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  1. Same thing for me. The fact that it is so much more than what any game could ever be has kept me here. SL is no more a game than Facebook is.
  2. This would only work if SL was, in fact, a game.
  3. There are no storylines or quests in Second Life because it is not a game. What to do next is completely up to you. Linden Lab seriously needs to do a better job of letting users know what they are signing up for.
  4. EVERY Charity benefit costs money and is paid for by donations. Very, very few charities donate 100%, and those tend to not be able to fund very big drives. Most of the time, when you are submitting directly, you are also paying for the overhead costs of the money collection (which I view as indirectly helping the charitable cause, as they allow the drives to continue).
  5. They just paid for a hostel in Kenya, they are hardly American only.
  6. Every penny. When you pay a kiosk, the lindens go straight from the owners of the kiosk to an ACS owned avatar via script. There is no honor system involved. Its automatic.
  7. I have friends who have female avatars yet make no bones about the fact that they are male. I don't pretend to understand, but I highly respect the honesty. Be what you want. You owe no explanations. Just be honest.
  8. Is it acceptable, or expected, for people who become involved in intimate partner relationships to reveal details regarding their real life such as gender, race, species, body shape (trying to cover the real life vampire body builders), etc. or is it accepted or expected that people will continue to move forward in relationships without sharing certain details, or that they will continue basing their relationship on an avatar that doesn't "match" their RL person? I see no issue with either. The beauty of SL is you can be who you want to be. I will never understand the upside to being anything other than what I was before SL, but I respect it if you find some. Choosing to not reveal details isn't lying. Just be respectful of the fact that you are dating another person who deserves to be comfortable with their partner's position on this issue. Whichever side of the fence you are on, how should that best be conveyed to your partners or potential partners, or does it need to be conveyed at all? Any relationship that is to be taken seriously reaches a point of a "where is this going?" talk. Are you interested in being partners? A wedding? Kids? RL? All of these things should be discussed or you are asking for trouble. We frequently see different versions of "SL is SL and RL is RL" or "I mix SL and RL" on people's profiles. Is this adequate? It isn't. That is a broad statement for all potential friends, acquaintances, mere conversations, one time dance partners, etc. Every rule has an exception at some point. Does it apply to every john doe you meet or does it not apply to the one you decide to have in your partner box? How do you move forward when you see either of those things on someone's profile? It doesn't alter anything. Love Everybody is more than just a cliche with me. There are wonderful humans on both sides of the fence and I enjoy the company of them all. I'm not high up on roleplay and tend not to allow myself to get dragged into it, but its by no means a disrespect thing. Second Life is 16 going on 17 (I know you're singing that). Has it evolved into something different than it was, in terms of interpersonal, or intimate partner, relationships, since it was born? I don't think so. Maybe somewhat less inclination to hide RL completely? This also leads into the eternal SL debate - Is it a game or not? Nope. Its a platform for whatever you want, including games. Who makes that decision or distinction? Nobody. Who makes the distinction or decision that World of Warcraft IS a game? A game was made and it is what it is. Linden Lab created a platform for games and a plethora of other things. Therefore, SL is a platform. How do you feel about SL promoting itself as a sort of dating site kind of thing? I see it as promotion of possibilities, and relationships should not be excluded. This isn't a commercial for SL. Its a video series capturing an aspect of it, much like a mesh body tutorial isn't saying that SL is all about playing barbie. I would never want it to be seen as a dating site, however. It is way too much more than that. Are there spoken, or unspoken, overarching rules that every single person who logs in should know, and adhere to, in respect to intimate partner relationships? All relationships are RL relationships, whether under the pretense of SL only or not. Contrary to the platform's name, SL is not "a second life". What you do with SL you are doing with your RL body and mind. So RL rules apply. If you disrespect, prepare to be disrespected. Much like you wouldn't expect everyone in your local bar to want the same things you do, don't expect everyone in SL to want the same things either. We aren't game pieces on one's proverbial chess board to move around as one pleases. Is the TOS giving tacit approval to lying, or is it there to cover their ass?, The TOS is a pretty standard online platform TOS. You can't divulge another user's RL info. Sure, there isn't much they can do if somebody lies to you. They won't get involved in those types of disputes. But lying is that unenforceable, yet generally accepted as, wrong in all walks of life. Linden Lab is a platform provider, not a babysitter. Some wrongs are just meant to be found out and walked away from. Our trust is our responsibility. At what point, if any, do real life social mores, conventions, norms, customs come into play, or do we leave them at the pixel door when we log in? At no point do those things NOT come into play, in my opinion. This IS real life. The only thing that isn't real life is not living at all. We are humans connecting with humans. Doing so online or long-distance was done long before Second Life. Did those norms not apply then? Why should SL be any different than an old school Pen Pal relationship? Or a multi-country relationship kept together by phone and mail? Without respect and love you have nothing. Pixels don't make up for that for very long.
  9. Nobody is saying games are bad. One of the beautiful things about SL is you can play games within it. Linden Realms, hunts, Greedy, the list goes on. Gaming in Second Life is huge and that is fantastic. Second Life, in and of itself, however, is not a game.
  10. THIS. The biggest difference in 2007 and now is there was a clear vision of what Second Life is/was in 2007. The vision for the future changed and the waters got muddied horribly. Linden Lab has done a great job in a lot of respects recently, backing away from gamifying (yes that is a word dangit) and focusing on community again to a degree (Bellissera is a step in the right direction like we haven't seen in years, in my opinion). But one major failure? New users have no idea what they are signing up for. They see 3D graphics and some of the other tech behind games and they assume SL is another one, and in turn try to "play" it as such, getting confused on what to do next, when the beauty of SL is the lack of a "next". How do you play SL? You don't. You reside in it. There is a reason why we are referred to as residents. We aren't players.
  11. Hopefully seeing the Lab get involved will send a message to them, regardless of them knowing it was you or exactly what they did. Having said that, I know most nefarious individuals couldn't care less, but there is always hope. And if nothing changes, file another. Had they been warned the first time, consequences will escalate. If nothing else, it will send a message that you are dismissing (for lack of a better word, perhaps) their harassment personally and letting the lab deal with it. They might just go away at the implication that you are doing something about it as opposed to letting them win.
  12. I'm reminded of a quote. "Don't tell me what others have said about me. Tell me why they felt comfortable telling you" Or to paraphrase better for this situation: "Don't tell me what others have said about me. Tell me why you seem to believe them." Another quote: "Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter". So yeah, people think you are so-and-so. Remind yourself that changes nothing about you and your life and keep being you. Last quote: "Let em talk"
  13. I HATE the soon thing, but I also get it. LL: "We hoped to release this feature by 3rd quarter, but we've run into asteroids and we're now targeting 1st quarter of 2021." Most residents: "Yeah but you said 3rd quarter so where is it?"
  14. This. Just this. The Coronavirus is good for absolutely, positively nothing. Over 2,000 deaths and we are discussing a benefit to business? Really?! Nascar driver Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500 after fellow driver Ryan Newman was critically injuried. He stopped celebrating once he learned of the severity. Some folks need to take notes. Some things matter. Some things...just don't.
  15. Yep. And Linden Lab's mantra is to always take the easy road by patching the current mess with so called upgrades, so that won't be happening.
  16. That last sentence speaks to the possibilities of where SL can go one day. Technical limitations kept SL from being that game-changer as long as those technical limitations existed. Linden Labs refusal to solve them is what is continuing to keep it from becoming that game changer. VW and VR will be the future if we commit to that and get through the technical hurdles. SL could have been a part of that process, with long-term commitment to do the same.
  17. Typically they contact the performer (usually at a show). As a venue owner, I contact musicians I know. Musicians rarely advertise except in profiles, from what I have seen, in terms of looking for booking. The only exception to this, at least generally, is we may get notecards from them or their managers. Word of advice: Don't hire via ads. Go to shows. Contact the performer or their management (usually found in performer profile). Get their pricing and check your budget. Check crowd level. Balance cost with potential return.
  18. Trying to be the future of the internet. They envisioned a 3D web. They even experimented briefly with a hypergrid project several years ago. Unfortunately it was ahead of its time and discontinued. There is still work being done to create a 3D internet by quite a few companies, but somewhere along the way Linden Lab got out of the space and SL became just another "game".
  19. I respect that opinion. One hill I will die on, however, is that it should have been, still could be and should be that game-changer. It was destined to become that until they stopped trying (likely listening to doubters or electing a shorter term strategy because hey, thats easier). It stopped trying to be the future of the internet and its number of concurrent users has been declining ever since. Not a coincidence in my book. As for not standing next to WoW or GW, I fully agree and that was my point. The tech is its only link to those. My point is that it is largely considered by many of its users to be in that category, and LL does nothing to show that SL is entirely different from those (or any other) games.
  20. You make a great point. It is definitely user-driven, to an extent. I feel like that is partly on Linden Lab, too, however. Take Facebook. Everyone knows it is a social media platform. It won't be user-driven to become anything else, unless the owners of the company open up those floodgates, likely by announcing they are coming up with new ideas outside of the social media space. Linden Lab has failed, in my humble opinion, to explain its platform. I hear too many examples of "how do you play this game?" for a platform that isn't even a game to begin with. That's on you, Linden Lab. Second Life used to have a voice (Its founder, Phillip). Now it has a support system.
  21. The tool I use is my arrow keys. 99.% of places will have more than adequate space for you to be 2m away from the nearest avatar. You can also derender anyone too close to you if you must, and everything will be just as if they are not there.
  22. Its not dead. Its been on a snails pace towards death for about a decade, and without change, it will probably be dead in another decade or two, but its far from dead today. What happened? A couple things. Well, a bunch really - but much of it boils down to two things, in my humble opinion: 1) 2007: Simplicity is king. With an imagination and a mouse and keyboard, you can build whatever your heart desires and run a business of any kind, and collaborate in real-time with friends to get things done faster. 2020: Building anything now requires the expertise/man-hours of 3D building in Blender, and maybe lots of money if you prefer something like Maya. Sure you can still build the old way, but if you are building for something beyond whats enough for you and instead for public consumption, you'll want to learn mesh. Certainly the increase in quality has been critically important. I get that. Maybe one day they'll figure out how to pull it off in real-time without going outside of the grid to another program. 2) 2007: SL had a voice of hope and optimism for the future, even if it was decades away. It was supposed to be a game-changer. The future of the internet. It was an exciting thing to build, even if the completion of it wasn't in the cards for our lifetime. It was cool. 2020: Its just another game next to World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and all the rest of them. Well, its not a game... But if 98% of the residents are now calling it that (due to Linden Lab's inability to show its potential customers exactly what they are signing up for, and creating a ton of confusion in turn), I'll digress right now and take that fight up another day. Don't get this twisted. I love SL (If I didn't I wouldn't even bother trying to guess what happened, much less post and be passionate in my belief). I love it for what it can be and for the many things I do enjoy about it (the relationships and music, mostly). It just no longer is headed in the direction it once was, and it disappoints me to this day.
  23. Feeling awesome now that I am back home from the hospital!
  24. Agreed. It needs a custom option, like Google Calendar has. I should be able to customize to every 2, 3, 4 weeks or more.
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