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  1. That "home and garden wisom" has been known to reduce your risk of death. Your overall health impacts your ability to fight infection. Doesn't have to be = it is not a death sentence. You might die, you might not. We will all die eventualy, sure, but that doesn't mean we are completely helpless in these situations. Even those with high risk can survive this, despite the lower odds. More than 150,000 people a day die for a variety of reasons. But that doesn't leave us completely powerless.
  2. Fear will kill us before any illness ever should. Practice social distancing, wash your hands thoroughly and often. Get lots of rest and look after your general health. Covid-19 is potentially deadly but it doesn't have to be. I have Spina Bifida so I am high risk. I'm not worried, but I am informed and doing everything I need to do to avoid this. All the best to you and your nana. I hope you stay safe.
  3. Which was my entire point. You play games IN SL, but in and of itself, SL is not a game.
  4. No offense taken at all. I'm not convincing anybody with entrenched attitudes. Its tiresome at best, and likely an exercise in futility as you imply. But there are plenty who are not entrenched in their attitudes but do things they may just not think twice about. Its so easy to remove an issue with a quick ban, even I am guilty of it as a venue owner. So while we may all agree, it never hurts to see a reminder, or perhaps another way we can do what we are doing already. Besides that, I tend to get on my soapbox on certain issues I strongly agree or disagree with haha 🙂
  5. People want to use THEIR dance huds, regardless of what the club has, even if they have the same dances. They leave before even looking at the quality of dance machines a lot of times, because regardless of what the dances are, they aren't interested.
  6. Maybe so, but I am sure the forum has a lot of lurkers, and we certainly see a lot of newbies who may pick up on some things said here for their future on the grid. Having said that, I was merely voicing my agreement with a previous post and expanding on it, not really trying to convince anyone.
  7. I'm not just talking about mentoring, although mentoring is part of it, for those who want to be doing it. I wouldn't want to be mentored by somebody who wasn't passionate about doing so, so I would never suggest we all do that. My point was in response to the idea that one problem is how newbies get treated in here, such as the age minimum for entering some areas. I get the point behind it, but we need to stop painting newbies with a single brush, and when they do wrong, we need to ask ourselves "is it possible they just don't know any better and just need to be told what they did wrong?"
  8. Amen. We as a community need to look to ourselves to curb problems, and this includes educating new users. I cannot tell you the number of new users I've seen mess up only to be educated on how they messed up, apologize for doing so, learn from the error of their ways and become great residents. Some people just don't know any better when they get here. Every time we ban someone, we burn a bridge with somebody that could one day turn into rule/etiquette abiding, contributing residents of SL. None of us can say we were never a newbie, so why do we treat them so badly?
  9. The idea of optional gaming is a good one. Linden Realms was a great idea for giving gamers something familiar to them to do in return for prizes. It was an example of catering to gamers. The problem with introductory gaming mechanics with signs pointing elsewhere as Bitsy put it is it would only serve to drive home the highly incorrect assumption that SL is a game.
  10. Same thing for me. The fact that it is so much more than what any game could ever be has kept me here. SL is no more a game than Facebook is.
  11. This would only work if SL was, in fact, a game.
  12. There are no storylines or quests in Second Life because it is not a game. What to do next is completely up to you. Linden Lab seriously needs to do a better job of letting users know what they are signing up for.
  13. If you build it they might come once. I joined Sansar because the creators of this highly successful virtual world called Second Life built it. I saw creators build scores of experiences so I checked them out, particularly ones of interest (the HUGE Nascar-like race track that took me 31 minutes just to walk a lap around was fricken cool) and ones my friends told me they were building. I even liked what they had so far, enough to say that in a year two, I think we might have something here! If I was right I would have stuck it out. But I stopped going after a few months of seeing almost exactly what I was looking at when I first joined, save for a few decent at best upgrades to desktop mode. If you build it, they might come. If the platform grows and evolves and you maintain and improve what you've built, they might stay. It reminded me of my Inworldz experience. I was really excited about its future at first, when it went from a couple users online to 200 in fairly rapid order. It still wasn't a ton of fun. Wasn't overly engaging. But I was fine being a part of something that appeared to be on the verge of something. Once it plateaued around 200, and they went from focusing on the grid to putting out niche things like an app to link your avatar to your real world exercise equipment, I lost interest completely.
  14. EVERY Charity benefit costs money and is paid for by donations. Very, very few charities donate 100%, and those tend to not be able to fund very big drives. Most of the time, when you are submitting directly, you are also paying for the overhead costs of the money collection (which I view as indirectly helping the charitable cause, as they allow the drives to continue).
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