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  1. Straight out of SL, no editing and it shows but I am too lazy and full of Christmas food to mess with it. The hair has an appropriateness shelf life, so it was now or never. I checked out a few sims on the Destination Guide. Winterland is wonderful, my favorite of the places I visited. Hanging with the help. Not a vanity shot but a quick snap of a pretty sim. (Winterland) This is NOT using the sim's settings. Old Europe sim, below. I lost my coat. I love this DNR dress, it is so versatile and the texture is beautiful, but dang it, the skirt layer always makes butts look huge even though my shape was altered for a pencil skirt AND the skirt layer. Old Europe. Liberties of modification taken with Tukinowaguma hair. And God Bless Everyone!
  2. An honor to see the esteemed Antoine sharing his readings with us. Pray tell which deck are you using?
  3. Ceka Cianci wrote: and now a word from our sponser Perfect video!
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: Ellyn Elan wrote: Interesting! Thanks for the post and links. I'm glad to read you got your rounded poochie bum back. Does this only work for Phoenix? And if you do the changes in Phoenix do other viewers see it? I see where it says you'll see the changes on everyone, does it work in reverse or only for those with the patch installed? My apologies if I was not clear. The text was all quoted from the note card. I have not tried this yet. But as I understand it, this should work with all viewer versions. So does this mean you don't have your rounded poochie bum back?
  5. Sy Beck wrote: Could someone point out to me the person or persons who wake up every morning and can be bothered to rush to the feeds to see who or what is trending? What do these people do when they get there? Plan their day around whatever is trending? Go and buy anything they see in the picture? Print it out and pin it up on a bedroom wall. Believe and trust in whatever is posted there? Or, maybe they obsess about it a bit too much, let it take over their life, write and fret endlessly about it and believe it's the thin end of a conspiratorial wedge intended to take over SL. Beats me. You are somewhat illuminating your own sig line there Sy in pointing out what could be classified as much ado about nothing. /me looks a little horrified. "You mean it ISN'T a conspiratorial plot to take over SL? You mean we CAN'T trust everything posted?" It is interesting what people fret about, is it not? Luckily it isn't contagious.
  6. Interesting! Thanks for the post and links. I'm glad to read you got your rounded poochie bum back. Does this only work for Phoenix? And if you do the changes in Phoenix do other viewers see it? I see where it says you'll see the changes on everyone, does it work in reverse or only for those with the patch installed?
  7. Pamela Galli wrote: /me huddles in the corner with Celestiall, wondering what is going on here. /me brings some cushions, popcorn and a variety of beverages and hopes to hang out with Celestiall and Pamela. I know those pages exist but could not care less about them. They have nothing to do with my secondlife! I also don't understand why people who are interested in such things want to settle for anemic copies of the real things like FB and Twitter. Trending? You've got to be kidding?
  8. What a strangely (poorly) written question to just toss off by the Ls. I suspect the Ls were hoping for wild gushes about how we love to play at Twilight! OMG! It is amazing! Fangs are changing my life! Or maybe they were hoping for the My Little Pony crowd if the new treacley-sweet log in screens are any indication? Is that Cinderella stepping out of an egg with flaming tiki's behind her? I can only speak for myself but will presume to speak for the group of people I know well in SL. LL, when are you going to learn what you have? The people I know are much more likely to be building things out of their own experiences and creativity, they are more likely to be explorers, musicians and artists or those who appreciate musicians and artists. The people who role play do read to get background. Or are you looking to start a new "literature" and SL marketing fiasco? I think if you do that then you should promote the Gor books above all others, make sure you get all the details right, and then feature it on your PG sites and log in pages in all of the nadu female submission and scant clothing glory of Gor.
  9. Perrie Juran wrote: as for my sig, i do have a specific reason for it several reasons actually /me types backspacebackspacebackspacebackspace /me tries again backspacebackspacebackspacebackspace
  10. :matte-motes-smile: To answer my own subject line question, I would say, "Um, no. What a crazy notion!" I do think they are telling of bits and pieces though. I read sig lines. Sometimes I will visit a vendor based upon their overall posts and the inclusion of their business ID in their sig sometimes the reverse is true. Some lines make me smile, some are boring, some require the cipher code book and some I argue with. There is one sig line (tease tease) that makes me want to fire off a response every time I read it. They are like mini-profiles, which I read when I'm inworld. I just changed my sig line. The new one is a fabulously long sentence, that believe it or not I had to edit down in order for it to fit, from a book I've been reading, Tristam Shandy. (And I just noticed I made a typo in the sig line. Hurry up and edit!) I love the rambling but controlled style and the sentiment is one that I identify with. My old sig line had nothing to do with me or any other specific point, I just loved the sound of it. I wish we all came with equipped with our own script writers who can come up with spontaneous remarks for us like the one Don Draper made in Mad Men, "It wasn't a lie, it was ineptitude with insufficient cover." How about you? Read them? Ignore them? Favorites? Ones that make you want to argue? How did you choose yours? Does it tell anything about you?
  11. BothamFidor wrote: After reading your post I decided to go and ask some representatives of The Silent Majority for their opinions. This is a summary: Fidor
  12. @ Perrie (and really @ all): Sounds about right to me, even with my limited knowledge of this whole thing. I posted my comments to the LL post.
  13. Linden Lab wrote: The Community Tools User Group was created for input and feedback during the implementation of the Lithium community platform. Since this platform is now live, it makes sense to open the feedback up to the community as a whole. The best place for this is in the feedback forums where all residents have the opportunity to discuss and comment on topics. We will continue to collect this feedback from the forums and may conduct some beta user groups in the future. I thought people were already giving their input and feedback in this part of the forum. They have been giving feedback throughout the community platform since its inception -- at least from what I've read. I'm new here AS WELL and have taken the time to read/scan a bit of the back posts. I would hope that the good folks at LL involved in this aspect of LL would also have done that piece of work, since I assume that is also what they get paid for -- or so I would also assume. As I read this post from LL it sounds like they have not, until now, paid any attention to the comments HERE in their own forums but only to those made in the CTUG. Is this true? I would suggest making this part of the forum more readily accessible. It is not obvious to find stuck off to the side like that.
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