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  1. Feeling awesome now that I am back home from the hospital!
  2. Agreed. It needs a custom option, like Google Calendar has. I should be able to customize to every 2, 3, 4 weeks or more.
  3. Why quit? Most people who "quit" are back later, I find. I've seen many goodbyes from folks who are back within weeks. Some wind up never leaving. Just log in when you feel like it and don't when you don't, I say. When you feel like logging in again is completely up to you.
  4. Yeah, I'm glad they scratched that idea. That upset me too. I'm fine with a few features being optional for a fee or a premium payment. Just a shame when they take from the rest to try and lure them to premium.
  5. Oh absolutely. Buying Ls is just one example. I just picked that one because I think it would be the easiest for the lab to measure and equate it to premium, since they handle the purchases of Ls. I wish there was some way LL could track and measure the contribution we make in other indirect ways and reward like they do premium payments.
  6. I feel this way too. I feel like a certain amount of $L purchase should equate to some level of premium membership, at least for a set amount of time. Say, buying $100 USD worth of Linden Dollars gets you one year of premium.
  7. While I'm not the greatest at initiating conversation, I'll talk to anyone. I don't get much interaction but I'll give it any day.
  8. The problem is those that "don't pay", do often actually pay. Oh and semantics about directly paying the lab and putting money into the system don't matter much. They are still contributing to the value of the system. If basics weren't around to pump money into the system as customers, how many people would see premium price tag as worth it? Not many is my guess. Even more they provide goods and services. I was mostly basic for over 12 years. For most of that time I've worked for and operated clubs, purchased land from land barons (who directly pump money into the system thanks to the revenue they make from basics and premiums alike), worked for live singers and countless other events, volunteered for Relay For Life of Second Life, an American Cancer Society run event, sponsored by Linden Lab. I say this not to brag about myself. I say it to recognize all of the folks who are still basic. I signed up for premium over a month ago. Paid $99 bucks for an annual subscription. My contribution remains the proverbial grain of sand it was when I was buying that much in Ls a year and pumping them back into the system.
  9. From the events calendar, its quietly been added like the fees were a week or so ago (or at least the wording has been. I don't think they are actually removing L's yet, come to think of it). Strike that. They are indeed charging now. https://gyazo.com/f0ada416281eaf9a6de939259dd9f6a9
  10. So events have been updated again. We now have recurring events. For 50L, premium users can post their event to appear in the events calendar on a recurring basis to a total of 12 (weeks, months, or however regular the event occurs). The fee is one time per unique event. So you can now post approximately 4 months of events for a one time 50L x the number of unique events in your calendar. So for example - If you have 10 regular events a week, you can post 4 months worth of them for a cost of 500L Events can be changed free of charge, and a link to "my events" is up on the calendar for easy access.
  11. I wonder what took the industry that long. People seriously thought those headsets would go mainstream? Virtual Reality reminds me of 3D printing. Some folks find some early (and awesome, to be fair) adoption of the tech and all of a sudden it goes viral and we are months away from creating working products in our living room. Yeah, no.
  12. Even then it could be somebody else actually using the account.
  13. Which removes all reason to restrict it to premium in the first place. If the revenue tied to buyers' premium accounts isn't the reason, there isn't one. It'll cut back on the number of people getting it? Nope. Not if you merely have to obtain premium and don't have to keep it.
  14. "If you can't/won't pay for it, just don't buy it" And keep your mouth shut? Sorry, that is not how discussion forums and opinions work. If my opinion is its overpriced, that is what you are going to hear from me. Don't agree? Fair enough. My biggest gripe with the fee is that it is a premium feature. I'm already paying for those. If you feel this new one is worth bumping the premium price up, fine. Do that and let me decide. I'd actually pay 50 cents more a month, maybe a dollar (they'd eventually get way more than 40 bucks out of me), or more if it was paired with something else. But a 40 bucks up front fee that shuts out basics? Okay.... So many users wanted this and only the ones willing to pay roughly 10 bucks a month and 40 up front (roughly 160 bucks in year one and 120 thereafter) get it. Alrighty then... A lot of people will buy this. Good for business. A lot of people who wanted it won't. Bad for business.
  15. Was a pleasure! Great photo too by the way, quite well done!
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