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  1. I'm NOT saying this to be a jerk. Gah. Thank god it's friday...
  2. if (m="show_rings"); do llSetAlpha (1.0, ALL_SIDES); while (llGetLinkName(i) =="ring");  This should be: if (m == "show rings") { i = 1 ;// the first link while (llGetLinkName(i)=="ring") { llSetLinkAlpha(i, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); i += 1; } } } Your errors are numerous. I'm saying this to be a jerk, but you should reaquaint yourself with C if you are going to script, as LSL is a cross between C and Java. = is an assignment; == is a comparison. having a ; after a comparison test will mean there is no code the comparison runs if true. do loops don't work the way you think - they always execute at least once and then check to see if they should run again. If you want to test first then run in a loop, you have a while loop. A good resource for LSL and examples of it can be found here. http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=HomePage There is also a LL webpage for the scripting language, but I find this one easier to use. Good luck to you. If it helps, just as with any other coding exercise the learning curve is steepist when you are just starting out. Don't let that discourage you. Look at the examples given and learn from them, and you'll be over the hump in no time.
  3. Canoro -- you miss the point. Second Life IS already a social network. SL is a system where you can socialize with people all over the world without physically moving. it's a system where you can collaborate with friends and colleagues regardless of time zones, age, physically deformity, or distance. If SL worked a quarter as well as it should be working by now, nobody would even remember that facebook even existed. "Facebook, oh yeah, that was that nonGraphical web forum thing that nobody used because everyone was in 3D worlds like Second Life by that time..." Now, surely a comm system we can use when we aren't inworld can be a useful thing. But stuck into the profiles? Do YOU hang out in your profile in order to chat with friends? Is that how Facebook works? Or in FB, do you log into the site and tada, you see all your friends' posts? Once again LL has shown us that even though the viewer is busted and the grid problematic, it will waste time on a frivolous do-nothing addon rather than fix the critical problems. And even that simple addon they'll utterly fail to get even remotely right. Having a FBlike wall to write on - Good. Having them stuck someplace where almost no user bothers to go instead of in a global website all can go to easily like chats.secondlife.com -- not just bad, but sad bad. Another example of LL taking the sheet metal it was supposed to use to patch the hull of the ship, folding into an origami swan instead, and throwing it overboard to see if it would float. It doesn't, and deeper into Davy Jones locker do we and all of SL continue to sink.
  4. So the past three Viewers are broken. Thanks LL. We still can't own our islands, but you expect us to pay as much as a used car for them. Thanks LL. The kids still see across the borders from PG into M all over the mainland. Thanks LL. And now, we have a new "Facebook for SL" crammed into our profiles. This allows us to see conversations friends are having with total strangers, and they can see my conversation with someone they don't know either. Not to mention I cannot turn the silly thing off -- what part of "Second Life" screams to you that I want to chit chat on a webpage instead of going inworld and having fun? I'd be incensed. But I and nobody I know hangs out and stares at their profile all day to talk with friends. So this is utterly nonfunctional and useless. No point being upset about something that doesn't work. Of course, that covers a lot of things coming out of the lab... Thanks LL...
  5. Another thing to try: as I recall, Win7 and Phenom have a "low power" mode where the processor clocks down when not in heavy use. See if there is a Performance mode in Power Settings on the control panel.
  6. Old bugs reappearing is a symptom of bad version control. Basically everyone working has a local copy of XYZ, complete with bugs. Bugs get squashed in XYZ2.0. Product ships with XYZ2.0 code in it. But then down the road, some job needs to be done quickly and the coder reaches into his own local locker of code and uses XYZ instead of XYZ2.0. Why? Because he has it in his possession and he doesn't know if his is the fixed version or not. The fix to this is to have all the code for all the coders on a central server, and to have weekly sniff/wipe sessions (where senior team members delete any and all local copys of code off their teammate's desks). Make it a firing offense to keep any local copy of code on the PC instead of using the main repository on the server, no matter how you sneak it in. We once had a serious problem with the same fault reappearing all the time -- we had to end the practice of code caverns on personal computers to solve it. "If the source code isn't all from the server, the results cannot go to the server."
  7. While the picture is yours, in the same vein that any machinima made in SL is yours, what you do with the photo dominates matters. If you are taking a picture for yourself and friends to see and showing someone elses build on Flickr, very few will be upset. If you are taking a picture of someplace you didn't build and making money off your blog by showing it, some will become annoyed that you make money off their work. If you take pictures of people and places in SL that you didn't create and start selling a wildly popular book, raking in the dough, most will be very annoyed that you are profiting from their work without permission. My personal view is that if it's just pictures for yourself and friends, anything you can see on public thoroughfares is okay. But if you plan to turn your private photos into personal financial gain then you require the permission of those whose work makes your gain possible. Consider if you will some high paid supermodel -- I take a picture of her for myself, nobody cares, but if I sell a book with said photos, I'll be sued for profiting off of her likeness. The same will hold true in SL. In short, if you want to make money with the photos, you need the permission of the person who owns the setting.
  8. General rule of thumb: The inventory system begins to run very very sluggishly when the number of items exceeds 100. Will it work with 500 items, yes. Will it be responsive and usable, no. Keep under 100 items and you should be fine.
  9. And if you have problems with pesky unicorns filling up your sim, well, there's a way to fix that. But it requires a trip to Zindra...
  10. Switch to Advanced mode once you are comfortable with moving around and have some feel for the controls.
  11. If you were a premium account and you didn't log in for a long time, odds are that your credit card number changed in that time period. When LL cannot get to a player's money for tier or for premium charges, they suspend the account. Open a ticket with them on the webpage, tell them the avatar name, and ask what the problem is. It could be that you left as a premium and when the card expired, LL suspended your account.
  12. Brief: You may not do it, regardless of the other person's permissions, stated or implied. You cannot claim a right which you do not have under the TOS, anymore than I can claim to own the money in a bank by walking in with a sign saying "Seeing me implies consent to take all your money". The act is forbidden in the TOS and that's that, regardless of what is in anyone's profile. That said though, most IM's are also stored as an unencrypted file on your computer in your directory. And as much as LL has authority in SL with the TOS, US law states that your data on your computer belongs to you. Thus legally you may do as you like. Course, so then will LL and then bannage will follow, legal act or no. However, it is common to munge logs so no avatar names are recognizable, and then post them under a different name in any forum not under LL's control. While LL can still ban you for doing so, they have to know who you are first. But a different username on a forum where they cannot demand user data and the lack of identifying names in the chatlog itself makes this impossible. At the same time however, the act of changing the log renders the log itself quite suspect -- how do we know you didn't make it all up to begin with? And since posting it there does nothing but fan lots of drama without fixing anything, it's really kind of pointless to bother with it in the first place.
  13. Oh my avatar has a first name; it's O S C A R... Sorry. couldn't resist.
  14. You could always upgrade the account to Premium for one month on the website, get the matter resolved, and then drop the account back to basic again. Would only set you back 10$ for the one month. Be sure to voice what parts of SL you are disatisfied with when they ask why you downgraded. If SL of today isn't what you wanted and were sold, that 10$ is a cheap ticket to unleash your acid pen. And they can't fuss at you -- they ASKED you why.
  15. In your inventory, you should be able to find your Lost and Found folder. Stuff that is Returned to you goes there. One caveat though -- if your partner has edit rights to your things and she deleted them rather than returned them, then they are totally deleted and not in your Lost and Found Folder. Take a look and see. Worst case, you can file a ticket (quickly) to have your homestead rolled back to the way it was 24 hours earlier. Then you can properly take your things before doing the mods. Note that after 2 days, you cannot roll it back anymore -- 3 days is all the backup that they store so do NOT hesitate.
  16. Sounds to me like that sim is being sold or abandoned. As you are renting there, your only recourse is to simply go find a new place to live. LL will not get involved in private contracts between residents (which renting is). So just find a new place to call home. There are plenty of us looking for renters.
  17. LL is not in business to provide support for your hobbys. Our hobbys are what supports LL. What LL needs to figure out is that their products are overpriced and they will grow the world and make more in volume if they lower the prices some to allow sim owners to be able to survive these lean times.
  18. It is also possible that the item has too many prims and the parcel cannot support it.
  19. As was already mentioned, the New Citizen Center has such a map of the layout of the "world". But if your plan is to create a master list of everything to see and do, you are doomed from the start. Stuff opens and closes with such frequency that you'll never be able to keep up with the changes. And any static book or map you create will be worthless in less then 6 months. As an example, take the book "Second Life: the Official Guide", published only 3 years ago. Almost all the sites mentioned in the book are long gone already, and the book is useless except as a primer for v1 viewers. I keep my book mainly because one day, whatever second life grows up to become, I'll have a hard record of what it started out as.
  20. Adult: anyone can do anything anywhere. Here there be dragons, whooping it up in a Roman orgy. Mature: Nudity permitted, but no visual representation of extreme violence or sex. There are exceptions of course, such as what you do in your own home. Principly it exists to force sex-oriented clubs and businesses to the adult regions where one must be verified to enter. PG: Nothing permitted that would squick little Timmy's grandmother.
  21. Sims come and sims go. It's a fact of life. And while yes, LL has a little responsibility in this (principly for failing to pass along price drops in hardware, and for ruining trust in the platform thus driving away paying customers), most of the responsibility falls on the sim owners. If a sim is a playground, than real cash has to go into paying for the playground. If it's semi self supporting then customers have to exist and be willing to pay for their little piece of the bigger pie. the problems as I see it are four-fold. Longstanding customers who have been barely hanging on for a long time are giving up hope on SL returning to a happy fun place that's worth the time and money to visit. Two, as LL is learning the hard way (and we did warn them), the people who were willing to pay money for a VR world were the ones already here. Most of the newcomers haven't exactly been big spenders, buying islands. And three, while LL has improved SL somewhat recently, it and trust still have a very long way to go. And without trust in the lab and in LL, there isn't enough money flowing in SL to support these nifty things. If the price of the sims were lowered, they could survive the lower cash flow situation. And anyone saying the lab cannot, I ask you to show me any computer servers or routers which get MORE expensive rather than less over time. And fourth, yes, there's a worldwide reccession -- it was in all the fashionable papers... SL has always been a moderately expensive escape. In the past, when it was novel, money flowed fairly freely. But with the poor economy and the poor trust in the providers, the money just isn't flowing anymore. And those holding on waiting for better days are having to give it up, at least temporarily. If LL wants more land sales and more customers, as well as keeping the ones they have, they need to look at the prices of their products. A 10% cut in the tier would be about right. And having a "Come Home" special for a few months where people who abandoned their sims can have them again for nothing more than picking up the new tier again would put those idle servers to work and get them making money once more -- empty planes make no money and neither do idle servers. Of course some of us who have been stabbed in the back by LL won't contenance another land purchase until the lab says that yes, they said we would own the virtual property in SL and we do after all. I personally refuse to do serious business with companies that run like the mafia, changing the contracts anytime they see fit. I am hoping that lawsuit in the courts today firmly smacks LL's hand and they realize that they DO have to provide what they advertised, virtual or not. Things are improving. But they are not yet good enough. And only more about face by LL is going to bring more customers in and drive profits higher by making less per person but making up for it in volume. The past 3 years have been ruinous (and again, we warned the lab). I think Rod is honestly trying to get the ship off the rocks. But it'll be hard to convince those who have and are abandoning ship to jump back on board once more.
  22. A simpler solution is to simply have the MESSAGE say which store it is, and you just use your own Landmarks in your own inventory to go there. Also make sure the units do not message you while you are offline. While I've built devices which give a unique LM (that you drop into the item) when the greeter goes off, I do not sell them nor do I recommend their usage. They fail to meet my criteria for usefullness. Here's why. You are logged out to sleep and 25 people step across 25 greeters. What will be awaiting you when you log in again? Not to mention this barrage of LMs and Messages will cap your offline IMs and keep you from getting real messages.
  23. Many things can cause packets to fail to arrive at the SL servers. You could have a firewall in your computer that is blocking communciations with the server. You could have the same thing in the router, say, in a business environment. You could have automatic DNS in the router but the cable people have lousy tables ( a common issue.) Anything that can prevent a packet from going out can be the culprit. Consider adding a few static entries to the router's DNS tables so you aren't stuck with what the cable company "permits" you to see. http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/ has a couple of DNS lookup servers that are fast, free, and very usuable. Just add them to the Static DNS in your router configuration, then turn your computer on. Chances are this alone will get you back up and running.
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