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  1. Way over the top reaction. Yes its her right. Its our right to say chill, too. I will say this - If I have to leave that quickly, I try to log from SL if I have just TP'd to such a location. Its the quickest way out. I've accidentally TP'd to homes. I leave immediately after apologizing, unless the homeowner could care less about the intrusion and engages in chat. Yes, that does happen. Well it used to before everybody got offended by everything.
  2. I believe Sansar is a pretty good indication of what Linden Lab is realizing about VR - that the hype was highly hyperbole. Its a thing and it has its niche. I respect that. But I really don't see what the hype is about. I for one have no interest in anything that requires wearing headgear that is much more than your typical headset.
  3. I have a Thing avatar in my inventory. One of my favorite Halloween costumes!
  4. Life is like poker. It is not the hand you are dealt that's important, but instead how you play the cards.
  5. If my partner still looked like she did in 2010, I'd have no issue. I'm not with the pixels. I love the girl who uses them. I have friends on the grid that long who's newbie look has almost become an endearing quality, and quite frankly a switch to mesh would almost look like an identity loss. System avatars are functionally equal to mesh ones, so no. It does not matter to me.
  6. Yeah, the uproar here had nothing to do with them rescinding the group limit reduction announced recently. Oh and they completely ignored the forums during the Tillia confusion didn't they? Second Life and the Lab has changed drastically in 16 years. You can't paint it all with one brush and say "It went this way 16 years ago, so it can't go another way today". And besides, last I checked voicing frustration wasn't against forum rules, and neither was skipping past threads you consider redundant.
  7. Never ask for an improvement to a product you choose, because said improvement is in a product you otherwise don't care for. Got it. Remind me not to give feedback or complain to XBox if my suggestion is for something that exists in Playstation. I guess I should just switch consoles.
  8. No offense meant here Alyona, but I just don't get this attitude. So we are supposed to stop using what we like to use or shut up our hopes of said things ever improving, and not give our opinions? "They are already using our product so who cares what they think"? Most of the bi**hing that goes on in the discussion of a product eventually leads to improvement in that product. Its called feedback. Oh and Firestorm ain't all that...according to....You? Nobody likes Firestorm for the full slate of features. We like it for the features we want, which vary from user to user. One might like feature A, one might like feature B. Kudos to Firestorm for offering both, even if I might never look at either one, because perhaps I like feature C. See how that works? One last thing - Performance issues occur for different people for different reasons and in different ways. The official viewer gives performances issues just as Firestorm does.
  9. Why consider it competition? I own a venue. I have zero trouble mentioning clubs by name when their owners show up. I have LMs to them in my venue. They return the favor. We all benefit.
  10. You could open a venue, either for DJs or live performers. This can be super costly, and has a high risk of no return. Your best bet is to start small. Build a hangout on a parcel with low tier and hire performers based on careful budgeting. Don't fill your calendar overnight with every singer you want. Hire DJs as they are more apt to spin for tips. Be prepared to pump your profits mostly back into the growth of your business.
  11. Why not honest answers? This isn't a competition. In fact, a healthy industry as a whole plays a big role in whether a business succeeds. If somebody wants to succeed in business in Second Life, my first piece of advice would be to work with like-minded businesses and cheer on their successes.
  12. Some sims perform better than others and I think your prims being rezzed is just a coincidence, and not a factor. Timed delete would be a script, on a timer, which is one of the many culprits of lag. The sim where you have your items rezzed either has less to rez, has less traffic, has better performing/fewer scripts, or has built up in your cache more than others. Or perhaps something else. I really don't think prim owner name is relevant to rez time or lag.
  13. It will never erase people choosing to shop in the real world for the experience of getting off their butts and going outdoors and interacting with people. Not to mention that attracting even a billion people might be very challenging for these worlds, nevermind close to half of the 7 billion people on earth. Online shopping predates virtual worlds and has been doing terrific business for many years. Some of us just prefer brick and mortar shopping. The world may eventually shift those stores into the history books, but virtual worlds only need to play a part in that. The biggest promise I saw for SL in 2006 and still think is there is not what it can replace, but what it can change about the real world. The micro economy, a vibrant community of millions working together, ect. Its too bad that the "tried and true" red tape, big brother, big money greed ways of the real world have crept their way into the grid in recent years.
  14. Feel free to use the mantra we use at our place: Love Everybody.
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