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  1. Problem Solved! Thank you so much. The texture was indeed part of a large prim flanking a door. Not sure how I managed to attach it to myself but I guess there is a first time for everything LOL. I did't even consider a rogue attachment because it remained perfectly still as I moved around and my alt didn't see anything attached to my main. Learned something new - Thanks again!
  2. Greetings, Yesterday in my sim, my avatar experienced either some kind of graphic glitch or malicious attack that has resulted in me not being able to see anything other than a closeup of a wall texture as if it was a screen shot. My avatar is still able to move and teleport around and my UI still functions but the camera controls are useless. I have cleared my cache a couple of times, changed my graphic settings, rebooted my PC, and uninstalled and reinstalled my viewer (The SL default) and nothing resolves this matter. I tried logging in from a different computer and this issue
  3. I have been in SL since 2006. There were millions of subscribers with hundreds of thousand of people logged in at any given time back then. Today SL is lucky to see 35K login at any given time. The in world economy sucks and sims are too expensive! Might be a good time to leave...
  4. Hi sorry about that. I just realized I hadn't adjusted my landing point settings-DOH!. The aforementioned SLURL is correct now. I have been using SL's default Viewer since October 2006 NOTE: If I uncheck Atmospheric Shaders the fog is dramtically reduced but there is still a subtle haze. Second Life Release (64bit) Release Notes You are at 249.0, 124.6, 1,501.7 in Satanic Visions located at sim9689.agni.lindenlab.com ( SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Satanic Visions/249/125/1502 (global coordinates 325,625.0, 186,749.0, 1
  5. I am using SL's default viewer and rent a Homestead SIM Satanic Visions: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Satanic Visions/249/125/1502 ( sim9689.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life Server
  6. 12 + year veteran here and I have never seen anything like this that has so messed up my default visuals. Currently most of my items are grayed out with a small percentage that are not and it looks like I am in a perpetual fog (See photo) and no matter what I do to the settings, nothing changes! What am I doing wrong or better still, how can I disable this EEP because I like it the way it was before. Thanks! FW
  7. Thank you for your replies. As professional working in Film and Television, time is something that I currently don't have a lot of .... but I usually take a few months off between gigs so in June when my show wraps I will be able to better focus on the community RP aspect. Dealing with unruly tenants is easily mitigated. My plan is in its infancy but I feel there is a large enough Horror, Vampire, Gothic, Fantasy, Demonic, Satanic (etc) community to cater to Cheers! PS Additional market concept details and photos can be found here: https://thewhetmoregroup.wordpres
  8. Thank you for your feedback Chase01. I understand what you are saying as I have a tendency to shop in a similar fashion but for expensive items, I will check their main store first for an actual visual of the item and then make a purchase on MP so I can leave a comment if merited. As stated, I am interest in the one stop shop horror destination with a variety of brands representing the Horror Market theme. It's not just the individual satellite stores but rather the collective concept of the Horror Village which includes the Horror Market nested within a horror/demonic RP environmen
  9. Greetings. I am trying out a new market business model on my RP GCS demonic horror themed sim and need to market it accordingly. Now I know consumer traffic is way down directly affecting the economics of Second Life and as such, it can be hard for content creators to afford and maintain their rental tiers. So I am thinking about offering free retail space for qualified content creators whose products align with the theme of the sim. The objective here is to create a one stop shopping destination for demonic and horror fans and hopefully entice a steady flow of qualified consu
  10. All I did was post (1 post) an offer to help people out, by giving them some relief from over priced rentals with a new business concept and model and you delete my post and slap me with a SPAM warning! Is this for real? LOL- how about I end my paid monthly subscription and 10 + years with SL.... need to chill with the forum moderation. So tell me why can land sales and land rentals be discussed, heck they even have their own dedicated boards but I can't discuss a novel approach to a retail opportunity that would help people in these tough economic times in SL on a board specifically
  11. I am not taking about making a group or creating a community - I have plenty of groups and hundreds of members! I am simply looking for information on exisiting combat meters with active Dev support and communities along with opinions and experiences with them....
  12. Your SLURL Map link on your web site stats: We are unable to locate the region "New Vegas" This region may no longer exist, but please double check your spelling and coordinates to make sure there aren’t any errors and try again. And a search for Cosmos Master takes you to a Furry Sandbox -LOL!
  13. There is also "Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons" which has been designed by the two man Progeny Diabolics and is an excellent RP combat system that also feeds off of Second Life residents http://eternal-conflict.com/ and puts Progeny to shame due to Progeny's lack of developement and ensuing stagnation (Progeny is basically a vampire version of THE SIMS). There are many skills that can be developed and items to craft (major grind). The HUD is free but everything else is hidiously expensive and frankly a blatent rip off. And don't rub the egos of the devs the wrong way or you will be banned
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