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  1. It has been implemented. Its just flawed. 10 to 50Ls per event for a club to advertise is nonsense. The cost of a dime or less to advertise a real world event would never compute with anyone, but yet here in this world, thats the reality. Maybe one day they will take some zeros off of the cost of owning land and tack one or two onto the cost of advertising.
  2. What I meant by letting scripts get away with it wasn't implying that LL doesn't have ways to deal with it. I meant that it kind of shocks me that the ability to take money from accounts unknowingly after one simple debit click using a timer exists in the system. Some gift cards do in certain situations - I have use gift cards that become vendors for the item when you click on the in-store vendor. If my balance is less than the cost, I have had the remaining L's taken via debit perms.
  3. Seriously? Linden Lab lets scripts get away with this? I've used shopping huds and gift cards that "buy" via the gift card hud. It never occurred to me that the grid would make it possible to have these things take your money without the explict action for every instance of payment. This needs to change. Like a decade ago.
  4. Even debit permissions still require a pay action on the users end, or receipt of lindens by the user. The permission just allows an object to take the Ls you tell it to take. Take the Relay For Life kiosks. I rez one and accept debit (I have to do this so that the money I get gets funneled automatically to the American Cancer Society). The kiosk is still not capable of blindly removing my lindens - just the lindens that the kiosk pays me. So with that said I am sure it could be done without trust being a part of the equation.
  5. I have seen many comments, and several responses from creators. Is it an underutilized feature? Sure, but it is there. There is nothing stopping a creator from responding to a false review by utilizing that feature.
  6. The major issue with this is you don't need an invitation to go to a shop. A shop can see a sudden rise in popularity by word of mouth and suddenly their tier should go up? Yeah, no. The biggest problem in Second Life economics, if not the grid entirely, right now is land/tier costs. This suggests a step backwards in correcting that, with all due respect. Linden Lab needs to solve the problem of lag, not punish its users for a system that lags.
  7. Which is hilarious because those counters have some of the most resource offending scripts in them.
  8. Sellers can respond to MP reviews. Happens all the time. There is a comments link on every review.
  9. I believe if it is posted in-world then yes. On a blog? Likely not. Just remember a couple things. Things happen. Not all bad experiences are reflective of how a store normally operates. We are all human and we are all going through this thing called life. Also, any time you mention a store by name, you are providing advertising for said store.
  10. I'm not seeing much change, but it will be nice to see my family more and not be afraid to order out, so not ENJOYING it, no. Mind you I won't be in a rush to see this lockdown end until the world realizes that we need to slow down as a society. This will happen again. Heck, it might even have to happen again thanks to this very same illness. We can't keep everything shut down forever, but we cannot afford to keep flicking the proverbial switch in both directions on even a somewhat routine basis, either. If this is the new normal for how we deal with pandemics such as this, then we NEED to find a new normal for life in general, and make a routine effort to minimize the frequency of these things. Wouldn't hurt to take some lessons here as far as dealing with influenza, either. Covid-19 is a plus-1, meaning all other health matters are continuing. Heart attacks, influenza, strokes, car accidents are all still happening. If we can control influenza a little better with more frequent hand washing, slowing down as a society and taking a page out of the covid-19 response book, future severe pandemics won't be such a strain on health care.
  11. I don't know you, but I respect you. This grid (and quite frankly, this planet) needs more of the compassion shown here.
  12. Many clubs don't require past experience, some even train. Here are some tips and some general guidelines and common rules to being a host: - The first basic thing you must know is how to send notices. Typically a DJ has a two hour set, and you are likely to have to send a notice prior to a set, and another halftime notice after hour 1. Once you are in the group, you will be able to look at archived notices to get a feel for what goes out in a notice. Or you can just join a club group and watch for a bit to get a feel for what hosts are doing there before stepping up to do the job. - Next basic requirement - Life happens, but generally, be prepared to be there for the two hours. Don't go afk. Don't look at it as easy money and clock in and out. Do it because you enjoy it and the rest will take care of itself. Do it for the money and you'll probably wind up making less and looking bad. - Second basic requirement - promote the DJ in chat, particularly remind the crowd to tip them. Don't overdo it - my rule of thumb when hosting is generally once per hour. - Never, ever, EVER promote yourself or your tip jar on stage. Its tacky, at best. - Greet people. Use radar to watch for people arriving. Say hello when they do. This can be hard in large crowds. Don't panic but do your absolute best. - Don't blow off sets because at the moment you don't feel like hosting. When a club hires you, you have a responsibility just like if you got hired by Walmart. You won't make every shift, just make sure your reasoning isn't anything close to "I'd rather do something else right now" These are the basics. Good hosts will also show up early, leave late, tip the previous and following workers, and work/communicate with their DJ. I almost forgot. Promote the club. If they have live singers, games, cuddle areas, or anything else - Talk about it. Get to know the club and find out things, although you might be asked to talk about specific things also.
  13. WoW is comparable to the RP sims and to Linden Realms. Very much so. Go to a live venue sim or some other business and the comparisons stop at 3D graphics.
  14. I never said SL couldn't or don't have games on their platform. You can also buy countless games in-world. There is a difference between being a game and having sims with games.
  15. Almost everything found here is found there. But there is a lot found there that is not here. Quests, experience points, storylines, and all things that make games games are not here. SL is no more a game than Facebook is.
  16. Games are an entirely different category with only so much in common with virtual worlds
  17. That is true if paired with the slash in land costs. It might eventually come to pass, but until then, that isn't what this is.
  18. I attend a lot of events so I come across certain people I see regularly. Sometimes they are first to say hi, sometimes I am. Sometimes we miss each other. Name changes make it just that much easier to miss one another in passing. Its a minor thing that I don't feel a need to harp on, but that was what I was referring to in my original comment. Yeah I realize things like looking at profiles. But if you see a name you don't recognize in a crowd, I'm sure you can understand it would be natural to assume you are in the company of a stranger and not even think to verify.
  19. I'm not referring to any conversation scenerio. I might say hi to somebody I see frequently if I recognize them. I would hate to not say hi to them because they appear to be a stranger because of this. Not making it difficult, just trying to explain what I see as an unintended consequence of this. Its no biggie, just trying to explain a missed point.
  20. Sure, but likely there was something that made them think they might. A random "who are you?" on the off chance a complete stranger isn't actually a complete stranger would be more than awkward though....
  21. If for all I know they are a complete stranger, why would I ask them who they are?
  22. It still would be helpful to have an easier way, though. If a person I know IM's me and I cannot tell who it is, what I am I to do in that case? Look up the keys of as many folks as I can think of until I find a match? I would hate to see somebody I see at events frequently and not know it is them. Am I still missing something here?
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