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  1. I know this may sound silly but I would like to see outlets on the walls. The batteries in my vibrator died months ago and I have yet been able to find a place to plug them in to recharge them. Very frustrating. I bought some lamps on the market place that have cords attached but again no place to plug them in. This living by candle light is beginning to ruin my eyes.
  2. so next time i might suggest that he checks his settings. i watched the video on that page and what i see is closer to the low/mid settings.
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Hi Aylin, I have heard, and it has been my own experience, that the viewer (which implements the physics), does indeed affect the intensity of the jiggles. Unless and until there is uniformity across viewers, I think you jiggle at your own risk. So people using different viewers may see things differently? I use Firestorm.
  4. So last night was the second time I had this happen to me. I was dancing at one of my favorite clubs, Junkyard Blues, when a MAN IM's me out of the blue and tells me that my boobs are 'bouncing off the wall' saying, "Hi Alyin.. :) how are you? Your physics are on steroids it seems :)" So this is the second time a guy has said something to me. Of course I could have asked why he was staring at my boobs but I do know men will be men. Me personally, I like boob bounce. I like watching my own boobs bounce in SL and I know my GF likes them. But I thought what I had chose was pretty subtle. I use the Tonya presets from Firestorm/Phoenix. I am wanting to look natural. So how much of what you see is affected by your computer. I have a fairly decent computer, 3GB processor and a gtx250 card. And what I see doesn't look like steroids to me. And I think my boobs are pretty average sized for SL. Maybe slightly larger when compared to RL but I am not going to poke any ones eyes out with them. Or could this guy be one of the anti boob bounce crowd in SL?
  5. FEET. BETTER FEET. FEET WITH REAL TOES! I don't know what all the stuff with new Avatars is but just fix our feet! If there is any proof that Second Life was designed by men it's our feet! No woman would have ever stood for the travesty they call feet in Second Life. No way! No how! No, I am not a foot fetish. But argh, SL feet look horrible!
  6. Storm Clarence wrote: Aylin Moonshadow wrote: Us girls really don't worry about the sharks. We keep them well fed with the men who trespass here. I offer you sage advice and you want to throw me to the sharks? Pfft. SSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as I stick a pin in your floatation device. I said the men who Trespass. I didn't say you.
  7. Void Singer wrote: 1) open up the edit window, click the contents tab, then double click the script.... the script itself probably wont show, but at the bottom there will be a check box that says "mono" if it's not checked, then the script is LSO (this is just the simplest way to check, there are others that aren't as reliable) 2) only if the script is full permissions, (in which case you will see the script). Then you would simply uncheck the "mono" box and click save. Otherwise, no. But if the object is +mod you could remove the script and replace it with a different one. Some vendors will give you a replacement if you ask nicely enough. tyvm xox
  8. Void Singer wrote: applies to any vehicles: slow down before region crossings, 5m/s (~11mph or 9.7knots) is a good target. prefer vehicles using a single LSO (not MONO) script, they will react faster on the other side. wear as few scripted items as possible when you know you'll be crossing multiple borders this way. how can i tell what kind of script it has? and if it has the wrong kind can i change it?
  9. Jenni Lefevre wrote: A personal floatation device is always advisable. I recognized the sim where you took the picture, so a bit of advice. Don't wear that at the main beach if you intend to go into the water since there is always a hungry shark cruising just off the dock area. That color of international orange is also jokingly referred to as "Yum-Yum Yellow" for a reason. giggles Us girls really don't worry about the sharks. We keep them well fed with the men who trespass here. I don't have any pictures now but they** even sometimes let us ride on their backs. One time when my motor boat broke down one of them** even pushed me back to shore! I am figuring from your picture that you like to scuba dive. Would love to do that sometime. I am curious though, what color would you suggest I dye my life PFD? ----------------------------------------- ** ETA, that is the sharks, not the men.
  10. Storm Clarence wrote: Never leave home without your rubbers. For only 1 Linden, you too can be protected: I have since the incident purchased one. I especially love how they are molded to support my breasts.
  11. Venus Petrov wrote: I find that if I travel at a modest speed, it is a minor issue. I am generally a very modest girl! And I am not a minor. I am adult verified. Wildcat Furse wrote: a way to reduce the risk of crashing is to lower your speed just before entering a new sim, it helps! *meows* I am still so shaky on my bike and so afraid of dinging it up that I still haven't made it out of first gear. But on the other hand, my GF is a regular speed demon.....................
  12. jennylongview Innovia wrote: Not really a hint but wondered. What type of suntan lotion (SPF) does your gf use..? Hope you make it back from the bottom of the sea/ocean.. And I lost a phone at the beach a year or so ago, so if you find it please let me know. happiest of Mondays We use SL-SPF30. And sorry, but I did not see your phone.
  13. It was a beautiful Sunny day in SL and my beloved was taking me out for my first time sailing in SL. I was so excited. The warm breeze in my hair. The smell of the salt air. The sun on my body. A day out with the woman I love. All was right in my world. All was well and fine but suddenly things got rough. Apparently we had hit a dreaded SIM crossing. The seas grew rough. Everything began to spin. The next thing I knew I was laying on the ocean floor, barely conscious. I guess my survival instincts must have kicked in. I could hear a voice in my head saying, "Fly or die, it's now or never. If you want to see your beloved again you have to fly. NOW. NOW. NOW. Fly, Aylin, Fly!" I struggled to keep a hold on reality and reached for my mouse button. As consciousness slipped from me I clicked on fly and began to rise from the ocean's depths. Rising out of the water I spit and coughed water out of my lungs, gasping for air. As I regained full consciousness I scanned the horizon and my Beloved nor her boat was no where to be seen............I was suddenly all alone. But taking this now to a more serious note, what I am looking for is tips or hints to smooth out SIM crossings if there are any. My GF and I enjoy doing many things together and this seems to be a constant problem whether we are riding our motorcycles or driving in her car or like in this tale, sailing on her boat. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. XOX Aylin
  14. Carole Franizzi wrote: Senobia Xenga wrote: Really? Are *that* many women sitting at their computers and diddling whilst in SL to make these men expect all of us to be? Erm. I have sincere doubts frankly. If it's do-able to fake it in RL, I'm guessing it's extremely easy in SL... The reason so many women fake orgasm is because so many man fake foreplay.
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