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  1. Once you are out of the atmosphere you then you go into the realms of Universal Time and it's many variants and out of GMT. For all intents and purposes the astronauts on the spaceship are existing in the same time frame as from where they took off. The only factor that will change this is when they re-enter Earth's atmosphere and switch back to GMT and of course where they land. So, if you take off from Cape Canaveral you leave at local time, to then transfer to UT for the purposes of worldwide tracking and telemetry and then return to GMT upon re-entry. If you are landing back at the Cap
  2. Ellyn Elan wrote: .....From what I understand LL's financial health is not the most robust.... $75 million profit last year - Rod Humble speaking at SLCC 2011 I don't know what their turnover figure was or what that $75m is in comparison to previous years nor whether that is operating or net profit, but $75m in this economic climate woiuld certainly point to being robust on the surface at least.
  3. I feel like I've lost a day following this thread. What line do I have to cross to get that one back?:smileyvery-happy:
  4. Canoro Philipp wrote: the database could accept just spaces, letters and numbers. about offensive names, i think we have a filter for that. Well I hope they would seriously think that part through Canoro Signed, Sy F E C K 010010010010000001100011011011110111010101101100011001000010000001100010011001010010000001110010011101010110010001100101 :smileywink:
  5. Canoro Philipp wrote: i hope they bring it back with the option to create our own last names, or as many as we want, allowing spaces. Then we would end up with same unicode, trash and offensive names as display names.
  6. Knutz Scorpio wrote: To this pessimist it just sounds like something you tell to a child to get them to quiet down. No, when you are telling a child to quieten down you include their middle name as well their last name and with added emphasis. "Rules of parenting" Chap III Rule 4(ii)
  7. Try logging into various quiet sims and doing the usual again and have you checked your connection speeds? Might be issues at your end.
  8. OK I've just upgraded to 2012 and thought I would check here first to see if there were any known issues with SL. I'm now glad I did, but does anybody know if SL is now able to handle v1.4.1 upwards and that all the info here is still applicable. Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. Void Singer wrote: so, you would see the speck in our eye, but not the beam in your own? Halloween was not born in the US... look to thy neighbors. Hmm, maybe I should have been clearer, my fault. I was in the main referring to trick or treating, which although based on the past European traditions of begging for food in exchange for prayers for the dead (asouling as it was delightfully called, or guising) bears little resemblance to the modern tradition as practised in the US, as Wikipedia (caveat emptor) sums up quite well. Phrase introduction to the UK and Ireland Before the 1980
  10. I am gnashing my teeth at and berating the whole of the US for exporting this vulgarity to our shores. I am sure you all (or is that y'all) have fond memories of it from when you grew up and there is nothing more you wish than for your own children or young kin to experience it too. In short, you have it as a tradition. For some reason, somewhere in the past 5-10 years, some kids with ambitions to be protection racketeers when they grow up, abetted by major retailers suddenly took to our streets demanding sweets (candy) with the threat of menaces. It's not as if they have even bothered to
  11. Aylin Moonshadow wrote: Storm Clarence wrote: Never leave home without your rubbers. For only 1 Linden, you too can be protected: I think a bit of the rug hanging out to dry has snagged on your piercing. :smileysurprised:
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: Deltango Vale wrote: @ everyone There are only six people on Earth who have never given RL information to an online service. Two of them live in a disused Minuteman silo in Idaho, two live in a stone hut on Ascension Island, one circles the globe on a raft and the other has gone missing, presumed lost in the Amazon rainforest. None of these six people has given RL financial information to an online service because none of them has ever been online. If they've never been online, how do we even know that they exist? Spotted on Google Earth?
  13. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: ---------------------------------------------- Delete every other Linden Home Limiting the number of Linden Homes is counter productive if you want to grow your premium base. --------------------------------------------- Allow LH Residents to "rent" an empty adjacent parcel plot There are no vacant adjacent parcel plots on the Linden Homes continents. No one owns a single meter of land. Just the home and every other speck of land is Linden Land. ------------------------------------------- I guess what's being implied is that if the former were applied, a delet
  14. Not sure if people have seen this, but it's kind of germane to the thread. It's Rod Humble's address to SLCC 2011 where he gives pointers of where he sees LL and SL going in the future. You'll have to scroll down the page for the full 40+min video. There's some reassuring stuff that now Mesh has been implemented there will now be a focus on bug fixing, improving performance and customer service. Sadly, in the Q&A at the end of his address he pointedly dodges several questions concerning pricing, which was a shame. During his speech he makes play of the fact that he is, or rather was,
  15. Knowl Paine wrote: Create some new Library Linden trees and plants Allow LDPW Moles to answer terrain edit smooth request from Residents. Make the water deeper Zone some Mainland Regions residential, commercial only Reforest SL Invest in self Develop a feature that would allow SL Groups to better identify as a Business/merchant, Educational, ect. Delete every other Linden Home Allow LH Residents to "rent" an empty adjacent parcel plot Develop a server configuration that will redefine the allowed shape of a Region Put the roads, waterways and railroads on their own servers Create gender spec
  16. Sigren Panthar wrote: Ignore the apol-shills, and keep posting. Remember you are a customer and fully entitled to a good and improving level of service; something the afore-mentioned apolo-shills hate for you to be aware of. Where does it say anywhere that I, as a paying customer, am entitled to an improving service? If it does say that somewhere in the contract then I might be able to sue for breach of contract. Sadly though I don't think it does. The one thing I do know that I'm entitled to as a consumer of one of LL's products is that if I'm not happy I can walk away.
  17. For the record, I'm missing two walls on a build. If I remember they were the last two things I rezzed and worked on last night.
  18. Vladi Hazelnut wrote: ....You might try using Kirstens viewer. I think he has more support for higher end video cards.... Unfortunately, the Kirsten viewer is in stasis and not available for download. She's asking for donations through a Crowdfunder appeal to continue further development of her viewer.
  19. Prokofvy Neva (just so she picks it up on her searches). In my time in SL my lands have abutted her rental lands more times than I care to mention. In each instance I've cast an eye over her plots and not once have I seen them with more than 10 % occupied, and I'm being generous. Either this woman has some fantastic sims somewhere where people are paying incredible sums to live on or she is paying through the nose for an ego or entry into the FIC. I'm led to believe by herself that SL is now her primary empoyment so if you can drill down and find out how she survives by renting a lot of s
  20. This is GENERAL discussion not GENITAL discussion, feckin' dyslexics!
  21. Aww c'mon! Daria went on to become a Marilyn Manson groupie, got involved with light drugs, but with "heavy" consequences, went through a string of boy and girl friends who were not complex enough for her scatterlogical mental needs, she then demanded trendy psycho drugs from the establishment whom she had previously disdained, which led her to rebel through self harming. She then found solace in a right wing conspiracy theorist group she met at an EMO rock festival weekend called, "Let's call it off , but stay for the rain". Belatedly she rebelled against her parents who thought they had
  22. You might want to give Philip Rosedale a call too. :smileywink:
  23. Ceka Cianci wrote: i liked Ren & stimpy.. my uncle loved beavis and butthead..but i always tell him..it was southpark that kicked their butts.. so uncle..respect my thoritah!!! I miss Ren & Stimpy too. Why did they stop making them? Anyone remember Duckman too?
  24. As a former war crimes inspector I was sent to investigate a mass grave of snowmen. Luckily it turned out to be a field of carrots. /tumbleweed
  25. It's hard to say that you are innocent and that merchants have no justification for what they are doing to you when you post this just over a year ago. You can't say you are innocent when you freely admit to having used an illegal viewer and using it to copybot items. And it really is no defence to say thay you carried on using an illegal viewer so that you could report stolen items. It may well be that you are now on the path to redemption and good luck to you in that, but unlike RL people in SL can to a large extent discriminate against you based on hearsay, rumour or maybe in this case p
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