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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Considering how vague my question was lol I got good responses and help. I def feel less overwhelmed. I appreciate the replies guys.
  2. I guess it was a very wide, vague question lol but I guess I am not sure what to even ask. I basically signed up without knowing what a virtual world is and I guess I need an idiots guide to what a virtual world is I can work out some basics like picking a basic avatar but now don't know what the basic idea is. I am just walking around aimlessly. Hmm what are some general reasons people are on second life? basic uses for second life.
  3. Hi, I am not new to the net in general but am brand new to anything even remotely like second life. and I am trying to work out my first laptop and a wireless keyboard to boot. all in one go eek. When I jump I guess I completely go all in lol. Can anyone please give me some basic info, thoughts and pointers on second life and where to begin? thank you.
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