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  1. Some days I like it, other days (namely when changing my look and having to set everything back up), I would throw BoM out the window if it was an inanimate object.
  2. Its relevant to general discussion. As posted already, the posting guidelines tell us to stay relevant to SL *except in General Discussion*.
  3. 1) Yeah, but this topic is about IP alone. I'd recommend doing that stuff regardless. 2) Maybe, maybe not. If far worse is happening to me already, I've not been made aware of it and it is not impacting me in any way I've noticed, and I have been using my ISP's equipment for 20+years. I really don't subscribe to the theory that scientists doing things that could have negative results must mean that negative motives are behind it.
  4. Your IP address is not a privacy breach. Having your IP address would tell me a tiny bit about your ISP and that is pretty much it. I wouldn't be able to find you or encroach on anything you'd ever be aware of or concerned about. It could be used to match up one avatar with another if you had alts, but that has been squashed. You can still do that. As a matter of fact, its safer today than it used to be.
  5. Welcome to SL! What is a virtual world? Fairly self explanatory, you will come to find out. It is a world that exists online. Think of it as visiting another planet. You're either a tourist, or you'll be a resident (well technically all users are referred to as Residents. I am just using real world metaphors). Basically anything you can do in the real world, you can do with pixel representation in the virtual world. Dance, go to concerts and a myriad of other events, play games, socialize, form relationships, roleplay, and so much more. Its a vast world. You can rent land, buy or bui
  6. They tried it. It was on there. Biggest problem, if I were to guess, is that Steam is a gaming community and SL is a virtual world. Gamers don't often understand Second Life. They look for a game and eventually figure out they didn't find one here. Well, you can find games IN SL (like Greedy, for instance). But SL is not a game in and of itself.
  7. Linden Lab announced a couple years ago that they would make changes like this to offset a reduction in land prices. I was ecstatic. These were the kinds of fees I was fine with increasing. With all due respect to the listed items this will help with, am I safe to assume that Linden Lab is satisfied with the amount that land prices have been reduced to date, or does Linden Lab agree that the cost of getting your foot in the door with a region is still too steep?
  8. There is an old saying. "Never say never". By copying somebody's item you are removing all potential for a need to buy the item. Saying in the moment "I wouldn't pay for it" is no excuse. It isn't about whether we would get your money. Its about compensation for our work. If we sell 400 copies of our work, we earn twice as much compensation than if we sold 200. Twice as much - to the penny. Secondly, creators have the right to sell to you with permissions such as no copy. We also have the right to determine which of our creations are given away free. Copybot takes control away. Third
  9. God has a sense of humor. Wearing an avatar and being yourself I see no issue with. Unless you're mocking, but if you are posting to ask if its cool, I'm certain your intention is not to mock.
  10. Sorry Vivienne. I might be missing something. It says basically that we may make use of the permissions system to indicate how others may use our products (our rights over the uses). How does this dispute that the permission system is related to IP rights, which was my point?
  11. Completely related. Not related to anything but that. Linden Lab has stated MANY times that the permissions system is designed to protect creators IP rights.
  12. Way to avoid my point. Those things are no less legal, they just haven't been taken down.
  13. If you break in to my house and steal all my stuff, and I discover it the next day, can I do anything about it? Not without taking you to court. The "taking you to court" part is accurate due to the rights creators have. Sure, you can copybot my stuff. If I catch you doing it and I can take you to court and make you pay for it, because I have rights over the distribution of my creation. Napster no longer exists because musicians had the right to distribute their content however they saw fit, not however you or I see fit.
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