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  1. There is an old saying. "Never say never". By copying somebody's item you are removing all potential for a need to buy the item. Saying in the moment "I wouldn't pay for it" is no excuse. It isn't about whether we would get your money. Its about compensation for our work. If we sell 400 copies of our work, we earn twice as much compensation than if we sold 200. Twice as much - to the penny. Secondly, creators have the right to sell to you with permissions such as no copy. We also have the right to determine which of our creations are given away free. Copybot takes control away. Third
  2. God has a sense of humor. Wearing an avatar and being yourself I see no issue with. Unless you're mocking, but if you are posting to ask if its cool, I'm certain your intention is not to mock.
  3. Sorry Vivienne. I might be missing something. It says basically that we may make use of the permissions system to indicate how others may use our products (our rights over the uses). How does this dispute that the permission system is related to IP rights, which was my point?
  4. Completely related. Not related to anything but that. Linden Lab has stated MANY times that the permissions system is designed to protect creators IP rights.
  5. Way to avoid my point. Those things are no less legal, they just haven't been taken down.
  6. If you break in to my house and steal all my stuff, and I discover it the next day, can I do anything about it? Not without taking you to court. The "taking you to court" part is accurate due to the rights creators have. Sure, you can copybot my stuff. If I catch you doing it and I can take you to court and make you pay for it, because I have rights over the distribution of my creation. Napster no longer exists because musicians had the right to distribute their content however they saw fit, not however you or I see fit.
  7. Pretty sure the entire grid would have to be rebuilt and rewired for such things to work. Just adding adding the unique identifier system to replace the UUID system sounds like something 1000 times more difficult than anything Linden Lab wants to dream about, let alone attempt. Good ideas for someone who wants to get it done, somewhere, eventually. One thing I want to see changed is the ability to see the coordinates on all prim locations, not just those with rights to edit. This would make collab building so much easier and more accurate. Decorating a sales booth, for instance, would be
  8. Two words: copyright law. Second Life exists legally because it offers a permissions system to comply with the rights of creators.
  9. Creators have every right over the distribution of their intellectual property. Those behind a movie you purchase have every right to tell you not to use it in certain ways (hence the warnings about distribution/public broadcast without permission). Just because certain restrictions are not placed does not mean a creator doesn't have the right to do so. I am very open with the usage of my products, but I have every legal right not to be.
  10. When I was brand new in SL, I made the mistake of taking LMs to places that by the time I landed there they were private homes. I was greeted so pleasantly by most back then - even formed some friendships - that I refuse to not pay that forward by treating people how I was (generally) treated. Now, once I know you are there intentionally for reasons less than ethical, well, you won't be there very long. But I refuse to be ban happy. Too many people innocently don't know what they are doing or use old LMs. I wouldn't want to move and have a person banned from a place just because this one
  11. With the exception of DJs (not all of which use club tip boards either), no not really. Live performers rarely if ever use any tip jars they don't have complete control over. Hosts and DJs often have their own tip jars too. As common as club boards are, it isn't exactly rare to see a host or a dj owned tip jar.
  12. Performers generally own tip jars and club owners generally have no control (nor should need it) over their tips. In the use case of shared tips or DJ boards, a transaction triggered by a payment should go through. I have no issue with this. What should be stopped are the invisible transactions that bad apples can trigger. Every transaction that does not involve a payment or some other authorization by the loser of the money should not be possible on a technological level, in my humble opinion.
  13. But surely there has to be a way for scripts to only take money when both debit is acknowledged and when a user requests the withdrawal. The fact that debit perms can allow random withdraw amounts to empty a purse surely can be stopped under the hood? But then there is a reason somebody else does these things and not me. It just feels like a loophole LL has resigned itself to not being able to fix - which they are notorious for.
  14. It has been implemented. Its just flawed. 10 to 50Ls per event for a club to advertise is nonsense. The cost of a dime or less to advertise a real world event would never compute with anyone, but yet here in this world, thats the reality. Maybe one day they will take some zeros off of the cost of owning land and tack one or two onto the cost of advertising.
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