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  1. Well I tried waiting, nothing changed, I tried taking off layer clothing like tatts and undies and nothing changed, then i tried alpha on whole body nothing changed. I have the latest viewer from firestorm, so does the person I am infront of, they are also in my RL house so I can run over and see that nothing but my head hair and slink hands/feet are showing. They CAN see mesh clothing fine cause they see that floating around too. Plus my hair is mesh. I'm pretty frustrated i mean this body was expensive and it doesn't show for others...any other suggestions? ok I just put on a slink physique demo and they can see it just fine. so...idk whats going on but its maitreya and not them. I guess ill have to buy slink physique. Such a shame..I hope they can fix this problem sometime soon.
  2. I have this body, and when I wear it I can see it fine. But others dont see it, no matter what viewer they're using. Does anyone have a solution?
  3. I have a group I made for my land, and I set my land to the group. I want the members to only have the ability to rez items without a time limit for them on the land. I try to edit my group to allow that, but im lost. How do I do it? I have an everyone role, and an owner role, which is me. I can't seem to see nor edit what the everyone role has for abilitys. What do i do?
  4. I wanted to make it to where I could just allow my group members to drop items. But in the process I messed up I think, I set land to deed for my group. Now it says the group is the owner of the land. Can I take this off? What do I do?
  5. I can't buy linden dollars on any of my accounts via paypal even tho there is no issues apparent. My bank account has more than enough to cover the purchase, i've contacted my bank and there is no issues on its end. I've deleted and restarted my billing agreement for Linden Labs twice now on paypal and nothing works. Keeps saying "could not charge account. The system encountered an error while processing your order, please try again." I've already lost the house on 1 of my accounts and im nearing the end of my rent week on the other house. So any help is appreciated.
  6. Yeah it's got something to do with the bald base of one of my hair styles. Thanks, without your help I wouldn't have gone in the right direction of figuring this out. I'll tinker with it and replace all my recently made outfits with the right bald bases. ♥ Thanks again.
  7. I took what you said and thought about it, and now that you mention it, I did buy a lot of hair ( i never stop shopping ) and when I put on an outfit (or tried to at least it didn't work) that had one hair style I bought, I noticed my bald base (i checked in my inventory) wasn't for that hairstyle. when I put it on, my outfit loaded. I'm gonna mess around with it and see if It fixes it every time. Although sometimes I can't even click on an individual item in an outfit folder because it wont load. It usually does after a bit. I'll get back to you in a few mins.
  8. It's not working. I created a new folder with simple clothing, and all that you said. I tried to wear it, using the common method of right clicking and "replace outfit" nothings working. It's just stuck in the "loading" phase and im naked.
  9. I don't think you understand. It doesn't matter what clothing I wear, its the same as normal. Sometimes it will act normally, and i'll change my clothes without issues. Ok, so that lasts maybe...1 - 2 hours. Then if I change them again, this happens. I don't know WHAT clothing or inventory item it is that's the problem, it is NOT something i'm wearing tho.
  10. I've been on SL for about 3 months now, and never had this issue till  recently. When I log on, sometimes I'm a cloud (where as I NEVER was before now), sometimes I'm not. When  I'm not, I try and change clothes using appearance tab and its preset  clothing folders, and it just gets stuck in the "loading" phase of it and I appear to keep my clothing on, but when I check "wearing" it has nothing in it. I can't change clothes, and end up naked when I log back in or as a cloud..only to not  be able to put anything on. hair, clothes, anything. I click my avie,  and click detach all, to see if its a piece of clothing that's  glitching. However nothing changes. I rebake textures, and nothing  changes. I redid the cache, and nothing changes. So I'm thinking..its my internet  maybe since I use wireless (even tho i've never had this issue before now). So I change that, and nothings fixed. Then I log onto a entirely different  account and everything is fine and dandy, nothings glitching, I run both  at the same time and check ALL of my alts account settings, they match  my main accounts (the problem account) settings perfectly. My alt views my mains avatar as a  naked woman with nothing on, hair or anything else, and dark tan skin,  almost orange. So her skin isn't loading either. I thought if I added each piece of clothing individually I could put  something on, but it says avatar does not exist or something. Any help  would be appreciated, I'm not totally tech savey but I'm not a total  idiot either I don't think. So please, anyone. I've used Pheonix thinking I could bypass this, but Pheonix has the same issues as Viewer 2 which is what im using. Please no grief on that, i'm new and have gotten rather used to Viewer 2 and have no intentions to change. Also, i've done character tests, i'd say about 70% of the time it works and I see the default avatar, but the same thing occurs again when I load some clothing from my appearance tab. Sometimes it doesn't tho, and I stay a cloud. I've run the lag meter, and all lights are green but occasionally my client one goes to red/yellow. Then it jumps back to green. I think theres an issue with something i've bought recently, but I can't pin point what it was. Please anyone help me, I can't play like this. I can't go anywhere because Idk if im dressed or not, and I loathe the idea of having to leave this account behind since i've gotten so much on it. I can't fix this, i've asked for help in SLU and no one will help me. So please, anyone. I miss playing.
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