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  1. The NY TImes reported on November 6 - in an article by Quentin Harvey - that Second Life founder Philip Rosedale has put his efforts and enthusiasm into a work exchange service called "Coffee and Power." Does this new interest signal the demise of Second Life? In the article Rosedale refers to Second Life in the past tense. “The problem with creating an immersive 3-D experience is that it is just too involved, and so it’s hard to get people to engage,” he said. “Smart people in rural areas, the handicapped, people looking for companionship, they love it. But you have to be highly motivated to get on and learn to use it.” it's unclear to me if SL is in his past or if it will soon be in our shared past as well. What do you think? Does Second Life have a future?
  2. I started using Second Life a few years ago and was lampooned by other members of the family. Now they want to explore SL. The problem - one computer. Can more than one account or avatar use use the same SL application? Does each user need to download a copy of the SL app?
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