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  1. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Surely this is a sign of the End Times. Heh heh heh heh heh, you said "end" dude. But, yeah, I agree. :smileysad:
  2. No elves!? I guess Santa's industrialised, is mass copying and then pocketting the increased profit. Time to "Occupy the North Pole"!
  3. I enjoy Storm because of all my alts he is indeed the most wittiest by far though I have to get him off those girly Martinis. P.S: 33% of the above was an outrageous lie
  4. I don't have an answer for you, but have you tried different viewers? You don't say in your post.
  5. No I understood your point, maybe I was being trite with a simple "interesting". I remember so many threads about how people thought search worked and how it could be gamed. I have no idea how search works, but I can readily believe that if LL so wished it could be weighted to those who pay top L$ to advertise. Whether that is true or not I don't know, or how you would prove it. It may well be that those merchants who have been paying top L$ for years have known it and have kept quiet about it. To be honest if I paid L$17,000 for an advert I'd bloody well expect it to be well featured,
  6. Madelaine McMasters wrote As for Carole... Valerie, if you can get her to swim to your side of the channel, you could float enough troops back on her to take England. Whether those troops would survive the trip would be a point of fierce debate, for Carole is the first point of defence for our blessed isle in her alter ego. If Carlsberg made observant, witty, intelligent women then they would call them Madelaine or Carole. :smileyhappy: P.S. Hopes the Carlsberg ads are the same elsewhere as in the UK.
  7. Interesting. Make sure you've got all your data to compare this week with previous weeks to see if the money was worth it.
  8. LiCkMyNuGhTz wrote: I think it's absolutely ridiculous that getting a job in second life is impossible. You have to be anywhere from 60 to 90 days old even to apply to work as a host at a lame club. I've been on and off second life far longer than most of these idiots, so why the hell can't I get a job? I don't know, attitude, misplaced sense of superiority, not a team player, no commitment always on and off SL, lack of respect for others, expecting things to be handed to you on a plate or maybe a name that makes you unemployable to some? I really don't know, I give up, you tell me
  9. Lia Abbot wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: I might just turn up in the outfit we all have in common. ;-) Give or take a few distinct accessories though. ;-) Can you please explain that remark Sy? /me gazes up at Sy wide-eyed and innocent Well I was going to be flippant and give you a Wiki explanation only to find this shocking entry in Wikipedia. :smileysurprised:
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: I might just turn up in the outfit we all have in common. ;-) Give or take a few distinct accessories though. ;-)
  11. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: Hippie Bowman wrote: Far out! Post you new threads here as you get them! Dig? Peace! :smileysurprised: Now Hippie, you ought to know that girls are funny about that sort of thing...gotta make the grand entrance on the given day :smileytongue: I look forward to seeing you all turn up on the day in the same outfit and glaring at each other. :smileyvery-happy:
  12. Seems the most simple cost efficient solution all round would be for you to turn off your "watch" and email notification then bookmark the JIRAs you are interested in and visit them once a week. If they were to be moderated it only means that some techie is going to be lumbered with the job thus taking them away from their work or a present forum moderator will be assigned that role too. Bickering is human nature and if it's offensive trolling then it can be reported through the usual channels. [ETA] Even if they were moderated it wouldn't stop your inbox being full would it? The email
  13. Suella Ember wrote: ......the vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn - now those are vampires! .... THIS! Or at least Salma Hayek's table dance. /grips chair tightly Most chilling one, the original Nosferatu.
  14. Ellyn Elan wrote BTW, since it does seem to be official nit-picking day, then the suggestion to buy their own sim is equally wrong from your own words. You could still see the view. If the sim is on the same server then they'd still be maxing out the sim resources. Since they now own the sim you would have LESS recourse to do anything about it. Just saying. Playing devil's advocate since apparently folks are doing the same to my post. Hardly. If they want to buy a sim then they are not "freeloading" off of other people's "paid" shared resources. If they own the sim then there is
  15. Ellyn Elan wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: Ellyn Elan wrote: If the battle griefing is consentual then... How hard is it to find a sim in SL without people on it at any given time? Go there. Have your fun. Leave other people alone. Or do as others have suggested and make your own. SL doesn't owe you a thing! That's ridiculous. This suggestion cannot be serious. So, if no one is on the sim where my home is, griefers should go there and start their particle war, leave, and, when I return, I have to deal with the crap? Or worse, they have crashed the sim and I cannot get there wit
  16. Maryanne Solo wrote: Well Perrie that is really unfortunate I am sad to hear I am premium and I've never had a home. I can't even afford pixel food most weeks. I just tell people I work out lots to stay a nice shape, when in reality, I'm just one hurl away from that last white cloud ^.^ The economy is in such a mess that I have to don a disguise and beg outside my own shop. I even smothered my 1000L boots with dirt and smeared it all over my face to hide my rAvon makeup too and still I get peanuts.. In my case It's all due to the desperately poor slave worker avatars in third world sim
  17. Kenbro Utu wrote: Kiss of Death -- make a gangster threat of retaliation in your profile for messing with your friends or family. Good one! I did lol
  18. /me sighs, "Just tap your shoes together Dorothy" P.S Glad to see they're red as well :smileywink:
  19. Ariel Vuissent wrote: .......Edited because I can't type today... Well they do say it'll turn you blind :smileywink:
  20. Madelaine McMasters wrote: ... "balanced journalism". The idea is that every argument has two sides which must be equally represented. This is, of course, wrong. It both oversimplifies and actually unbalances issues. If you have 999 experienced individuals behind one idea and one dissenting opinion, it is hardly balanced to give a half hour to each side in a debate. Yet that's exactly what we often do as we pat ourselves on the back for being "balanced" and protecting the little guy. The end result of this thinking is that many arguments winnow down to two talking heads. And the moment
  21. Ruth Babe - Rez inworld Ruthed Good Grief! -TP Home/Orbit a griefer Mega-Dim - Rez sim wide prim on a 512 plot Duck a l'Orange - Walk around with no AO and default skin for a day Rubbernecker - Rubberband yourself for at least 1 minute IM Stupid! - Put a TOS Disclaimer in your profile Pet Cemetary - Invest in a breedables scheme
  22. Asset Hogster - Have an Inventory of 20K Wardrobe Meister - Have an inventory of 40K Fetch me a Kitchen Sink! - Have an inventory of 80K Edward Boxhands - Wear a shopping bag instead of opening it Dual personaility - Create an alt Personality Disorder - Forget the password of at least 2 alts Two Faced - Texture everything else as well as the face you meant Grab Your Balls - Have your first dance Prophet - Predict the impending demise of SL
  23. In an earlier thread concerning this matter a BB officer explained it as such in reply to a question of whether it was a specific group mod bot, ========================================================================================= 10-21-2011 03:50 PM The 'Glitch' was indeed a bot that was developed in house. The bot was developed to help us with group membership functions because the existing LL tools would not work with a group this size (group would not load, etc). Anywhoo.... the recent SL server OS upgrades as many know where causing a marked depreciation in sim performance, espe
  24. In fact, cats go into balls really easily, here's one I didn't even have to grease up first.
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