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  1. Connection issues again !!! Tages ages to connect - if it does at all, Inventory loading like a slug trying to race , Website loading takes ages as well. Started last night Avatars and worlds not loading properly stainyg a clout despite loaded inventory. Clearing Cashe temporary solved some of these issues just to be back this morn. Status display says nothing and when logging on the Forums it took ages as well. Loooks like a damn connection issue again.
  2. Having Login issues for 4 hrs+ (since bout 8am PST, now Rebooted Router several times. In between ococasionally a login workd but loading assets and such failed Relogging then didnt work again even after router Restart and connection reinit and system reboots. ip Range 87.123.*.* Anything blocked?
  3. Yes, I tried those stores and the search and its not there. That's the reason for asking :-)
  4. I saw these several times now but couldn't find them in the marketplace. Also contacted Damenbut so far no reply. Anyone know where to get these? Thanx Chantál
  5. I just tried to set this into the event for the Blue Katt which is on Moderate Land and the event post got denied for it as it considers it an adult themed event. Guys you should really work your filters over. Cos this plainly sux. That's what you got to expect visiting the Bleu Katt this Friday 12pm. We will facilitate "Genies" which is part of the Katt, just pass through the door, and lets have a great night of the old classic Blues featuring John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnston, John Mayall, Bo Diddly, Bessie Smith and others. Blues on ..
  6. Actually it wasn't a cache problem, I clear that on each install usually. This was actually a settings problem I had and finally after lot of tweaking and testing it seems to have solved. Crashes are a lot less, fortunately. I run an ATI Raden HD4870 and it needs to have all possible Application set options to be application controlled and the Cataclyst AI disabled. This solved it after I tried it on my old NVIDIA 9800 which showed the same problems. It seems to me that there is a problem reading the settings in and set SLs settings somehow in the code so it seems the Card and the software disagree which causes the crashes in the end. Pretty happy now and as I said - it runs and a lot more stable. On LotRO client and other games i hadn't had this much problems with setting the cards features in the driver. That's what caused me some of the troubles why SL is misbehaving here.
  7. I go the same problem with several viewers including the official one. CPU runs hardly at botu 80% in average and GPU isnt even on full load either on both performance and fan speed nor memory usage is exceeding with roughly 500 MB left from usually 2.1GB free memory. Since the last rollout it happens that SL crashes again mainly if I cam about a lot and there is a few avatars - 8+ - present. It usually crashes without any warning. Before the rollout it was running fairly stable and crashes were a lot less frequent. Even did a Cache clean in advance and after just in case some of the scripts might have been influenced but it didnt help either. So again clearly a fault here I presume on the server side for one but also the client seem to have some timing problem when requesting stuff from the server. Seems to me its some synch problems they got as memory does not seem affected. be nice if it would through at least the error message somewhere, but it does not seem to be caught here.
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