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  1. Well they said from the beginning they were only going to use 8 submissions. The point of the contest was an opportunity to award free name changes to winners. Actually, originally they were going to select even less, but they grew the number because they liked so many. The contest was never about feedback solicitation or list filling. 8 of the names came from the contest, as intended and known publicly for some time now.
  2. Its pretty easy to see what premium is about without signing up. That's why Linden Lab lists the features on its website. It makes far more economic sense to charge for volume. Lower the price and open it up to everyone. Or add it to the easily accessible list of premium features and consider a slight bump in monthly fee, justified by the extra value. In the long run, that is more revenue than a one time fee.
  3. Some people will choose the name without knowing the relation to anything Donald Trump. I read the list and only through this forum discussion later did I have any known reason to associate it to the American president. This is a global platform. Some will choose it because they like the name. Just sayin.
  4. You can't do that with Display Names but those are free...
  5. I figured as much but I wasn't 100% certain that it was entirely Linden Home/Premium so I played it safe lol
  6. That is a fair point, but many Belli residents already are premium, so that hurdle wouldn't be an issue to getting Bellisserian wide-scale use. It would just be a question of the $40 fee. And we all know how easily SL residents toss money they really can't afford to at SL.
  7. That won't happen much. The odds that both your ex's last name and your new "love's" last name are in the list at the time (the list will be refreshed regularly) will be fairly remote.
  8. Bellisserian? Really? I hope this doesn't become as common as I expect it will in that community. The reason last names created a "kinship" back in the day was largely because you didn't see the same last name as yours every other week. Last names should represent a family lineage, not a full community one. "Similar to the commodity of dot-com domains, some “last names” held a special status in the community." (Blog quote) Not if nearly everyone in the community uses it. Opening it up to the entire userbase and not charging premium (or discounting premium) makes more economic sense to me. Basic users become customers, and "free/discounted to premium members" entice basic users to join premium with the addition of an added perk. I get that people can sign up for a month, try it out, and all the rest. But even a month of premium adds to the cost. You are effectively making a $40 item a $50 item. Most users are going to look at "premium only" and say "Do I want to pay 10 bucks a month and 40 bucks up front for a name change?" Some will do so. But most won't realize the loophole of dropping it after a month, and still have to decide if it is worth 50, not 40, bucks if they do realize it. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, but I have my doubts about this call. Many basic users spend money on SL. Allow them to buy this and reap the rewards.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/matthew-mcconaughey-hosted-virtual-bingo-170400465.html This was all kinds of awesome
  10. Covid pet peeve #1: "Its just a flu" and all that needs to stop. NOW. We should be taking lessons from this and trying to lower flu deaths, and yet we have something way worse going on and people are saying "its just a flu". I'm not going to type what I want to say to these people. Pet peeve #2: I kind of wish the media would move from telling us case numbers and start telling us active infection numbers instead. That paints a much better picture. If you have 100 cases and 98 are recovered, that's a whole different ball game than 100 cases with 2 recovered. Its not hard to figure out, but telling us mounting case numbers without highlighting how many are recovered is making people panic way too much. In Canada, we have case numbers that are more than double the number of those currently infected. That is a big indicator of how we are doing that doesn't get talked about. We need to stay concerned and keep the fight up, but we also need to know our actions are working too.
  11. I'm an introvert so my life won't change much. But the day I feel safe enough to do so, I'm calling Dominos.
  12. I think that certain changes will be accelerated that were bound to happen anyway. We may see a reduction in cash use, a few less holdouts in that regard. We will see more working from home, which was a thing before covid-19 that we now have an even bigger reason to utilize. We hopefully will see an increase in sanitary practice - the importance of hand washing just might be drilled into a few more heads. Virtual learning might just become a viable every day option for increasing education opportunities, or complimenting the current school system (and reducing our dependence on learning in schools somewhat). I believe we will see more hospital beds available due to the preparation in avoiding shortages in 2020. It might not bring about drastic changes in the next 5 years, but don't be surprised if some of the ever-evolving changes over the very long term (beyond 20 years) have roots in the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic. Major, more sudden overhaul of life as we know it will depend on how often we have to go through this song and dance. While the economy can't stay in this shut down mode forever, we cant turn it off and on every few years either before something gives. The biggest change will be how we deal with these epidemics. This was a rehearsal for the next one, which is inevitable.
  13. Great! I applaud you for that. But Linden Lab has no obligation, morally or otherwise, to get involved in the CHOICES of others.
  14. It has be reasonable to be just and right. It is neither. When your real life workshop shuts down, yes, SL might be a backup. But it might not. It never was a money maker for many, and thats even harder right now. Linden Lab does provide the platform, but doing business is up to you. It is up to you to be creative and find ways to pay the bills in times that are tougher. It is up to you to find ways to draw a crowd when you are up against competition or having to sell off the traditional means (Your region). Is your government providing a relief package for those in your country who have been forced to close up shop? Thats who should be contributing to your issue, not Linden Lab.
  15. It is a substantial part of the artists' monthly income by the choice of nobody but themselves. Linden Lab could close Second Life tomorrow, without warning or obligation to you, yet you expect your request to seem reasonable? Can't afford a region? Get a parcel. Nobody who drops 4 figures a year on a virtual world should get a handout. A penny saved is a penny earned. Budget for your situation.
  16. That "home and garden wisom" has been known to reduce your risk of death. Your overall health impacts your ability to fight infection. Doesn't have to be = it is not a death sentence. You might die, you might not. We will all die eventualy, sure, but that doesn't mean we are completely helpless in these situations. Even those with high risk can survive this, despite the lower odds. More than 150,000 people a day die for a variety of reasons. But that doesn't leave us completely powerless.
  17. Fear will kill us before any illness ever should. Practice social distancing, wash your hands thoroughly and often. Get lots of rest and look after your general health. Covid-19 is potentially deadly but it doesn't have to be. I have Spina Bifida so I am high risk. I'm not worried, but I am informed and doing everything I need to do to avoid this. All the best to you and your nana. I hope you stay safe.
  18. Which was my entire point. You play games IN SL, but in and of itself, SL is not a game.
  19. No offense taken at all. I'm not convincing anybody with entrenched attitudes. Its tiresome at best, and likely an exercise in futility as you imply. But there are plenty who are not entrenched in their attitudes but do things they may just not think twice about. Its so easy to remove an issue with a quick ban, even I am guilty of it as a venue owner. So while we may all agree, it never hurts to see a reminder, or perhaps another way we can do what we are doing already. Besides that, I tend to get on my soapbox on certain issues I strongly agree or disagree with haha 🙂
  20. People want to use THEIR dance huds, regardless of what the club has, even if they have the same dances. They leave before even looking at the quality of dance machines a lot of times, because regardless of what the dances are, they aren't interested.
  21. Maybe so, but I am sure the forum has a lot of lurkers, and we certainly see a lot of newbies who may pick up on some things said here for their future on the grid. Having said that, I was merely voicing my agreement with a previous post and expanding on it, not really trying to convince anyone.
  22. I'm not just talking about mentoring, although mentoring is part of it, for those who want to be doing it. I wouldn't want to be mentored by somebody who wasn't passionate about doing so, so I would never suggest we all do that. My point was in response to the idea that one problem is how newbies get treated in here, such as the age minimum for entering some areas. I get the point behind it, but we need to stop painting newbies with a single brush, and when they do wrong, we need to ask ourselves "is it possible they just don't know any better and just need to be told what they did wrong?"
  23. Amen. We as a community need to look to ourselves to curb problems, and this includes educating new users. I cannot tell you the number of new users I've seen mess up only to be educated on how they messed up, apologize for doing so, learn from the error of their ways and become great residents. Some people just don't know any better when they get here. Every time we ban someone, we burn a bridge with somebody that could one day turn into rule/etiquette abiding, contributing residents of SL. None of us can say we were never a newbie, so why do we treat them so badly?
  24. The idea of optional gaming is a good one. Linden Realms was a great idea for giving gamers something familiar to them to do in return for prizes. It was an example of catering to gamers. The problem with introductory gaming mechanics with signs pointing elsewhere as Bitsy put it is it would only serve to drive home the highly incorrect assumption that SL is a game.
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