly with little complication or difficulty. It is not, however, meant to be your final piece of land or the only home you'll have. Be looking around mainland for larger parcels with good neighborhoods. You are premium so you can buy any land anywhere and pay LL the tier (based on how much land you get). You can also rent land either in mainland or private estates, but your premium allowance won't go toward it. Look around, talk with others, and see what's out there that you can move up to.
  14. No, there are no refunds for the membership. However, if you did it through a credit card and you can prove the date that you canceled is before the lab charged you, you can contest the charge with your credit card company and they can take action to pull the money back from the lab again. Be aware though that LL is grossly incompetent with how it handles customers and could respond to this by suspending/banning your account rather than simply downgrading you like they were supposed to do. Read up on what happened to the Elf Clan sometime if you want a lesson on how not to treat your customers. If you didn't downgrade before the automatic charge, then you are frankly out of luck.
  15. Another idea just occurred to me. Why not make a drawbridge? The center of the linkset staying in your land would mean no objections from the Gov and the bridge being open most of the time would not impede even the tallest traffic. Get a builder to make you a working drawbridge that crosses the river. Should be simple.
  16. Well, your biggest problem is going to be that you aren't permitted to leave prims on Linden Land. Thus you'll have to be clever in your contstruction. One method would be to use 40mx40mx2m Megacubes turned into cylinders, hollowed out, cut in half and then sunk deep into the land of both sides. Thus you get a footbridge with the centers of both prims squarely in your land. But an upcoming change which will prevent prim encroachment is due in a few weeks. That would make this trick fail. But it would work for a little while at least. Just make sure the prims are hollow and on your land so you don't impede traffic or have the prims' centers in Linden Land.
  17. I get in just fine on my main computer and my laptop. But I was also trying to get SL working again on the garage computer (Q9650, 4Gig ram, GT260 gpu) and I keep having the same fault keeping me off. I get the crash which happens during the "Initializing VSF" stage. I've read that this is a problem. And I've gone into $user/applications data/and deleted the entire directory and tried to run. I've also tried reinstalling. Nothing seems to fix this problem. Are there registry keys or other problems that could be causing this? Also, I never found any directory called Roaming anywhere on the drive. This isn't keeping me out of world as the other computers are fine. But it would be nice to be able to enter while working in my garage at my bench.
  18. And you know that these people are under 18, how exactly? Did they send you a copy of their driver's license? Or did you just overhear them chatting and you have no idea if they were RPing or not? I didn't want the teengrid merger at all because of all the dangers we can present to the teens, and all the dangers the teens can present to us adults. While realistically the teens have been in the main grid all along, they had to break the law and lie to see things they should not -- that is no longer the case. However at the same time people seeing and ARing everyone everywhere because they could be a teen (or are rollplaying , you know, like SL is supposed to be?) isn't the answer. If you have hard proof (and billy telling sarah jane that he's 12 is no more acceptable as evidence as my friend's claims that she's 912 years old...) then AR them.
  19. If you are using the firewall program ZoneAlarm, failing to allow SERVER permissions to SecondLife.exe will cause exactly this same problem.
  20. 1, WMV will not work in SL at all. You will have to transcode it to a hinted MOV file with Quicktime Pro to be visible inworld. 2, you will need your own server on the web to hold the file. Then you just put the media setting for your parcel to the URL for that file. 3, everyone will be able to start at different times. If you wish for everyone to watch a movie and see the same frames at the same time, that's very complicated and involves streaming software on the server itself to output the same data to each and all in the parcel at the same time.
  21. Shockwave Yareach

    login fail

    This is the problem of certain cable companys having lousy DNS servers. The solution is to directly add a few DNS servers to your router's DNS entries so that trying to find the IP addresses of SL resources doesn't get cable's equivalent of a digital shrug. Try adding the Google DNS servers at and to your router's DNS tables; they work quite well.
  22. Not to mention almost every destination in that book (remember Taco?) does not exist anymore. Which says volumes about how LL has run its flagship the past few years.
  23. The issue with moving a skybox is one of LOD -- level of detail. You can pull the camera back and select everything under you, sure. But then you miss all teh little stuff in the build. The solution is, after selecting all the big stuff, move your camera back inside and continue to select all the small stuff as well, but with the shift key pressed. This will ADD what you are selecting now to what you selected previously. When you have everything you need selected, right click the skybox and simply TAKE it. (it'll appear in your inventory as a group of boxes under Objects) Then go to the ground, set down a 10mx10m cube, sit on it, and type in the altitude of where you want the new skybox as the Z position of the cube. Then just drag the skybox from inventory onto the cube and it'll rez upon it. Get the altitude wrong or something? Delete it and rez it from your inventory again! (This is why I had you pull it into inventory in teh first place.)
  24. First of all, let me suggest that you relax a bit. SL has its ups and downs, its good and its bad. Be aware that there are bugs in all virtual worlds and you have to be a little patient to be within them. What ISP do you use? What computer specs do you have? What firewall are you using? The direct link to the viewer2 viewer is http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Viewer-2-6/Second_Life_2-6-3-227447_Setup.exe Try getting it directly from there and saving it to your computer rather than just running it from the browser. It sounds like you have lots of downloading going on at the moment (P2P running perhaps) and there's not enough free bandwidth to get the viewer in. If that's the case, you will need to shut down the downloads to get the program, and when you are in SL itself -- Second Life takes lots of bandwidth to get all the textures, all the animations, all the sounds, and all the movements of everyone around you to render them on your computer.
  25. These are Poseballs. They are how we in SL pose the avatars in pairs or singly in a setting. Poseballs can be balls, stools, chairs, couches, almost anything. The text you saw above that one is which pose it is set to. In this case the pose Kiss Her 4 F which is the fourth variation of Kissing Her, but the Female avatar's pose. To use them, right click on teh pose ball and select "Sit here" or whatever else the list shows you for it, like "kiss" or "relax" or what have you.
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