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  1. Except for a very few people, no. To do what you desire, you need the source of material (say cable box), Video capture device, a computer running Darwin, AND a relay server running Darwin on a colo computer with 100Mbps to the backbone. Very few people have the skill or the gear or the cash to do that. And even then you have no control over your cable box, unless you also send commands to a realworld device which changes the channels upon command via the internet (an HTTP call with ?chan=xxx at the end). If you are looking for something like a slingbox for SL, they don't exist and the MOV-only requirement for streaming video limits what you can do.
  2. @Ciaran: The heart of the Open Space mess was not that people bought the product. The heart of the failure was that a) they did not test the new 4-sims-per-core design adequately and it turned out that current design maxes out at 3 sims per core. b) LL told people repeatedly that they could own homes in those, then changed their minds after the fact. c) Rather than admit their design and management failure with the new product, they blamed customers for violating unwritten rules and doing things they were pointedly told they were permitted to do, aka having homes. d) They then jacked the prices so that three homesteads running on one core cost more than a full island sim also running on one core. Had LL admitted it erred in thinking they could shoehorn 4 sims into one core and would need to raise the price so that there would be 3 per core, there would have been grumbling, but generally people would have accepted and paid the extra. But being told that it was OUR fault, that the price would go up much more than a full sim for the same hardware used, and that we'd have limits of how many people could be on the land, and that we could either bend over and accept the bait-and-switch or quit... that was too much for most people. Mistakes happen, most people understand. But mistakes followed by baseless accusations and greedy (probably illegal) bait and switch swaps of what people bought was the straw that broke the prim-camel's back and began the decline of SL. When nobody trusts your company to deliver the product paid for, your company will have great trouble convincing anyone to buy from you.
  3. @Mayson: The forced march to the Adult Ghetto took place simultaneously as the integration of Xstreetsl.com into Second Life. Xstreet was formerly a private enterprise called Second Life Exchange where a server talked with "Magic Boxes" via the llEmail command, and a person could search for anything placed in these boxes, buy them, and get them in under a minute. LL had to purchase ALL the webbased systems not because their own systems sucked so badly, but because that was necessary to implement the new adult restrictions and the new Identification requirements. If they forced the sex-part stores to Zindra, but the webbased stores still let little Johnny Rottenkid buy a P3nis without even being logged in, the whole facist control measure wouldn't have worked. So to tie up a loose end in M's Ghetto march of the freaks and oddballs to their ghetto, LL had to buy the webbased store system whole hog. And just killing it would have seen the rise of another within a month, so they had to give the customer what they wanted (for a change)
  4. @Ralph: Well, I agree with you about Atlas -- giving a handful of land barons preferencial pricing, although legal, is pretty lame. If they gave the same pricing to the rest of the grid, they'd have people adding sims left and right, and the money would flow in like water. I don't know why this is so hard for the LL to figure out. But as for the people just wanting a place to socialize and buying a sim on a whim, sorry, but I don't agree. Buying a sim is a serious step and people need to think of it as such. Anybody not willing to turn their sim into their dream or their idea of utopia will likewise not care about it when they get bored and want to ditch it so they can go back to playing Rift or whatever. We need people to build inventive, neat, fun stuff and hang around. Rezzing cookie cutter homes and leaving after 2 months? That's what happens in Mainland already, and it is not a pretty sight. In fact, it's one thing that drove my entire group to getting an island chain, even if we have only 1/2 the islands now that we used to have.
  5. @Marielle: Both have a place. Both are necessary. Sometimes I don't have time to take hours wandering stores -- I need that sculpty prim and I need it immediately. Getting in marketplace gives it to me. Sometimes I'm relaxing and exploring -- I need stores to wander and trip on something I didn't know existed. It's not one or the other. If you have only one but not the other, SL is diminished. And SL eliminating their webstore would just see another nonLinden webstore rise in its place. After all, the lindens simply bought out the SLexchange that was becoming wildly popular and forced it into the world, becoming Xstreetsl and then finally, Marketplace. If SL were to can the marketplace tomorrow, within a week there would be yet another sales website in existance by another resident. Why? Because unlike SL search, a website for finding $item specifically set for sale works and works very well. But it isn't as much fun as window shopping, I agree. So make it so you have to have land in SL to have space in the webstore, and everyone is happy; everybody wins.
  6. @Ralph: While I won't contest lowering the prices will improve land sales, I fail to understand the rest of your argument. You can already sell entire sims and everything upon it to whoever wants to pay for it. We've been buying and selling (and advertising) land sales -- mainland and estate -- for years. As an aside, there is provably zero demand for a ready made, turnkey island sim. People buying such expect it to look like they want and to illuminate their dreams, not someone else's. During project Enterprise (late 2009 to mid 2010) SL had pay-and-go island sims available which came with housing, meeting areas, exploration areas, ready to go with the press of a button. To my knowledge, not a single one of those turnkey estates were ever sold or rezzed. People buy islands to create their own vision, be it made by the owner or by hired builders who bring the owner's vision to life for them.
  7. @Darkie: That page no longer goes anywhere. @Leth762: The common problems are cache related. The most uncommon problem, well, I'll get into that in a minute. Take a look at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_do_I_fully_uninstall_and_reinstall_Second_Life%3F and try deleting all the caches and folders in the computer having anything at all to do with SL, and Reinstall it. (Assuming you are running the SL viewer -- other third party viewers may be in different folders.) This fixes 95% of the problems. However, there IS a small percentage of people who have USB devices which cause DINPUT8.DLL to crash while the VSF indicator is still on the screen. If the wipe did not stop the problem, you may have a USB device plugged in which crashes the direct input portion of DirectX. For example, the PICKIT3 programming device is known to me as a device that when plugged in, utterly prevents any SL viewer from loading or working. There are certain to be others. Unplug your USB devices one at a time until you can launch the viewer again, and you'll have found the fault. (Note: this is a problem with DirectX and poorly written USB devices, not Linden lab fault.)
  8. @Marielle: A simple solution to Marketplace is to limit the number of items in the store to 10 items + (number of m^2 the land which the magic box sits supports divided by 50.) This gives a free start to anyone but ties the inworld store and the web store together. Got a 512m parcel? You can sell 10 + 10 items in marketplace. Got a 4096m^2 1/16 sim store? Your webstore can have 10 + 81 items in it. Have several stores but want one website? Distribute the load across several boxes, one on each spot. (Make sure the website doesn't allow more than one box per sim, too -- no cheating!) Simple and effective, with nothing but change to the marketplace code and requirement to use the NEW magicboxes (which report land size back to the web server for count limits) to make it work. You can even just give people a script to drop in their existing magicboxes which updates the current scripts without the seller having to do a lot of work building new boxes.
  9. If you care to look at Gridsurvey, our concurrency is now dipping down below 50,000 and is touching 48,000. People are leaving or not hanging around as much. And in both cases, the argument for keeping 300$ a month islands gets mighty weak. You sold us ownership of virtual land. We have receipts and years of ads to prove it. That's what we want, just what you promised and sold to us. Give us the ownership we paid for, and leave us the **** alone to enjoy our property however the **** we want to enjoy it (barring RL laws). If you don't want to make land possession "Ownership" but instead a lease, then you are going to have to cut the price by half to get land moving once more. Would you pay the same amount to lease a car that the next guy over is paying to own that car? No, you wouldn't. So why are you expecting us, your customers, to do that? If we own the land, the price can be argued as the investment cost to gain ownership. Without ownership, there IS no argument to be made in defense of the high price. Either you half both purchase and tier prices, or you give us back our legal ownership as sold to us way back when. Nothing else will do. Fail to do either, and the world will continue to shrink and the userbase will continue to shrink with it. And at some threshold, SL will appear to be so abandoned that those left will give up their sims and walk away to do something else. When you sink to that depth, not even free houses and free land will keep people inworld any longer. I'm pleased to see the new CEO understands that we are in SL because here we can be anything we want to be. But I'm not pleased that everyone is repainting the deck of the ship back to its festive colors, all while ignoring the gaping hole in the hull. The ship is sinking and has been for 2 years (Thanks M!!) If Second Life land is owned, give us ownership. If not, price it accordingly as a game rental. Or continue to ignore the fiscal reality that nobody with a lick of sense will pay what you demand for something they won't own and can lose at the merest whim of someone in LL; and keep watching the waterline rise higher and higher until the entire thing is lost forever.
  10. Is that your new character's name? If so, in the login screen, at the bottom, enter "Timer Wild" for the user name and the password you entered when you created your new account name at secondlife.com I do not see any sim named "Timber Wild" so I don't think you are asking how to go there.
  11. SL will work on a 64 bit Vista or 7 machine just fine. I run it routinely on my x64Win7Pro with 6Gig of ram, and never have so much as a lick of trouble with it. I can't say much about Vista, cept I detest it. But I know that the SLviewer2 works perfectly on my x32XPpro, the x64Win7pro, AND the x32Win7Home machines. I've seen people with your problem before though, and their issue was with their firewalls or with their DNS settings. (apparently most cable companies have really bad DNS servers which are poorly suited to gaming and accessing game servers.) I use google DNS in my router and I don't have any issues at all accessing SL. http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/
  12. @Nyll What I understood their official policy to be is "Yes, but be sure you don't go anywhere where sexual activity may occur." Which was immediately followed by comments of "And since sexual activity is assumed to take place anywhere in Adult, it is your risk to take if you want to do so." Mayhaps I am mishearing, but at the very least it is clear that while the official party line is "AOkay", there WILL be some Lindens and some busybodies who are going to take a "No Child Avatars in Adult" line whether it's company policy or not. And attempting to get UNbanned after such a thing is going to be difficult, even if you "officially" did absolutely nothing wrong. There are the rules and then there is application of rules. And the application in SL has always been and will always be spotty, owing as so many Judgement calls depend upon the personal attitudes of either the Linden making them, or the person reporting on them. So in this case it would be wise to err on the side of caution and simply not get into the situation where you are so close to the cliff's edge that you may slip on a rock and fall to your doom, or you may not. My personal opinion on avatars has not changed -- they aren't real and real world laws don't apply to a video game. And call it a platform if you like, SL still has videogame characters doing videogame actions in a videogame world that's no more real than what you see in Grand Theft Auto. And if child avatars doing something visually repugnant warrants real world authority notification, then so too should all of you who bang your naughties together with vampires be visited by the authorities for committing Necrophilia. Oh, that's silly, you say? You are absolutely right! Charging someone with a real crime for what takes place in a videogame world IS silly, regardless of what silly avatar does what. And while I understand LL's wanting to stay off the law's radar, do not these same busybody countries also have the same distaste for necrophilia? Are vampires soon to be forbidden to have sex because the Germans don't cotton to sex with the dead? Or should I also be able to call the police when someone hacks my WOW account and steals my battle ostrich? (let's see who watches Big Bang Theory)
  13. I recall that being asked before. As I recall the answer from the lab was No, Heck No, and Not in a Million Years. From a gaming standpoint, WHY if you are RPing an innocent young waif, would you need to be in an area where quite non-innocent things are present? If you want to play a child, play in child-friendly and child-safe areas. If you want to be in an adult sim, put on an adult avatar. Even apart from the rules is the matter of good RPing. And a child avatar in an area where sexual activity is permitted and expected is not playing a child very well.
  14. Okay, I'll narrow that down some then. An RP sim needs a) an entry way that's NOT RP so that people who aren't RPing can still arrive safely and learn what the rules are and what that RP is all about. You need your place to be friendly to both non-players and future players if you expect to grow. You then need at least 1/2 of the sim to be RP only areas, and built with the proper setting and appearance. It's a lot of work to build a nice set, but that's required for an RP area. The remainder can be stores selling the stuff you need for the RP and in a non-RP area, so newbs can buy what they need to join in the fun. Having a "tavern" area where RPing is offlimits for relaxing and chitchatting with folks is a good idea also. However, if this is team play, you need seperate areas for each team to relax in without worry about exposing data to the other teams. It is also best to create these on islands instead of Mainland. It is difficult to block off a mainland sim so that only RPing people are inside. Now, that's the easy part. PAYING for a private island when only sales of the RPing gear is a challenge... If you are a builder, then requiring all the RP take place with your creations may make the sim self sustaining. But that takes considerable talent and scripting skill. Charging for access to the sim is another possibility, though I don't know any group that gets by with such an approach.
  15. Only chocolate flavoured? No real chocolate? Man, I feel gyped. (noms anyway)
  16. Check at the foot of the virtual bed.
  17. You can only set the media on land either you own, or are a member of the correct group on group owned land. If it's not your land to control you won't be able to set the media to anything, looping or otherwise. Some people want a list of people to be able to control the radio or media settings. There are control boxes (like many of the DVD players on the market) that allow the owner of the land to permit those on a list to control the media on that land.
  18. If it WERE possible to prevent people from stealing textures or prim layouts, I would agree with you. But even my best experimentals don't protect 100% of the time. As the code which viewers are made out of is open source, anyone can add a few lines to capture all the prim data and texture data to the hard drive with their own homebrew viewer. And even if you had bulletproof encryption (something even the Govt. after spending billions cannot accomplish) the easily found GLIinterception programs catch the textures going to the video cards. Banning people who get caught using such scumware is likewise a failure, since generating a new IP address is child's play. So really, the redzone was easily defeated, and IP numbers are not and never have been a reliable way of identifying people. What should be done is creating an IPLinden who checks stuff upon reporting, and whoever made X first is the winner. LL should then ban the losers by their credit card or other financial data. A thief can create as many alts as they wish. But if those get banned whenever the credit card number gets added to the account, the thief has no way to get the money out anymore. No money, almost no theft. Take the financial gain out of stealing in SL and you reduce it drastically. And while it's possible to get new credit cards with a phone call, most banks won't allow you to do that more than 3 times a year -- it costs them money when they have to issue new cards. At the fourth time you call to get a new card, they cancel you. While this requires an employee evaluate each complaint, it is the only real solution to the mess, as no tech solution is possible when the prims and the texture data get sent to people for the rendering to occur.
  19. What WE want is the same thing everybody else in SL wants and deserves -- LL sells us a product, and leaves us the h*** alone to enjoy our product. Just deliver what was sold to us; if you didn't want us to own said virtual land, you shouldn't have advertised that we would own the virtual land. That LL keeps wanting to change the rules about what we can and can't do on our land and breaks numerous US laws while keeping prices so high that nobody will buy land anymore, makes me loathe to pay them anything anymore. What we want is what LL sold to us. Nothing more. Nothing less. If they can't do that, then its nobody's fault but their own that no new user in their right mind will pay the bucks they want for what little they offer.
  20. There is always the scorched earth approach, where you uninstall SL, then delete: (XP) - C: \ Documents and Settings \ (USER NAME) - Application Data \ SecondLife AND C: \ Documents and Settings \ (USER NAME) \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Second Life (Vista) - C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData \ Roaming \ SecondLife AND C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ ApplData \ Local \ Secondlife (Win 7) - C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData - Roaming \ SecondLife AND C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ AppData \ Local \ Secondlife (LIstings lovingly provided by LoveAngel) Once these are gone, your preferences and your caches will be no more. You can then install SL from scratch, and everything will get recreated once more. While it's a bit of work, it guarantees that no old glitch can remain and foul up a new install.
  21. Rolig -- yes, but he's still searchable. Some of us didn't enter SL so total strangers could look us up and ask personal questions/hit us up for a quickie/demand free building lessons/beg for gold plz... A great many of us want to have fun, hang out with our friends, and explore Second Life without worrying about who can see what in our profiles. If we wanted to worry about what stalkers could see, we'd be playing in Facebook, not SL.
  22. As I stated in the other thread, sheer power is not something you will find in laptops. Speed means heat and power consumption, both very bad things in a laptop. And while the machine you pointed out from Acer would run SL, you'll have buyer's remorse in under a day. I personally find desktops to be cheaper, faster, and give better graphics than a laptop because it is not limited by either heat or power consumption. If you are going to spend some coin, buy a machine that works very well for today and can be expected to work well enough 4 years from now. Buying a computer that is already underpowered for the task will make you curse it everytime you make a payment. Better to spend a little more and get a good experience than to spend less and get a rock of a computer that doesn't do what you want.
  23. the i3 processor is not really suited for SL. You need an i5 or better running at 3Ghz or faster for good performance. And while the latest viewers can take advantage of two cores for speedup, half of the quad core won't be used for anything. Ram at 4G makes me think this is running a 32 bit version of windows, meaning you cannot expand that memory if that's the case. If it's not 64bit OS, look elsewhere. The graphics card is borderline. Yes it will work. No you won't get all the bells and whistles. Synopsis: you will have buyer's remorse in under a day. Keep searching, and consider limiting your search to units which have Nvidia graphics cards in them. My experience with ATI in SL has been so excrementally bad that I've sworn them off entirely. You want a CPU that's at least an i5 at 3Ghz or better, 4G or more ram with expansion possible, a 64bit OS, and a GT260m or better GPU. I personally find desktops to be cheaper, easier to upgrade, and faster than laptops. SL needs sheer computing power, which means heat and battery consumption.
  24. It is most likely not positioned correctly on your avatar; you'll have to select it and move it to where your belly button is. This is a common issue with prim clothing or jewelry. A good way to select is to go someplace where you have nothing built, take off all your other attachments, then left click and drag a selection square over your avatar. The arrows for positioning will appear and you can move the attachment where it needs to be.
  25. double check that you caps lock isn't on. Bobspassword and BOBSPASSWORD are not the same thing.
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