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  1. Joined 2009.. played all the way to 2017, then created a server and built a space for our UNI. Off and on I went back to SL. Just now I logged in after years of not looking at it. Building is awesome in this game, physics not so much... When I logged into this time, I was surprised that I didn't get a mesh avatar.. still the same bugs, bent knees floating around. Felt as laggy as it always had been. Why can't they fix these avatars and the lag moving around? I get that the world takes a bit to load since it is not pre-loaded like some of the first person games but come on. To be competitive with games nowadays this has to be fixed. The game 'There' was better than SL has ever been when it comes to avatar movements and physics. Game is just old and would need a better game engine.. Updating only does so much.. As a young adult I would be put off by the looks and motions of these avatars...
  2. Thanks for the answer Peggy. I usually stay away from transparent textures that simulate windows and such due to the 'glitching' effect (wish there would be a solution for this). Turn and resize it is then.. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the hollow on the y or x axis by default? I would think one of the two is more used then a hollow from the top z axis.. Anyway, thanks again :-)
  3. A while ago, I created a Labyrinth (100x100). Then I textured it as stone wall theme and now I am in the process of updating it to a sci-fi theme. I would like to create windows in some of the walls (there are a lot..) but, as it happens, the 'hollow' is at the top of the wall. (I never understood why, by default, the hollow is not on either side, but anyways.... ) Is there an easy(er) other then turning and stretching the prim in order to create the cutout on the side rather then the top?
  4. Thanks Kelli May, I will give this a try, and to all the animators out there, please, someone has to be able to make a robot AO. I realize, a robot is not that mainstream and sales may be limited, but think about us poor machines having to walk like humans in a digital world. It is embarresing! Not that I have feelings or anything...
  5. OK, I have been looking for quite some time now to find a robot AO. I have several robot avatars but, it doesn't look quite right with a regular AO. I can find anything BUT a robot ao. All kind of mens styles, from drunk to elegant to urban etc. Why isn't anyone making a robot AO? Is it forbidden? Does it bring bad luck? If anyone has a link to one not listed in SL or on the marketplace (I looked there for hours), please let me know.
  6. Thanks for the info Kaluura and Ela. I may have to deed it to the group then. :cathappy:
  7. I am using a script that is asking a question through a dialog, gives 3 choices and when the right choice is selected opens (alpha and phantom) the door. When the script starts, the first line in the dialog box is the owner of the item (me) and the item name. Can I eliminate the owner name to be displayed? I am not a scripter, I am a changer and putter together so I don't know if this is possible.. Here is the script: integer CHANNEL_DIALOG_BOX = 99999; list lChoice = ["a", "b", "c"]; key sound = "sound1"; float vol = 1; default{ state_entry() { llListen(CHANNEL_DIALOG_BOX, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } touch_start(integer total_number) { key id = llDetectedKey(0); llDialog(id, " Who was the main leader of the group that founded the American Psychological Association? a) G. Stanley Hall b) John Dewey c) Carl Rogers Note: Feedback is displayed at the bottom left of the screen as chat message. There is no time limit and you have unlimited tries.. ", lChoice, CHANNEL_DIALOG_BOX); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (llListFindList(lChoice, [message]) == 0) { llSay(0, ": Congratulations, your answer is correct, you may proceed through the labyrinth!"); llPlaySound(sound, vol); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); llSetAlpha(0.1,ALL_SIDES); llSleep(10.0); key sound = "slam"; llPlaySound(sound, vol); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); llSetAlpha(10.0,ALL_SIDES); } if (llListFindList(lChoice, [message]) == 1) { // do something here key sound = "locked"; llSay(0, "Sorry, wrong answer.. Try again!"); llPlaySound(sound, vol); } if (llListFindList(lChoice, [message]) == 2) { // do something here key sound = "locked"; llSay(0, "Sorry, wrong answer.. Try again!"); llPlaySound(sound, vol); } if (llListFindList(lChoice, [message]) == 3) { // do something here } }}
  8. Linda, When I had a dual core computer, this helped boost a bit of performance: While running SL (or at least have the SL client login up), bring up the Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete Select the Processes tab, and locate SecondLife.exe listed under Image Name Right-click on SecondLife.exe, and from the dropdown, select “SetAffinity…” When the Processor Affinity window pops up, you’ll most likely notice that two CPUs are selected, CPU 0 & CPU 1. Select only one of the CPUs (yes, only one), then click on OK. This is an 'instance' setting so it might not 'stick' and you will have to do this the next time you run SL.. It's worth a try.....
  9. actually, my bad.. #6 is not used at all, if you look closely, the green line is on the bottom...
  10. The viewer is very much behind times. LL just caters to new users and how to make it easier for them.. Just look at your Processor usage when the viewer is running.. Got a nice i7 like I do? You will see only one core being used to its max. Some not even used at all... There goes the frame rate and sometimes the whole thing freezes for some time. Then you play some high end first person shooters and your frame rate never leaves 60 with all options on max.. Makes you wonder what LL is doing besides raising rates.......
  11. Did some searching as well and found: There is no setting/program that takes advantage of your multi core system. Most computers nowadays are at least 2 or 4 core.. and still SL's viewer doesn't use these, instead just uses single core systems. So, quite a lot of folks who have 2, 4 or more cores will have the same or less performance then what they had with an old computer. But an old computer means an old graphic card. The better the card the better the graphic, but wait...for that you need a good computer with 4 or more cores.. hmm.. damned if you do, damned if you don't.. LL, get your act together..or ask Microsoft to give you a hand... ;-/
  12. hmm.. so someone forgot to tell the webmaster that the term Viewer is supposed to be replaced with Client? Viewer is still used on the download page. Regardless... so if it would be named a Client, that would fix the multi core issue? Not sure of the purpose on your post Qwalyphi..
  13. The below is showing a screenshot of my system performance while the SL viewer 2 is running. Is there any setting/add-on program to even this out over the cores. I noticed, since core 3 and 6 is maxed all the time, every 10 seconds or so, a slow down in frame rate. Sometimes it even stops everything. I have an i7 processor and a gforce 580 graphic card. Performance should be better with a setup like that... 
  14. hmm.. I have a GTX 580 and SL works fine with it.. all settings maxed..
  15. What ever happened to the Second Life in a Web browser project? I don't see this anymore and old links just go to the Join SL page.. ?
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