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  1. Alright, I'll keep playing around with it. The way I had it before was actually arguably smooth for the "decelleration" except for the jump at the end.
  2. Thanks for the responses, I'll have to look through them. If you guys have every played Riven you'll know what I'm taking about here. I'm trying to make a replica of the Firemarble Domes that you find in the game. I'm in the middle of rewriting the script and was going to give llTargetOmega a try instead of what I was doing previously (progressively lessening the speed of a texture animation). The issue we had there was that the animation would always click back into it's original place when stopped. I guess that brings up another question then. Say we eneded up using a texture animation, is there an algorithm or some way to get that to automatically reduce in steps and stop at a certain point? Perhaps we can modify the solution posted before?
  3. Is there a way to have an llTargetOmega rotation that will always stop rotating at one spot? Specifically, is there a way to make it continually slow down until it reaches that point from when an object was touched? For example: An object is rotating around the X-axis and it is touched when the rotation is at 134,0,0. The object needs to stop rotating in 5 seconds and stop at 0,0,0. Can a script be made to determine a number of steps required to bring that object to a stop at 0,0,0 gradually in 5 seconds, etc?
  4. Alrighty then, I'll have to play with that. I was able to get a 2.3GB file running well when I disabled my HUDs, however it was also being streamed over my local network. I still don't understand how a 710MB file magically grew to 2.3GB when I added the hinting... unless .mov is much less compressed than .mp4. I'll just have to play around with it today.
  5. Yup, that did the trick. Sadly the framerate when watching the video is totally wonky. I'll have to play with compression and whatnot to get that to work well.
  6. Oh boy, more uploading! Fun! I'll give that a try, thanks.
  7. I've been playing around with llSetPrimMediaParams and I'm trying to see how it can handle playing large video files. However, from what I can gather, a video will only start playing when it has been fully cached on the client's computer. Is there any way to make it begin to play when it's been sufficiently buffered like most media player programs?
  8. Alright things have stabilized (yay!). It stinks that the error still pops up from time to time but I've found it's been minimized by a remote control dialog that I made to go directly to a video. The joys of technology
  9. After installing Quicktime it's working intermittently now. I'll keep playing around with it.
  10. Perhaps it's a general webkit issue in that case. What irritates me is I'm literally just going to a link for an .mp4 file (this is my test file: http://nintendoaddict.com/slfilms/Logoreveal.mp4 ) There's also http://nintendoaddict.com/downloads/cone.mp4 Sometimes it gives me that error, other times it just gives me a white screen. EDIT: On second thought... perhaps it's because I don't have Quick Time on here. I had it on my laptop but I had to reinstall Windows on my desktop yesterday. That probably has something to do with it!
  11. I'm attempting to set up a little media prim for myself so I can play some of the videos that I host on my website. After I got the code setup I was able to view files (.mp4) no problem. Websites worked fine as well. Fast forward a few hours and now I'm seeing the "Frame load interrupted by policy change" error whenever I try to view any type of media (video or audio; websites still work). I'm not entirely sure what is causing this... I'm using Viewer 2.
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