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  1. Yes It would be the most lovely building tool ( it is still the most missing tool for builders - actually ) Please do not think you are wasting any time of your weekends trying to make this work PS: We could put that into the JIRA thingy ? lol
  2. Yup that is correct I did not say it must be a remote system. Rolig is already a step further with her work and thoughts. I am thankful for any way that makes it work - with scripted Prims or without.
  3. That's is totally correct Rolig. If there is no other way than a script inside the Prims that's fine too (just annoying). Yes, I didn't say it must be a remote system. I am not sure if this is doable without viewer modification but the method inside Phoenix viewer can apply align points to any Prim surface/edge.
  4. isn't this answer just eh ( eh?) I could do the same to find out the distance between 2 avatars ( to save me a script for any radar) (shakes my head)
  5. :smileyvery-happy: So Rolig Loon and me are trying to figure out the same? Anyway, my posting here, the question is actually simple yet confusing because there are different ways. I want to stick on the distance between two walls. It is correct that this way only works on a flat standard Prim surface/face.
  6. When rezed, set all linked objects to 65 (Transparency) plus 1.0 (Glow) Fade out Transparency first When Transparency is zero Fade out Glow Play sound while fading Play different sound when done The fade effect should last for about 5 seconds.
  7. I need a way that calculates the accurate distance between two selected prim faces using the mouse. I select those faces the same way I do it when I need to change the texture surface. Thanks in advance
  8. float dist = llVecDist(llGetPos(),(vector)message); // Calculate the distance This gives me the distance between two Prims, which is the middle or the center of the prim. How to get the distance between 2 Prims (Z or horizontal distance) only while Position (Y) and Position (X) are ignored ?
  9. Thank you Rolig for the help It is a very good idea to make the script work only when the distance or any position changes (no lag, no spam messages). A 96 meter radius is actually fine, but the more we get the better. I think I've seen a distance script in the older Forum - made by you guessed. However I cannot find it
  10. Hello, I need an Distance Meter between 2 prims - with real time update, so if one position changes the new distance is shown accurately in chat. Thank you for help Xi
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