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  1. Gaming experiences and true virtual worlds are like oil and water. Sure there will always be those wanting to turn SL into WoW. But most of us get that Second Life is not a game. I hope anyway.
  2. My real name is Adam. I couldn't type a last name in 2006, had to pick from a list. Spark was the closest to my real last name and Adam Spark sounded good.
  3. Asking your customers to chase and run through hoops to spend their money is akin to asking them to keep it. Create clothing that stands out and you'll never have to come up with a gimmick.
  4. Status page says resolved but once again, nope. Avatar clouds, inventory faults, ect.
  5. Most companies are pretty gun shy about expanding upon features their customers almost never use. Business 101. Not really.
  6. No its not, thank God. Why would you want groups to become less stable and functional? This is a virtual world, not a social media platform (and there is too much GIF/photo nonsense on there as it is).
  7. I would love this. I would even settle for a separate but Linden offered mesh creator. At least it could theoretically make it easier to create mesh designed with SL in mind.
  8. Not everyone without payment on file are alts/noobs, and by the way, you were a noob once. Keep that in mind.
  9. Scylla, I am fairly confident we can both agree than anything that involves griefing, deceit, or any intentional harm to others would constitute a bad reason. You are right. The person wishing to hide their sexuality experiment has the right to do so. We all have the right to keep secrets from those around us. Some of us do, some of us don't. Like I said before, to each their own.
  10. Knowing an avatar name and tying it to another doesn't reveal this. SLAddict Allen and Adam Spark are one in the same. You can't infer anything about me from that information and I'm still quite able to maintain my privacy. Of course I would never allow my friends on either to not be aware of who I am; if I was using one avatar to experiment, I'd be using both to, but to each their own. The good reasons to have alts is my entire point. Unless you have a bad reason, so what if it gets out?
  11. It can be used to determine if two accounts are yours, yes (with some level of accuracy. It isn't impossible that two users share a location or PC). But unless you are using alts for reasons that are begging for such karma, so what?
  12. Not really, but I do live with family and like to show off what I'm doing in there.
  13. What I was referring to was shared in RL space
  14. Every website you visit gets that. Your IP is just your computer's web address. It means nothing and really reveals little of importance. The risks involved with somebody having your IP are highly overstated.
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