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  1. Janelle Darkstone wrote: If a social world is so in need of having processor-killing trees, why not just turn your computer off and go outside? There's REAL trees outside you know? I've SEEN them! (Who me? Noooooooo. I'm not *that* Suella Ember. I'm a totally different one. Don't know what you're talking about!) :smileytongue:
  2. Dillon Levenque wrote: I have only been a Stokie for a couple of years or so. There was a frequent forum poster who was a rabid Stoke City fan and I kind of became a supporter on her behalf. Nevertheless, the Potters are my club and they'll remain so. One should never be fickle about such things. They are the oldest Premier League club, after all. Plus it means I get to sing 'Delilah' really loud. Well, didn't I pick a good day to make my random bi-annual appearance! I never knew I'd converted you Dillon. You must have just started converting to the Mighty Rip Roaring Potters as I was deciding to slip away quietly from SL. How long *has* that been anyway? Nearly 2 years, I think (apart from me sticking my nose in every 6 months or so to be a sarcastic little shi .... oh wait ... it's been a long time ... there's swear filters here right?! ) Anyway, it maks me all warm and fuzzy inside to know I've converted you It's also great to hear that you're not a glory hunter (or 'front runner' as you say). Was I really 'rabid' about Stoke though? Not as rabid as I was about cheese (and Tory bashing) surely?! As Phil says, we're kind of battling to stay in the Prem this season, though I'm 90% certain our win against QPR last week will be *just* enough for us to stay up on goal difference. I certainly don't want to rely on that though and at least a point tomorrow will make me breathe more easily (a win and I'd be prepared to say we are *definitely* safe). Our awful run of form since Boxing Day (when we beat Liverpool - ner, ner to you Phil ) has indeed been troubling. It's also caused a certain section of our fans to cry loudly for the manager to resign and there's lots of drama at the moment about whether he will or won't stay next season. I won't get into that too much though other than to say that those 'supporters' remind me somewhat of a section of SL users who like to cry loudly for Lindens to resign when they do something bad paying not the sligtest attention to what they may have done that is good. Don't get me wrong. They may indeed deserve criticism for the bad, but not to the complete ignorance of the good. Oh, and not only are we the oldest club currently in the Premiership, we always will be unless Notts County were to join us as we're the second oldest professional football club in the world after them (It's our 150th anniversary this year, in fact!) You'd probably get some people debating this whole 'oldest football club' thing mind you - it depends on your definition of 'professional football club' to some extent! Anyway, before I waffle on forever i'll bid you adieu and say that I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as I watch Stoke (hopefully!) beat Norwich Maybe I'll pop my head in here again soon. Or maybe not. No promises. I like to be all mysterious like that. Plus I'm remarkably busy in RL right now. I've even stopped Twittering (shock, horror!) :heart: "City, City Tell the lads in red and white, everything will be alright City, City You're the pride of all of us today We'll be with you, be with you, be with you Every step along the way We'll be with you, be with you, be with you By your side we'll always stay..."
  3. Perrie Juran wrote: Darren Scorpio wrote: Politics threads might bring Suella back. Feminist threads might bring Scyllia back (sorry forgot what her name was). Well, this is the best way I know to tempt Suella. You might attract Scyllia with an anti-bdsm rant. I do miss Carole and her advise columns. That cheese should have matured enough by now. Half for me to eat. Half to throw in David Cameron's smug face. Thanks! Would love to stop and chat, but I'm busy preparing to ruin another Tory's day in a particularly tight local election (No, I'm not back - I just find it mildly amusing to pop back to be a sarcastic little so-and-so ever 6 months or so )
  4. Thanks, Venus, for thinking of me. I can assure you I am alive and well (enough!) If you are wondering what has caused my absence from SL, I give you two options to choose from: Option 1 ZOMG! The sky was falling! LL are evil corporate scumbags who runied my life for eva and eva! (Although I should be thankful to my spys at LL who informed me of this very thread. They have special software running on the servers for me that sends them an alert whenever my name is mentioned. I am able to receive this special treatment due to the fact that I have slept my way though most of the Lab staff.) Anyway, the point is. ZOMG! THE SKY WAS FALLING AND LL ARE EVIL! That coupled with the fact that I had a huge row with my master who just didn't respect me enough. He just wanted to put his prim part in me all the time and didn't have any respect for my needs for extreme bondage. My anger was only enhanced by the fact that LL insisted on keeping the (ZOMG!) Viewer 2 interface. Plus all third-party viewers are run by evil hakorz whose sole intention is to infliltrate our minds turing us into their minions without us even knowing it. On top of ALLLLLL that is the Marketplace debacle. FFS! LL and their 'direct delivery'. What the heck were they thinking, making a delivery process that does away with the whole, messy, unnecessary boxing thing that makes life so much easier for shoppers. Insane I tell you! INSANE! The kids too. They let the kids into SL. WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Oh yeah. And the Furries. Pure evil. RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Option 2 I just kinda got a bit bored with SL and decided to slope off quietely into the night rather than make a big fuss. Though I am now making a nuisance of myself on Twitter (ZOMG! I said the T word!) ranting about politics like a Commie leftie. Whichever option is the truth just remeber this: Cheese will solve all your worries.
  5. Stictly speaking, my signature highlights Aneurin Bevan's prejudices, but yeah, I hate people who hate just like he did. It's a pervesely twisted irony that also implies I hate myself. I'm a complicated individual who would never dream of claiming to be perfect. Congratulations on finding a small blog that hasn't been updated since Feb 2010 and a Facebook page with 203 likes. I take it back. Ron Paul is a huge inspiration in the UK. Anyway. Back to joining my 145,000 and growing comrades defending our free health care and fighting our own Conservative attempts to privatise it as they persue their campaign to demonize the poor and dislabled I go. I'd love to stay and 'debate' but it's so bad over here I must dedicate my time to fighting what even the most right-wing paper in the UK are comparing to Nazis! (Blimey! Even conservatives will be abandoning Conservatives next!)
  6. Ciaran Laval wrote: Yohan Roux wrote: I agree with both of you, in the UK Ron Paul is an inspiration, we are becoming more vocal now and calling for someone like him here. Behave! Ron Paul is not an inspiration in the UK. I'll come out of hiding just to second that! Why the heck would we be calling for someone like him here? Quite the opposite. We are calling for our own psycho, prejudiced idiots who love their rhetoric to be removed! Ron Paul is clever. I'll give him that. He fools people into thinking he is 'for the people' with his fight against corrution, lobbying etc. A worthy fight, absolutely, and it's the type of fight that is needed in global politics. Ron Paul certainly isn't the man to lead that fight though. He's still a massively prejudiced typical conservative though who doesn't care for equality on the grounds of race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation one iota. He set America (and the world) back decades in terms of isolation and localised and legalised prejudices. Don't be fooled by Ron Pauls rhetoric. Do your reseach. Once you wade through all the Ron Paul happy-clapping, you'll soon realise what this man actually stands for. Anyway - enjoy the debate. I'm off to shout at a few more Tory scum!
  7. Because I'm a total freaking rock star from Mars. #epicwinning
  8. HRH Andrew wrote: To get to your inventory easily, you need to know the shortcut. It's just terribly laid out... I've a funny feeling there will be more bugs discovered along the way. Que? You can drag an inventory button to either a side icon or a labelled button at the bottom (along with a whole host of other things). It's a real step in the right direction - the ability to have icons and buttons for a variety of things and for the user to choose what they want. If you wanted you could have it pretty close to a V1 look with labelled buttons along the botton, or a V2 look with icons along the side. It's what people have been asking for - a viewer that can be configured how a user wants it to look. It's not perfect yet, but it's a massive step in the right direction. I'm loving the fact that we have extra button / icon choices too such as 'About Land' and 'Preferences'.
  9. He got the name wrong anyway. I'm off to start 'A Nice Cup of Cha and Pseudo-Socialism with a Capitalist Edge'
  10. I read that NYT article the other day and my first thought was that they should probably go back to school and learn their tenses They say Philip spoke of SL in the past tense but he didn't at all. He spoke in the present tense. 'It is too involved' not 'it was too involved'. 'it's hard to get people to engage' not 'it was hard to get people to engage' 'they love it' not 'they loved it' 'have to be highly motivated' not 'had to be highly motivated'. I am, of course, beinga bit of a grammar Nazi. It did amuse me slightly how we saw some typical lazy journalism though! However, while he didn't talk in the past tense grammatically speaking, it is pretty clear from his words that he's moved on from SL and is putting all his energy into Coffee and Power. It doesn't mean the end of SL though. As others have said, it's chalk and cheese (mmmm ... cheese!) Coffee and Power won't replace SL because they are two totally separate businesses. Coffee and Power itself is no threat to SL and, while he does still sit on the board, Philip hasn't really had any involvement in SL for ages now. I think basically what Philip is acknowledging is that his vision for SL has reached it's peak. Philip was always very visionary and idealistic and saw SL as a huge collabrative tool that he wanted everybody and their dog to use. I think he's realised that's not likely to happen. SL will always have its core of dedicated users. It's possible that Rod's efforts to bring gamers in will add more users. SL will never be a tool to match, say, Facebook that will be used by many millions though (in my opinion anyway). That doesn't have to be a bad thing though. LL are a profit making company and can remain a profit making company. I just think they have to recognise that SL is never going to be as hugely adopted as they want it to be. Although i'd be more than happy to be proved wrong and for it to become as popular as something like Facebook. Well, i say that but I'd have my worries about massive adoption too - LL have enough trouble keeping everyone happy as it is with all our varied opinions about how we think SL should work, so goodness knows how they'd cope with even more opinions!
  11. Perhaps a little crazy ... but only for thinking you might actually be crazy! If more people were interested in and respected other cultures, the world would be a lot less of a crazy place!
  12. I don't have a direct answer to 'who is Linden Lab?' but you may be interested in this brief discussion I just had with a generic Linden on Twitter (possibly Pete Linden as he often uses that I believe, but I don't know for certain) SuellaEmber Suella Ember @secondlife Have to ask - What's with vamp obsession? Have nothing against you promoting vamps per se, but its looking a bit prejudiced TBH! SuellaEmber Suella Ember @secondlife It looks like you are promoting vamps and ignoring all the other communities in SL, even if that's not the intention. SecondLife Second Life Official @SuellaEmber Definitely not the intent to ignore others, it was just a topic of focused forum activity for a bit SuellaEmber Suella Ember @SecondLife Thanks I just think creating vamp forum may come back to bite you if you'll excuse the pun .... SuellaEmber Suella Ember @SecondLife Could it not have been covered under, say, existing 'Lifestyle and Relationships' forum? .... SuellaEmber Suella Ember @SecondLife if you do, say, breedables discussion next, will that have its own forum? Just fear could get messy and give wrong impression. SuellaEmber Suella Ember @SecondLife I do think promoting various discussions is great though. Just think care needs to be made to avoid perception of favouritism SecondLife Second Life Official @SuellaEmber I hear ya (& love a good pun) We've focused on other topics in the past, will do others in future too. So much going on in SL! I'll leave you to debate the fact that I got a relatively quick response on Twitter while you haven't got a response here. I'm not even getting involved in that debate! :smileyindifferent:
  13. Venus Petrov wrote: /me puts a plate with a selection of cheeses, veggies, and crackers out for Mr. Lab to tell us who he is /me steals the cheese and manages to mumble something about taking an educated guess that, as Dres says, it's probably a generic account being used by various Lindens and that she could hazzard a guess as to why but wouldn't want to wildy speculate. As for the obsession with vampires by LL at the moment. I do find it somewhat annoying. I don't have anything against vampires or even LL promoting them per se, but the current obsession seems to be verging on arrogant favouritism to the prejudice of other communities. Which I find a disturbing precedent.
  14. I know it's Friday but geez Girl, don't start hitting the booze so early! :smileysurprised: :smileyvery-happy:
  15. Ellyn Elan wrote: Btw, Suella: I love your badge. I have been known to watch it for several rotations. I won't say "substances" are involved but they might be. PS: Cheese is a substance, right? Thanks! Yes, yes cheeese is a substance. Or at least it is the way I use it! (Speaking of my badge - If LL were Tories, i'd so be raging at them! :smileytongue: )
  16. Deej Kasshiki wrote: My question is why do you get so personally offended when people criticize LL's decisions Suella? What do you care if people express opinions that call the Lab out on their demonstrably poor decision making and implementation abilities? What do you care if I call someone "JoHNnysecksiDUDE2011" instead of their display name "Ford Prefect"? Personally offended? I can assure you that's absolutely one thing I don't get. The (English) national institution that is Stephen Fry sums up people who get 'personally offended' nicely over here: http://www.ohmz.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/EX5v4.jpg (I won't post it direct or someone will get ''offended' at the use of the F word in it, so please don't click that link if you get easily 'offended' ) I merely get mildly annoyed and frustrated at certain attitudes I often see displayed and, much to my own chargrin, sometimes allow myself to show that annoyance and frustration as I did earlier. I'm woman enough to admit it though. My first comments in this thread were badly worded born out of that frustration, and I've been happy enough to hold my hands up and try to correct that with my latter post. I don't mind at all if people call out what they personally see as poor decision making or implementation as long as they are prepared to acknowledge counter viewpoints too. I don't particularly care if you call someone "JoHNnysecksiDUDE2011" instead of their display name "Ford Prefect". I just don't personally find such an attitude to my liking. Besides - we could play this "why do you care?" game back and forth forever, but that would achieve nothing would it? Why do you care what I care? See?! Deej Kasshiki wrote: Sorry, but in my time in SL the Lab consistently demonstrated a knack for picking the very worst solution to a problem, even after being warned of the negative consequences by scores of their customers, particularly long-time customers who are very much invested in SL and very much want what's best for SL. I'm one of those people. But, I'm not going out of my way to help the Lab sweep their dumb mistakes under the rug. If enough people get fed up and make a little noise about them, there's at least a possibility they'll be corrected. Scores of their customers would criticse whatever LL did. People have differeing opinions and you'd never get full consensus. That's the paradoxical beauty and frustration of humanity I'm also one of those people too and, while I absolutely don't completely agree with everything LL does believe me, I don't personally think they have 'consistently demonstrated a knack for picking the very worst solution to a problem'. Differing opinions, you see. I don't personally happen to think the names issue is as big a deal as others think and I won't be alone in that thought. Which is why, as I've tried to clearly state, choice is always the best option and I fully support the idea of giving people choice about how they choose or use their name. Although, sadly, choice is not always efficient or cost effective. Deej Kasshiki wrote: If I had much faith in LL's commitment to open dialog, to truly considering customer feedback, to iterate on plans or features in a timely fashion, then I could see your point. However, that hasn't happened through 3 CEOs and 5+ years. Again, I'm afraid my opinion is going to differ. They are far from perfect, but I think they do have a commitment to considering customer feedback. It's just that there will always be those who don't like the outcome and there will always be over-riding business factors that influence their decision making. Such is life. Open dialog also has to come to an end at some point too, once people have shared their opinions as best they can otherwise they risk repeating themselves and going around in circles. So with that said, I'll clarify once again and then leave for risk of repeating myself ad infinitum: I believe in choice when it comes to the whole issue of names, but I recognise that choice may have cost, efficiency and technical implications, and I personally think that attitudes on the issue sometimes muddy the waters unnecessarily. I also know that not everyone will always agree and that sometimes we just have to agree to disagree
  17. Ellyn Elan wrote: Suella Ember wrote: /me dons her 'Devil's Advocate' cap and braces: I've said it before and I'll say it again. I just don't get the argument that the single usernames themselves are responsible for a load of trash, rude, insulting, pointless names. They are not. Unimaginative people are. [edit] To be honest, I'm inclined to agree with Victoria. I think people who are most vocal about it are those who already have a last name. Those who have a single name probably aren't massively bothered and some probably quire like it (as Victoria does). If i'm even more honest, I suspect those with a single name who do have an issue with it have been swayed by someone with a last name calling them a noob or something. Or in other words, as is so often that case with things in SL, the issue is not so much with the process itself, but with the overly-dramatic responses and actions of those stuck in their ways and seemingly finding drama for the sake of it. To your first point, I agree. To the second, quoted above, I do not. I think this is a gross over generalization and I've seen little evidence that would support such a statement. Granted MY experience is purely anecdotal as well, but most of the "Residents" I've spoken with on the topic want a last name. They dislike "Resident" and they dislike not being able to have a space in the "first" name. The name you have in SL is very much an identifier as it is in RL and it also matters to people in SL, not just the "overly dramatic." The last point above was overly dismissive and condescending, imho. You know what? Fair point. I'm going to say it was badly worded and a bit of a generalisation though rather than overly dismissive and condescending. It certainly wasn't deliberately intended to be condescending. I'll hold my hands up and say I didn't make my point very well though, particularly given that, ironically, my point was kind of to argue against attitudes that are dismissive or condescending. Let me try to explain better: As this thread proves, there will undoubtedly be those with single names who like the single name and those with single names who wish they could have a surname. There will also undoubtedly be those with surnames who like and dislike single names. Same goes for attitudes to display names. What grates me is when i see attitudes that make assumptions on the behalf of others or is dismissive of others because of their name or the way they choose to use their name (and yes, I accept that my original statement came across as making assumptions on behalf of others too. My bad.) I get annoyed when I see people saying that they refuse to call someone by their display name, for example and that if they have a silly username they'll just call them by that. I get annoyed when people are vocal about their dislike for single names and \ or display names seemingly just because ... well, just because they don't particularly like them. I get annoyed when I see implications that, if a newbie says to someone "how come I have a single name and you have a surname?", the reply is along the lines of "Because LL created these stupid single names recently when I've been here for ages from when you could use a surname!". For me, the answer should be more along the lines of "Because LL changed the system from having surnames to just choosing a single name. However, you can change your display name ... [and then go on to tell them how to change their display name]" That's the point I'm trying to make. It's about attitudes. Sometimes I feel that attiudes on this subject (and many other subjects in SL) do more to perpetuate a perceived problem that perhaps isn't as much of a problem as those attiudes make it. If that makes sense! People make assumptions about a person based on their name or their choice of how they use their name, be it surname, single name or display name. I wish we could all just accept someone's name choice and, if they want help on how to use their name differently, give them advice, such as how to use display names (the highlighted part being important - if they want help on how to use their name differently, we should give it, but not try to force our personal opinion on how a name should be used upon them). However, what I'm sure we can all agree on is that the ideal would be to give people the choice of either choosing a surname or having a single name at signup, and for LL to clearly explain how names work at signup to help people make an informed choice. That doesn't address the attitudes issue though. That's something that only we ourselves can alter by accepting other people's choices of how they wish to use their name, even if that choice happens to differ from our personal preference.
  18. /me dons her 'Devil's Advocate' cap and braces: I've said it before and I'll say it again. I just don't get the argument that the single usernames themselves are responsible for a load of trash, rude, insulting, pointless names. They are not. Unimaginative people are. Say, John Smith came along and wanted to create an account. He tries to create the single name JohnSmith but it's taken (no surprise really). So he just creates something silly like JohnnyFartPantsSmith. That's not the systems fault though. It's John's fault for being unimaginative when he still had virtually infinate other choices. He could have created something more meanignfuly like TheJohnSmith or JonnySmith or JohnnySmith or JonSmith etc, etc. More to the point, the situation would have been no different with the old provided last names. If Smith were available as a provided last name, John Smith would likely still have already been taken and he would have still likely created JohnnyFartPants Smith. So, to me, using the argument that single names results in more daft names is itself a daft and flawed argument. Returing to provided last names wouldn't solve that problem. The sooner we get rid of all old legacy 1.23 based code the better too because no-one has the surname 'Resident' in truth. That's just a nasty cludge for the sake of 1.23 code (and legacy scripts). To be honest, I'm inclined to agree with Victoria. I think people who are most vocal about it are those who already have a last name. Those who have a single name probably aren't massively bothered and some probably quire like it (as Victoria does). If i'm even more honest, I suspect those with a single name who do have an issue with it have been swayed by someone with a last name calling them a noob or something. Or in other words, as is so often that case with things in SL, the issue is not so much with the process itself, but with the overly-dramatic responses and actions of those stuck in their ways and seemingly finding drama for the sake of it. Having said all of that, in the interests of choice (something which I'll always support as a valid argument - choice) there's no harm in having both a single name and provided last name option at sign up, if it's feasible and cost-effective. This is one of those posts that's going to get me some inworld and PM attacks directed at me isn't it?! :smileysurprised: :smileyvery-happy:
  19. Storm Clarence wrote: What do you smell cheese threads Suella? YES! Storm Clarence wrote: I can't even eat a piece of cheese in RL without looking over my shoulder for some crazy red-headed Brit that may want to steal this from my hungry mouth. You won't see me. I'm too quick. They call me the Ginga Ninja!
  20. Sy Beck wrote: P.S. I believe Suella is still the all England Ladies reigning and undefeated champion, and the only person on record to have caught the cheese before the finishing line. Bunch of bloody amateurs couldn't beat me to the cheese even with a head start! As for Halloween, I have my own unique way of celebrating it:
  21. I would just like to confirm that all is well here in the UK after the clocks went back last night and I am one happy bunny having had an extra hours sleep. However, I will be back on in about 6 hours time to moan about how the clocks going back is the most evil thing in the world when it starts to go dark far too early!
  22. Sy Beck wrote: Prokofvy Neva (just so she picks it up on her searches). I guess we'll soon be welcoming you to the ranks of the 'Prok ranted about me on her blog' club soon then?! OR are you already a member? I haven't seen you at the AGM. :smileywink:
  23. Twilight? Bunch of big girls! I'll take Spike. Or the vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn - now those are vampires!
  24. You wouldn't get a message from a script in your inventory. The only place you can be getting the message from is if the script is still active inworld somewhere or attached to your avatar. I'm going to take a punt that, while you deleted the original swim ball, it has an invisible part still rezzed inworld. Go to where you originally had the poseball and press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keybaord. This will show all tansparent objects highlighted red. Check if there is a ball or something near where the poseball was and, if it's there, delete it. Make sure it is actually the swim ball though. it's possible other objects you have on your land have a transparent part too. ETA: Once done you can press Ctrl+Alt+T again to turn off transparent highlighting.
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