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  1. Selling quickly as I'm purchasing a larger parcel soon . Ideal for those on 1024sqm tier ($7) with your free 1024 and 10% group bonus on top. This 2128sqm parcel will bring you in just under that 2253sqm maximum with 730 prims to play with! Situated next to protected roadside on Route 8 in - Sutekh http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sutekh/239/231/42 I might well negotiate reasonably for a SUPER QUICK SALE, but you'll have to be quick and reasonable ?
  2. I do "NEED" to bring them in separately. It's a large build and the difference already between uploading a linkedset and uploading each object individually is @40 LI and that will only rise as I add more on. I'm well aware of material limits to each object, but that has nothing to do with this situation, which was about aligning individual objects inworld IF I have to bring them in separately.
  3. That looks to be exactly what I need, now and in the future! Can you clarify something. In Maya (I'm using 2018 btw) I can select all the objects of a house say and run the script and can I then upload each of those objects separately into SL and drop them in box and get the same result or do I have to upload the object as a linkset? It appears that I could upload separately (with no model changes obviously) and it would still reassemble them and what if I were to run the script without some of the original objects included for changes on the fly inworld? Genius little script Optimo yo
  4. The alignment cube is nothing to do with textures or materials. It's about accurately aligning your objects inworld e.g. making sure the walls of one room align exactly with the walls of another room if you're not going to import a whole house as one linkset but bring in each object separately.
  5. Damn do I feel stupid. Went back and looked and saw that the physics model for the alignment cube wasn't named properly and that on some exports the cube's physics model wasn't even attached/linked to an object's physics model in some cases. Thank you Arton for solving my brain fart. Lesson learned, don't work late into the night and if you do then lay off the gin and tonics! ?
  6. Thanks for quick reply ChinRey. I do build to scale and to a grid and everything is rounded to whole integers, I use Maya by the way. I'd imagine that FS's alignment tool would be useless as it can only align to the extremities of X,Y,Z and therefore can't help if you want to align to something within those extremities. You're correct that "doing the math" is an answer even if a long and tedious answer to the problem. However, my question was about this cube alignment process, which is at the most 3 copy and pastes per object for a perfect alignment except for the fact that it's break
  7. I'm building a very large and complex shaped house, which at the moment is made up of 7 separate objects and will likely increase further and it has many curved surfaces that have to be accurately aligned together when assembled inworld. So far on the beta grid I've just been eyeballing the alignment to check build quality and physics models etc, but as I progress further away from what I'll call my anchor object (first object imported) that I started aligning subsequent objects to any discrepancy in the initial alignments is telescoping out to larger misalignments further down the assemb
  8. Second Life and even Sansar are still way behind the curve on gaming graphics. Substance Painter is indeed a fantastic application, but using it for SL is pointless as 95%+ of what it can do cannot be used in SL and that is,in the end, all the good/nice stuff. There is though nothing in Substance Painter you can do, in relation to SL, that you can't do in Maya/Blender/3DS/PS/GIMP. As long as SL/Sansar only support diffuse, normal and spec maps then Substance Painter (for SL use) is a Ferrari propped up on bricks. I use Maya myself and the only advantage that I've found by using Substanc
  9. Lori Paramour wrote: Provided that the hundreds of thousands of "Syrian" refugees don;t turn out to be more than 10-15% ISIS and start a major civil war withing the US and Uncle Barry doesn't declare Marshal Law ans suspend the elections: The -3%er no chance Fiorina will go Bush will go Trump will go and 85% of his supporters will go to Cruz Carson will go and 60-70% of his supporters will go to Cruz Cruz and Rubio head to head in debates, Rubio loses. Cruz grudgingly gets nomination. Hillary get's indicted but fix in in and DOJ won;t take it to trail. Career FBI investigators
  10. I agree with Aethelwine, DMCA has been used more as weapon than as a shield. I've had to fight two DMCA complaints on You Tube over Fair Use, which took the complainer 5 minutes to write and in one case 0.01 secs to write and forget about with no loss to themselves and took me 3 months to rectify. In the first case although I had no financial gain I was accused of stealing revenue from them. What transpired was that a bot used by the complainer actually searched for their material [made by owner of said bot] on You Tube and when finding similar material reported it to You Tube as IP theft.
  11. Obviously yes as you've outlined. Get her to right click on you select pay and choose amount to pay you. If it doesn't work SL is being a b i t c h or your sister is being a...
  12. Magnus you were one of the people who it was interesting to read. Your dissertations on WSC especially were at the least informative; more about you though ;-)
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