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  1. The most likely issue is that your lllisten() is not being set to the owner in ONREZ rather than State_start. When the item is rezzed, the state_start for that state will not run again. But the OnRez event within that state will occur, so you should set the llListen within OnRez to ensure the listen is for the correct owner. Alternatively, the owner can Reset all the scripts in the item and then state_start will execute, limiting the listen to her rather than you.
  2. In SL as on other Internet venues, people who announce they are quitting rarely ever do. The people who do quit are those who just use it less and less, and then finally one day, they never log in anymore. Sometimes they'll tell their friends where they are going or what is going on. But most times, we just wander away and start doing something else.
  3. Select the people you want to start IMing, right click and select Start IM. That group of people should be in the IM window.
  4. We call it being Ruthed. Try simply changing to another avatar (skin, clothing) and then switch back. To my understanding it's caused by cache thinking it has a full copy of the texture of your skin, but actually only having a partial one or nothing at all. So changing to a different skin makes you get a different texture, forcing a download from Asset. Then you can change back. If this doesn't work, clear your cache by following this: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clearing_the_cache Then close your viewer and restart it to clear the cache, including the troublesome partial download.
  5. Indeed, there are many of us that do that. And several approachs to accomplish it, depending on whether or not your menus are static (like sitting position in a hot tub) or dynamic (radio stations). The simple solution when you know your menu structure and know it won't change is to have a list of the menus with a different suffix. Like: integer menuSelect = 0; list menu0 = ["1", "2", "3"]; list menu1 = ["a", "b", "c"]; list menu2 = ["d", "e", "f"]; list menu3 = ["g", "h, "i"]; When touched, the menuselect is set to 0 and you llDialog the menu0. Select 1, and you then llDialog the menu1. Etc etc. for dynamic menus, you generate a temporary list of the data you need upon reciept of command for that menu. Then you insert list items for Next and Prev into it. Pressing Next increases a counter by 10 and remakes the list starting at that counter, again adding the Prev and Next items. Prev decrements by 10 and repopulates the list going out to the llDialog. This is more complex but if you make a subroutine MakeList(menunum, startfrom) that returns the list to throw out to llDialog, it's quite compact.
  6. Select house. In edit tool, choose Select Face and then touch the face you want to change. In edit tool, go to Texture. Drag and drop the texture you want on that unique face into the Texture window. Tis easy
  7. Grrr. Hit reply too early. No, I do not know of any method to change the colors of the arrows. However, I have seen how one color blind gent worked around his problem. He had his own private building area on his land with the meter scale grid on the ground, and large 10x10m panels on 5 sides with huge black and white +X, -X, +Y, -Y and +Z on them. So he knew just by glancing at his walls which way he as adjusting things.
  8. X is the red arrow and goes positive from South to north. Looking at a map, it's up and down. Y is the Green arrow and goes positive from West to East. Looking at a map, it's left and right. Z is the Blue arrow and goes positive from down to up. Looking at a map, it's coming off the map right at you.
  9. And no, prepaid cards or bank slips are not accepted at the moment.
  10. It would probably work the same way as when you buy anything else from the foreign country. The price is converted first to your currency, and that is paid for with the credit card, plus a foreign conversion fee.
  11. I have run 96Kbps streams to land when I had a puny server -- it worked fine. The problem may be that Winamp will play music that is in AAC or MP3 just fine, whereas SL cannot play AAC. There are more and more Shoutcast streams in AAC every day, so it's possible that the stream which you are trying to set the land to is simply not an MP3 stream like you think it is. Try a different stream at 128Kbps Mp3 and see if it works, then reexamine what is different about the desired stream.
  12. Ugh. Yes, it will barely run SL. No, you will not like the experience. Second Life requires a) 2Gb of ram, b) sheer clockspeed on a single or dual core processor, c) a good GPU. While your computer is sufficient in most categories, you will find that running at 1Ghz (and I didn't know anyone made 1Ghz computers anymore) is going to give you single digit framerates even with all the settings dialed way down. Also, SL doesn't take good advantage of multicores yet, so having 8 core monsters does no more good than running a 2 core (unless you make content at the same time you play SL).
  13. Considering how you can build all the way to 4Km up, just move the skybox to a different altitude. If others follow, then you should consider a) asking them why they have to follow you and b) look into moving.
  14. Your XBox??? Do you mean your Magic Box? go to Marketplace.secondlife.com and log in. Then click on My Marketplace (upper right of the window) and then Merchant home. There you can find the status of your magic box and verify it's working. If all is good, go to Manage Inventory and see that your stuff is a) available and b) displayed. One of the most common errors of newcomers to selling with the boxes is to leave their stuff in it set NoCopy. Then when the box sells that item, poof, it's gone from the magic box because it's no copy. Be sure to check your properties for the merchandise - if you want stuff sold nocopy, set the Next Owner properties to be Nocopy.
  15. Animations are in the form of BVH files. A number of programs like AVImotion (free) and such permit keyframing joint angles and entering them with lines on a screen, just as computer animation is done. If you have a Kinect and some money to spend, ipisoft has a clever hack using the kinect as a 3D imager and exports BVH files. http://www.ipisoft.com/products.php
  16. Pocket Metaverse allows you to Chat, IM and Pay people L. It does not render the scene around you, and you don't see anything or anybody. But if you need to quickly message somebody or quickly reach someone inworld, it's a fine solution. As a regular viewer? Nope, you'll still need a real computer with a real GPU.
  17. Age verification and Payment Info on File are two totally different things. Age Verification is to allow you access to Adult materials in the marketplace and Adult areas in Second Life.
  18. Simple answer: NO there is no viewer for Blackberry. There are programs like Pocket Metaverse and Sparkle which will run on iPhone and Android. They are very limited and mostly used just for messages and payments -- no 3d graphics of the world around you. I do not believe these exist for Blackberry however.
  19. You have to be in Advanced mode for this. Change to Advanced and you can do lots more than in Basic. In your sidebar, you'll see a tab that's shaped like a suitcase. This is your Inventory. When someone (or something) gives you something, it goes there. Since you are new there won't be much in there. Look for the name of the item you got - - it should be in a box. On land that you can put things on (sandbox or your home) rez the avatar (skin I assume) on the ground. A cube will appear. Your new skin is inside it. Right click the cube and select "Move to inventory". You now have that skin in your inventory, probably in a directory with the skin's name on it. Look in inventory and find the skin you now own. To wear it, just drag it out from inventory and onto yourself with the left mouse button. Tada, you are wearing the skin.
  20. SL is slowly dying for a number of reasons. People are abandoning islands and throwing them away because nobody wants to spend 4 figures for a videogame anymore -- particularly when they don't get to own it. People are walking because previous administration ran SL like a penal colony instead of a recreational entertainment system. The current bad reliability pales compared to what we used to experience daily, but new users may not know about that. But as landowners leave, there are fewer people willing to buy the land from them - so SL shrinks. SL is an optional entertainment system. People can quit it at any time. The only reason they don't is because they have fun in SL (in spite of LL's best efforts) and they have communities of friends here. As the fun dissipates and the communities whither away, there is less and less reason for people to remain. Over a year ago, concurrency was over 58000 all the time. Today it is 50000 and threatening to sink into the 40s.
  21. Another idea I'd like to venture -- perhaps your sim is the victim of a griefer attack? There are griefer things like Prism which troublemakers like to rez in places like sandboxes. They normally place them up around 75m, and they are transparent so nobody sees them. They rotate like mad though, and anyone with a LL viewer that's in range of it will be spending time computing all the angles and fetching graphics (which change 20 times a second or something like that. ) If this junk is in drawing range, your viewer lags like you won't believe. Dial the draw distance down to where you no longer render it, the lag vanishes. Use your estate tools and see if you have junk littering the sim by people you don't know. The only reason I know about this trick is that it was used on my home sim about 2 years ago. I would lag like heck because my draw distance was 196; everyone else around me had no problems.
  22. You seem to be asking a) when Mesh will be supported and b) how this will affect skin creators and c) how to make them. There are several programs that make Collada format meshes. Maya, Google Sketchup, and Blender come to mind. Sketchup and Blender are free programs. Mesh will be inworld probably within 3 months. If you make skins, it shouldn't pertain to you. If you make avatars that aren't human shaped then learning Mesh will enable you to create ornate faces and detailed designs.
  23. Your graphics card is a bit slow by today's standards, but it will work at modest framerates and qualities. Your biggest limitation is the Pentium D, but there's not a lot you can do to update that except replace the motherboard and CPU or find one of the remain Presler cpus (Pentium D 960). But the benefit would be small for the amount of work the upgrade would entail. Yes, it'll work. No, it won't be a stellar experience. Start saving your money for an i7 and an Nvidia GPU a year from now and you'll have that stellar experience to look forward to. But for now, turn off the water reflections and set your quality settings to 1/3 or less. That should give you a reasonable framerate to play with.
  24. The point is to have a good time. To make friends if you want, or hide on your private parcel and decorate the house if you don't. To build stuff if you feel like it. Even sell stuff you make if you can get good enough at it. You could just as easily ask what the point of the internet itself is. Me, I build in SL - my own crazy stuff that I share with friends. I also socialize with folks in SL as it allows me to go all over the metaverse while still sitting at my desk. It takes limitations of time and space and tosses them in the trash - they don't matter in SL. You can make friends by joining a group that's active in what you are into. A builders group perhaps. Or rent some parcels and hang out with the rest of the rental group at dances or what not. There are parties, dances, live music, tail sales, new release parties, and charity functions all over the place. It's not hard to meet people. Finding that magic connection though, that's a very individual thing.
  25. Don't forget to move the prim up 100m before you drop the sitter
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