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  1. Janelle Darkstone wrote: If a social world is so in need of having processor-killing trees, why not just turn your computer off and go outside? There's REAL trees outside you know? I've SEEN them! (Who me? Noooooooo. I'm not *that* Suella Ember. I'm a totally different one. Don't know what you're talking about!) :smileytongue:
  2. Dillon Levenque wrote: I have only been a Stokie for a couple of years or so. There was a frequent forum poster who was a rabid Stoke City fan and I kind of became a supporter on her behalf. Nevertheless, the Potters are my club and they'll remain so. One should never be fickle about such things. They are the oldest Premier League club, after all. Plus it means I get to sing 'Delilah' really loud. Well, didn't I pick a good day to make my random bi-annual appearance! I never knew I'd converted you Dillon. You must have just started converting to the Mighty Rip Roaring Potters as I wa
  3. Perrie Juran wrote: Darren Scorpio wrote: Politics threads might bring Suella back. Feminist threads might bring Scyllia back (sorry forgot what her name was). Well, this is the best way I know to tempt Suella. You might attract Scyllia with an anti-bdsm rant. I do miss Carole and her advise columns. That cheese should have matured enough by now. Half for me to eat. Half to throw in David Cameron's smug face. Thanks! Would love to stop and chat, but I'm busy preparing to ruin another Tory's day in a particularly tight local election (No, I'm not back - I just find it
  4. Thanks, Venus, for thinking of me. I can assure you I am alive and well (enough!) If you are wondering what has caused my absence from SL, I give you two options to choose from: Option 1 ZOMG! The sky was falling! LL are evil corporate scumbags who runied my life for eva and eva! (Although I should be thankful to my spys at LL who informed me of this very thread. They have special software running on the servers for me that sends them an alert whenever my name is mentioned. I am able to receive this special treatment due to the fact that I have slept my way though most of the Lab staff.) A
  5. Stictly speaking, my signature highlights Aneurin Bevan's prejudices, but yeah, I hate people who hate just like he did. It's a pervesely twisted irony that also implies I hate myself. I'm a complicated individual who would never dream of claiming to be perfect. Congratulations on finding a small blog that hasn't been updated since Feb 2010 and a Facebook page with 203 likes. I take it back. Ron Paul is a huge inspiration in the UK. Anyway. Back to joining my 145,000 and growing comrades defending our free health care and fighting our own Conservative attempts to privatise it as they persue
  6. Ciaran Laval wrote: Yohan Roux wrote: I agree with both of you, in the UK Ron Paul is an inspiration, we are becoming more vocal now and calling for someone like him here. Behave! Ron Paul is not an inspiration in the UK. I'll come out of hiding just to second that! Why the heck would we be calling for someone like him here? Quite the opposite. We are calling for our own psycho, prejudiced idiots who love their rhetoric to be removed! Ron Paul is clever. I'll give him that. He fools people into thinking he is 'for the people' with his fight against corrution, lobbying etc. A worthy
  7. Because I'm a total freaking rock star from Mars. #epicwinning
  8. HRH Andrew wrote: To get to your inventory easily, you need to know the shortcut. It's just terribly laid out... I've a funny feeling there will be more bugs discovered along the way. Que? You can drag an inventory button to either a side icon or a labelled button at the bottom (along with a whole host of other things). It's a real step in the right direction - the ability to have icons and buttons for a variety of things and for the user to choose what they want. If you wanted you could have it pretty close to a V1 look with labelled buttons along the botton, or a V2 look with icons al
  9. He got the name wrong anyway. I'm off to start 'A Nice Cup of Cha and Pseudo-Socialism with a Capitalist Edge'
  10. I read that NYT article the other day and my first thought was that they should probably go back to school and learn their tenses They say Philip spoke of SL in the past tense but he didn't at all. He spoke in the present tense. 'It is too involved' not 'it was too involved'. 'it's hard to get people to engage' not 'it was hard to get people to engage' 'they love it' not 'they loved it' 'have to be highly motivated' not 'had to be highly motivated'. I am, of course, beinga bit of a grammar Nazi. It did amuse me slightly how we saw some typical lazy journalism though! However, while he d
  11. Perhaps a little crazy ... but only for thinking you might actually be crazy! If more people were interested in and respected other cultures, the world would be a lot less of a crazy place!
  12. I don't have a direct answer to 'who is Linden Lab?' but you may be interested in this brief discussion I just had with a generic Linden on Twitter (possibly Pete Linden as he often uses that I believe, but I don't know for certain) SuellaEmber Suella Ember @secondlife Have to ask - What's with vamp obsession? Have nothing against you promoting vamps per se, but its looking a bit prejudiced TBH! SuellaEmber Suella Ember @secondlife It looks like you are promoting vamps and ignoring all the other communities in SL, even if that's not the intention. SecondLife Second Life Official @S
  13. Venus Petrov wrote: /me puts a plate with a selection of cheeses, veggies, and crackers out for Mr. Lab to tell us who he is /me steals the cheese and manages to mumble something about taking an educated guess that, as Dres says, it's probably a generic account being used by various Lindens and that she could hazzard a guess as to why but wouldn't want to wildy speculate. As for the obsession with vampires by LL at the moment. I do find it somewhat annoying. I don't have anything against vampires or even LL promoting them per se, but the current obsession seems to be verging on arrogant fa
  14. I know it's Friday but geez Girl, don't start hitting the booze so early! :smileysurprised: :smileyvery-happy:
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