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  1. I don't even want to take the high road here, but I will take at face value that you want to discuss this because you just don't know. Not a single premium member with 2 brain cells will be happy if this happened. Not a one. But lets assume, for a sec, they were... It wouldn't last a week before they got their pitchforks out. I went premium eventually, but let me tell you, I spent more money on SL while a basic resident than since I was premium. I bought Linden dollars fairly frequently and in bunches. I also work in SL. You don't even need to buy Ls to get them. And either way, once you get them, you spend them. Add this to the fact that segregating them means premiums would have less people to socialize with, perform for, and sell products to. Right now, SL concurrency is on a 13 or so year slide. At one point, peak hours saw 80K avatars logged in at once. These days, they struggle to hit 50k. I'm not sure they even do anymore. I think they are struggling to get 48K, if not 45K right now. Lets put the number at 50K. That is a 40 percent drop. Lets say out of the 50K online at the peak of any given day, even 5 percent are basic. Which we all realize, I think, does not scratch the surface. Overnight, peak concurrency goes from struggling to hit 50k to struggling to hit 45K. OVERNIGHT. Nobody wants to be in a ghost town. The biggest issue with other grids is that everyone interested in virtual worlds are all in SL. Axing free accounts would give SL that same problem. People draw people. Its bad enough that creators and consumers get classed in the attitudes of a lot of people, and far too often in the actions of LL, failing to realize there is only one class of user in reality - the SL resident.
  2. I'm not trying to claim anything, I'm just posting my opinion on a forum like everyone else. I respect yours. Have a great day.
  3. Far be it for me to guess why gambling addicts become addicts I suppose, but without the possibility of winning something eventually, it is not gambling. Its just a buy-in fee, like a cover charge to access a club. The tokens, the twitter post clearly states, have no real value and are not exchangeable. Entertainment purposes only. I doubt many gambling addicts would bother with simply virtually pulling slot levers without the slimmest hope of getting anything else out of it. Its the hope of one day hitting a jackpot that has them hooked, isn't it?
  4. I've seen some highly interactive, very sophisticated games in SL. I think LSL allows us to do about anything. The issue, in my opinion, is whether the content can keep a region running smoothly. I don't think there is very much we cannot literally do. I think the platform serves that. Your imagination, I think, is really your limit. I don't think that is just an ad slogan. The question isn't is it creatable. The question is, would it have high value on this lag-prone platform?
  5. You don't even need a script. Go into about land and uncheck "Anyone can visit" under the access tab, and the OP can keep everyone else out
  6. You could turn access off in about land after a certain number is reached, or send invitations if you want 25 specific avatars, and turn off general access and put the 25 you invited into the always allowed list.
  7. Things I miss from my early days (beginning in Oct. 2006): - The majority of residents seeing SL as something far more than a game - Openness and a desire on the part of the vast majority of others to socialize as opposed to staying in their corner. - The supporting of one another, even in business. The understanding that you don't do well in SL unless the industry you are in (whether its clothing, music venues, or whatever the case) does well as a whole. Work together. Prop each other up. Its a win-win. - When people opened venues because they cared about their creation more than the owner tag above their head. I'm not saying this no longer happens. But the opposite exists far too much today. - When people wanted to help each other and understood that they were new once too. - When people cared about the grid and the promise of its future, and not just their own slice of it. - Collaborative building that could be seen as you built, in-world. Yeah the builds look better today. It just sucks you can't be in SL (at least actively), to build them.
  8. I missed the old venue I had in 2007. So I made it again. I still missed the old one, because SL has changed. It isn't about the location's existence, but the experience within it. That is hard to recreate. Besides that, some are creators and some enjoy creations. Both are equal. Missing something is not illegitimate just because they could, theoretically, just bring it back.
  9. My thought on this? Its akin to a grower of apples creating an apples vs oranges webpage. IMVU even calling itself a world almost makes me laugh. There are similarities, but they are barely at best in the same arena. IMVU reminds me a lot of Sansar. Not knocking either one, by the way. I'm just confused by the comparison to SL - it sounds like a reach. And while graphics power is a fantastic bonus and should never be glossed over by a developer, its really just fit and finish stuff. It says nothing about your product and does nothing for one's social persona - that comes from who you are and your style choices, and features that promote social interaction. A graphics award does not even touch why IMVU is a social interaction winner. It might be, for some people. But graphics don't accomplish it. You can be better at producing social interaction and have 8-bit graphics for pete's sake. Oh, and at least as of a few months ago - my most recent foray into the thing - IMVU being better graphically is also arguable at best. It's all business spin designed to reach the SL audience because of the high numbers of people. Its akin to when Linden Lab heavily targeted the Facebook audience to boost numbers and put SL on steam to try and bring in gamers (SL is not a game. Yeah I'll keep saying it). That hasn't moved the needle much, assuming it hasn't actually hurt SL, which I think it has. But I digress on that. They should be advertising their product, not posting random, out of thin air arguments as to why they are better than something else. This more resembles a shot fired than an advertisement in my opinion.
  10. If you are using Firestorm, and you are not photographing any objects that do not belong to you - go to World-Options-Show only my objects In this case he could spend all week tossing stuff out and you'll never know the difference. If you are photographing others objects in your scene, take it somewhere else like a sandbox. You might get griefed there too, obviously, but its a good play to escape this person and there are many you can visit, some with very low traffic.
  11. In the tiniest of ways, I suppose. But not in a meaningful one. I guess it depends on how much of a reach you are willing to make to say that, in a way, it was SL2. For me, I don't see it that way because it wasn't even a world. It was a set of shared spaces, like a 3D web. There was no connectivity. No map, no crossing from one to another outside of a portal on their website... The fact that it was 3D graphics was the largest connection to SL that it had in my opinion. Games, like World of Warcraft or Ark Survival Evolved, have that.
  12. oh the slip was way before this, in a media interview. They were forced eventually to come here and face us and give us more info, probably earlier than they should, and I think that may have forced them to placate us with some things. In no meaningful way was it SL2 - it was not a connected world but a set of shared experiences. It was to run in Linden Lab's product line beside SL I fully believe. They did eventually say that they would work on transfer of items, but they were pretty quick to point out that because they were different platforms in basically every way, it would be hard to cross over anything in a meaningful way, as most everything would break and they were not planning on preventing that.
  13. I sure hope LL is back in the metaverse sweepstakes. Leaving was a huge mistake in my opinion. As for mobile - it looks way better than I expected, but I'll need to see how inventory, chat, groups, notices and all that is managed, as well as interacting with objects and paying for items and all that. I'm still of the belief that SL on mobile is several times better in theory than it will be in practice, but who knows. Emoji viewer? Ok that is awesome!
  14. If only this were true. Well, I guess we will never know for certain, I should preface. But I see it differently based on all communication from LL during development, and seeing what Sansar is/was since launch. But by all accounts, Sansar was supposed to be another product. I think one of the things that really hurt Sansar initially was the expectation of so many that we were getting a Second Life 2.0. (I pinned that on Linden Lab at the time, for their way too early "accidental" slip about its existence, and their about face of "we can't yet talk about that". It led to too much speculation) That was never supposed to happen. Yes, it was supposedly built in the spirit of SL, but that was it. Unfortunately, the intention to NOT replace SL with a rebuild from the ground up was a horrific decision from LL at the time, in my opinion. Building a separate VR-centric product was a disaster. Once they realized the state of their VR pipedream, they improved Sansar way too late and way too slowly with their mouse and keyboard improvements. Rebuilding SL from the ground up using modern technology was sorely needed and could have made for an even better grid than we have today. I still call for it today. I agree though - it is dying, in the sense that it has a shelf life. Many of us will eventually see the death of SL, I think. It just isn't months or a couple years away.
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