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  1. Valid point and I probably don't really think of this because of a decade of not many problems with bake fails. However, a system of requesting or sending a default avatar when this happens (or merely defaulting to one that can be removed after the fact ) has to be feasible.
  2. #1 - Some things will always only hit so many users. It doesn't have to hit everyone to affect everyone. It would be designed to help Linden Lab offset some of the lost revenue of lowering land costs, thus it would affect everyone by allowing them to enjoy cheaper land. #3 You can hide it from your view but you cannot delete it from your inventory. Minor change but I'd make it. #6 Hence stricter identity requirements or paid subscriptions to allow for cashouts. Not sure but there has to be a way to do it and still satisfy tax laws.
  3. All of these things, while valid points, are changeable as determined by you as a company. And the fact that you don't get every dollar I spend is not my fault and not a reason I should pay extra to be treated equal. You as a company designed it this way. My money goes into the system, making it more valuable.
  4. If I were Linden Lab: I would take on the onus of fixing problems. If its "too hard to fix", I wouldn't resign myself to that excuse. I'd fix it, say that was hard and move on. I sure would not limit the experience for my customers to account for what I couldn't fix. I'd find a buyer willing and able to fix it before doing that. It wouldn't be on my customers to make up for what I couldn't make work. Not on my watch. I would end the days of paying 4 figures a year for land. Linden Lab will tell you (cause they have said it already on these forums) that they couldn't reduce land costs as much as they did last year. In reality, they can do whatever they want. They could pay us to take their land tomorrow if they wanted to do it and make it work. What they are really saying is they think it would hurt their bottom line too much. Well, the volume of sales would skyrocket if land became available for 50 bucks a month with $99 startup fee, the number of people pulling out of land ownership for economic reasons would plummet, the amount of abandoned land polluting and devaluing the world would plummet, the amount of bad publicity due to rising costs elsewhere would plummet, land tier would plummet, more people could afford premium membership, and the community would just be a happier place. Hmmmm, are you sure you folks can't do that @Grumpity Linden? Do you really think there isn't a market for $50 a month regions that wouldn't match up with or surpass how things are today economically? I would change how groups function. Land rights would not rely on groups. I would move land roles to white lists in about land, or revamped version of it. Or alternatively, I would create two subgroup categories. Land and commerce/communication. Each group type would have its own set of tools, capabilities and roles. I would limit users to 45 of each until *I* figured out how to make an unlimited number of groups work, as I would be responsible for that, not my customers. Once I figured it out, whether it took me a week or 15 years, I would remove the limit. I would increase the MP tax on sales from 5% to 10%. This sounds like a bitter pill to swallow in today's structure, but it would prove to be just fine if land was less than $100 a month. I would increase the upload cost slightly, and maybe increased bulk uploads significantly. I would make Library items removable. Send me a default avatar if I request it or try to default my avatar for whatever reason. I would experiment with whether a LL supported mesh creation tool was feasible. Lastly I would create a premium lite that allowed cashouts, and a free account that did not. No more than $5 a month. I might even think about doing two free account types, one with cashouts and more indentity verification and one without. Major fraud fix. I would create Linden Dollar gift cards in the same vein as Gift Visas and iTunes cards and experiment with other avenues of buying linden dollars (usage of gift visas as one example).
  5. You pay or move along?! I guess every company on the planet should stop soliciting feedback from their paying customers, then. We aren't entitled to these changes not happening, but we are entitled to the ability to express our displeasure.
  6. @Sweet ValentineWhat about those who buy linden dollars on a regular basis and work their tails off doing jobs in Second Life (providing a service that contributes to the community is as valuable as money if not more so) for the lindens that they in turn spend and give to those who do business? Yes, there are freeloaders in Second Life. Not all basic account users are among them. Without basic accounts, business owners wouldn't have an audience worth talking about. I'm tired of the notion that we don't have the right to as much of the basic experience as premium members. We pay for the service too, with our time, our talents, and yes our hard earned money.
  7. - Facelights that light up a room. If your skin needs it, get a better designed skin. - The lack of community that used to exist in SL. Now, its cliques and everyone else off in their own little corner. I once made a friend by accidently teleporting into their home. Now if you are in their draw distance, chances are you are a nuisance to them. - When premium account holders (and LL for that matter) forget that free account holders spend money in here and quite frankly, demand for virtual goods and services in SL would drop to lethal lows without us. We are all customers here. Even those that never pay a dime are supplying demand for products being sold, are earning the lindens to spend by working in SL, and deserve more respect for their contribution to the grid. They also are potentially future premium account holders, and the perfect target audience to advertise premium accounts to. Second Life would not survive without free accounts. - Group limits - Mesh and the lack of a LL supported and offered Mesh creation tool. - The idea that Second Life and real life are two different things.
  8. I don't think that refers to shopping events. I think it refers to a change in the way events like live music are advertised. Maybe an update to the events calendar or something that will reduce reliance on groups to advertise them.
  9. With all due respect and appreciation for the work you have done that positively affects everyone, I am kind of sick of premium being treated like the only way one pays for their experience in Second Life. Just because I choose when and how much to spend on Linden Dollars does not mean I have not paid for the right to expect better than this. If groups are such a difficulty on the servers, isn't the onus on the company to make them not a difficulty? Figure out how to solve these problems - don't restrict our usage. Maybe groups need a face lift? Maybe the land access tools need to be updated as to not rely on groups? Maybe land needs its own special group offering that does not have some of the communication tools that are currently in every group? Maybe consumer/customer-based groups can be offered without land tools? And remember this - What a free user cannot do impacts premium members. If a premium member owns a group, they are impacted by the number of folks that have room to join it. Can we all just be classified and treated as your customers instead of constantly being divided up into basic users and premium users. Basic users, while not entirely, ARE paying for your product.
  10. According to the devs, Phoenix will not. Phoenix development will be ending at some point in the not too distant future. Firestorm, however, will support Mesh soon.
  11. I cant seem to get regular prims to stretch beyond 10M no matter what region im trying to build in. Do I need a mesh-enabled viewer? Seems laughable, but this is LL. Edit. Cant seem to add a comment to Q&A threads so doing it here. Thanks to both of you. :) Was merely wondering about the default prim size. I've been using mega-prims and the like for a while now. Its ok, but has limitations.
  12. Another reason to log out of the grid! (to work on meshes in Blender.) Good strategy LL! NOT. When will in-world tools be innovated? When will LL realize that making V1 viewers useless will lose customers rather than push them to V2 viewers (this is coming from a V2 user too)? Mesh will either struggle to be a part of SL's fabric like sculpts (they are there but far outweighed by regular prim builds) because of the requirement of other software, or they will make half the grid look like junk to older viewer users and send those users elsewhere. And by elsewhere I mean away from SL. Not to V2. Mesh = a non-story at best until we can create it in-world. Bringing creation outside of SL is killing the community further than has been done already.
  13. Yabusaka Loon wrote: That means SL needs to save whole mesh data to asset server each time you move a vertex and that is not realistic. Because their asset server sucks and they refuse or seem unable to change that?
  14. Canoro Philipp wrote: what i meant as "a V2" is a Viewer 2 based viewer. i guess the Phoenix team have worked very hard to bring us this viewer, from the design of the elements (great idea of Phoenix to have the landmarks on top!), they must have wrote the capabilities to display windlight, ambient occlusion, Depth of Field, body physics, outfits, multiwearables and multiattachments´╗┐, must have been such a hard work. the Lindens sure not did even half of the work that Firestorm team did, i guess more than 90% of the code in Firestorm must be of the Phoenix coders. must be tremendous hard work to build over the work of somebody else! i dont know what you mean by LL denying us a usable viewer, i switched from Emerald to the first Viewer 2 beta, and i have been using it without a problem. To be fair, a number of things like LMs across the top, body physics, multiattachments, ect., are in V2, even if some of it was borrowed from earlier TPV's like Emerald/Phoenix. LM's on top in particular is a LL offering, launched in I think Viewer 2.5 (worth noting that it didn't work for some, like myself, however). Much of Firestorm is based on Viewer 2.5. Some things did come from Phoenix, and there are even a couple extra things, but it is largely a re-shuffling of V2's elements to make for a more useable UI.
  15. Sion Pearl wrote: There's a few things in V2.6+ that I use a lot that aren't in Firestorm. Notably, I find that you can't arrange multiple layers so effectively on Firestorm. And when I clicked on something inworld, I went, crap! when I saw a pie menu. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get the context menus back (seriously, apart from nostalgia, I am honestly baffled as to why on earth anyone would want pie menus back. I was so glad to see the back of those). I'm glad though that they've added the option to turn off the client tags, though. I like that you can customise the sidebar, though. I like that there are multiple skins (so I can have my sidebar back in the Starlight skin, although there are some bugs with the way Firestorm views profiles). And there's the inbuilt AO, which is an ace idea (the one thing I liked about Emerald/Phoenix, actually). It is marketed as a Beta release. The mesh support will come, and they'll no doubt get it up to speed with the official viewer, the better for the dissemination of all those features that people rave about. Its still built off of 2.5, I believe. Future updates will catch up. I think development so far was about getting a usable V2 out there, and about stability (which Firestorm remarkably has been, even before beta stage).
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