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  1. Also it costs 200 US dollars to take down our content..sooo any other Merchants want to help?
  2. I just wanted to make others aware and perhaps found out how to handle it. I made sure not to name the site or its url so hopefully this will stay up for others to see and if they come across any other sites they will know what to do. Thank you for the advise and I hope it will help others ^^
  3. There is a certain site where users release copybot version of items and other creations. They even have a downloadable copybot viewer. This site also allows users to upload our PSDs for any templates released ont he marketplace. I do not know if anything can be done about this site but i want to make sure everyone is aware of it. I would love to be able to get our comunity to take some form of legal action against the site in question but I dont know how. I seriously hope Linden Labs can also aid in this as well.
  4. Looking for someone whom can make me a sculpty that looks like this : http://shop.marketpublique.com/item.php?id=3783 for my store. Shadow maps required please 9 everything looks fugly without them.)
  5. Im liking all these replies, thank you for spending the time to look at this post. Its always nicw to see what real people think when they shop, especially in a virtual game with soo many different values and opnions ^^
  6. Does how a shop look define it? Do you leave shops that dont have a good design or layout? What is important when your out and about on shopping excursions, do color, shop size, and location REALLy make a difference?
  7. What do most people whom shop like to see on skin? Is it realistic, color,wild makeup, price, etc. ? Im curious to know what you all think is important when you shop for skin.
  8. Ah, was going to make one for my pose set, since they are mostly up against the window/wall I was using. I wanted to make a room-prop to use them , but would it just be better for my customers to release them now as a regular pose set? im still rather curious on how to make a poseroom either way ^^
  9. I've been wondering how it could be done without using tons of poseballs and if anyone knows if there is a walkthrough/tutorial for these kinds of things.
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