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  1. This would be great for me if I didn't just pay them 99 to join Premium like 10 days ago LOL
  2. This. Adult events have every right to be in the calendar. If I'm looking for a DJ, or some other event, and I have to scroll through 200 other events that are adult or that I have no interest in, I either search specifically for what I am looking for, or I scroll through. I will never look for something and find only what I am looking for. There are too many events going on and this is a good thing for the health of the grid. Events are not spam unless they are either not events, events that have been posted already, or events listed in the wrong category. Charging money will clean the real spam up, except in the wrong category instance. And it will help make the calendar more usable and valuable in time.
  3. Favorite Christmas movie - The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen Christmas song - Christmas In The Country by Thomas Rhett Christmas show/cartoon - Little Drummer Boy
  4. A lot of events are repeated unnecessarily. The spam needs cleaned up. I am a little disappointed that the fee was added before recurring events were, but recurring events will help tremendously to reduce cost. Just to let you know, events appear during the duration of the event. If I search during halftime, I'll still see your original post. Posting a halftime on the SL events calendar only ensures that the event appears twice, which is unnecessary.
  5. In fairness @Asadora Summers, clubs have been paying since the beginning of the grid. Matter of fact, this cost will only increase club costs not even 5% in most cases, perhaps often not even 1%. Its nothing compared to the tier we pay.
  6. A play list I put together of Eric Church, one of the greatest artists of all time in my opinion. You're welcome. 😋
  7. * 39 year old Canadian paraplegic who considers himself uniquely abled, not disabled. * A firm believer in God. * A country boy at heart. I appreciate most any music, however. Everything from The Chief Eric Church to The G.O.A.T Michael Jackson. * More old school than my age suggests I have any right to be. My most prized possession in my music collection is Michael Jackson's album Thriller, purchased just last year on vinyl. Trade ya my digital collection for your vinyl one (provided I like your musical tastes, heh). * A lover of people and a hater of nobody, to a fault if you want to think there is such a thing. It might leave me vulnerable, but I prefer vulnerability over anger. This song pretty much sums me up
  8. Thing is, it literally could have been, should have been, and still could be.
  9. I rediscovered the forums a few months ago. Happy to be a part of this!
  10. I may be older than prim dirt but trust me the noob stories are as recent as last week!
  11. Great read. Thanks. I can't say I agree with much of it, but a great read nonetheless. "It’s a perfect summation of the hype that was impossible for Second Life to live up to" More like a perfect summation of the possibilities it failed to live up to.
  12. Your link is incorrect @RaeLeeH, it leads to the wish list of whomever clicks it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/RaeLeeH is yours
  13. @momomoonusagi This grid needs more stuff like this. How great a community Second Life can be if we all step outside of ourselves every now and then. Thank you for reminding me of that. You rock. Count me in. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/Adam.Spark
  14. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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