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  1. HI, I've just been looking for a good place to ice skate, and all or most of my landmarks are gone! Is there a place with more than a few people that you could recommend for some icy fun? Thanks in advance, Mouse
  2. Thank you everyone, for your replies! With your help, I got it worked out. Thanks again. ~mouse
  3. Thank you all for your replies. Where is this "gear" menu that you are talking about? Im using Firestorm, and Im looking all over in the menus....I dont see anything labeled "gear"? Anyone? ~mouse
  4. Hi ya'll, In my contact list, I noticed that a friend of mine can locate me on a map. That is, the little check mark is there in the box that allows him to do so. What's weird, is that I never selected that option! And when i try to deselect the checkmark, it is grayed out, so I cant make any changes! Does anyone else have this problem? How do I remove that checkmark, so he CANT see where I am on a map? Thanks for any advice, Mouse
  5. ok, well, thanks , i was afraid of that. How many others think that its disgustingly ugly as well??? I have to stare at that damn thing now??? sighs, and just shakes head.
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a pose ball, and when it was delivered, it left this behind in my inventory (its the grey square that says "received items"). I cant delete it, because when i select it, the "delete" option is greyed out. Anyone? Thanks if you can help! Mouse
  7. Ah HAAA!! That makes much more sense to me! I'll try that out tonight! Thank you Robert, and thanks to the rest of you for probably saying the same exact thing as Robert did. I think it finally clicked inside my pee brain. Thanks, ya'll rock! ~mouse
  8. So let's say i rez two cubes, and move them apart 60m., and then link them. WHERE is the root prim in that example? How do i move the root prim separately from the two cubes? How do i know if it is "over" the sim? I think im making this harder than it is to understand, but i just dont get this. drrrrgggh. :-(
  9. Thank you for your replies! Very much appreciated. So, when i rezz a cube, and link it to the rock object, ....then when i select/edit the object, i see that the xyz centerpoint is between the two objects. when i go to move this new linked object, it will only go as far as the xyz centerpoint between them. Is this correct? How far apart can i make the two objects? Is there a limit? Im at work right now, so that is why im asking...i cant do what you are saying to do atm. :-) ~m
  10. Thanks Ceera! I understand what you're suggesting, but Im having a terrible time understanding the low/high designations for each texture and how they blend with the next one. Ive read the little tool tip explanation about how the high and the low settings are set up, but either my dyslexia is kicking in, or it just seems so backwards to me that i've given up on understanding how each of the four textures blends with the others. I wish there were some visual graph that showed what the textures are doing or how they are blending. I do better with pictures. :-) thanks again for your suggestion, though. ~mouse
  11. Hello again, So, I am renting an entire sim (homestead) with all privileges allowed to me. I am wanting to place a few large rocks way off-sim, but i can only move them to the edge of the sim surface edge. These rocks were specified in the Market place as off-sim objects, so I thought that i wouldnt have a problem placing them way out there, or as far as they could go. My question is: Is there some kind of trick to get the object as far out from the sim edge that I dont know about? thank you, ~mouse
  12. Thank you, Ceera! I was afraid of that answer. :-) Good to know, now. ~Mouse
  13. Hello, Is there a way stop my sand/grass texture from shifting around on the surface of my sim? when I log in to my sim, I see that there are some grassy blotches intermixed with the sand textures. Looks great, but, when I leave and then come back, the grass/sand texture has shifted so that the grassy blotches are in a different place than they were before. Anyone have a fix, or a solution to this strange texture "drift" issue? Appreciated, ~Mouse p.s. I notice that on my sim, in my four texture slots for the ground, I have: 1. sand, 2. sand, 3. grass, and 4. rock.
  14. wow....laggy night! i think i need more bandwidth
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