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  1. D'accord. The women in the 1950's were beautiful. My mom bought some dresses that resembles 1950's clothes, and a friend gave me dresses yesterday that resembles it.
  2. Bonjour, Sophie ! Vous est inactif dans Discord depuis le mois dernier ! Have you finished making the 1950's dress you promised to show me?!
  3. I've never heard of gammeldans music. It will someday come back just like other genres.
  4. Indeed, that happens with every dominant country. They brag about their kills and make it a good thing when it's actually bad.
  5. That's good. Then I'll leave the clothes unmodified. I'm not sure if that's ok for the clothes to not fit on the body.
  6. Oh, but is there a way to make your own avatar invisible? I'll have to learn a quicker way to change clothes.
  7. I found out that some have some people, but they banned me for no reason. I'm not going back to Second Life anymore because I visited here to explore. This keeps happening whenever I get curious and only want to look around.
  8. Looking at my own face and giving off this look:
  9. My personality online is the same as my personality in real life. I've experimented with going with different personalities that are not true to mine before, but it didn't go well. I was unsatisfied and barely found any joy with the things I was doing. At the end, I ended up abandoning my fake personality traits and reverted back to my true personality traits.
  10. I've been to some of the Second Life historical places, but they're usually empty with barely any people at all.
  11. Why would they be hostile to Second Life? I think Second Life is much more fun even though I've been in other virtual worlds longer.
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