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  1. A lot of events are repeated unnecessarily. The spam needs cleaned up. I am a little disappointed that the fee was added before recurring events were, but recurring events will help tremendously to reduce cost. Just to let you know, events appear during the duration of the event. If I search during halftime, I'll still see your original post. Posting a halftime on the SL events calendar only ensures that the event appears twice, which is unnecessary.
  2. In fairness @Asadora Summers, clubs have been paying since the beginning of the grid. Matter of fact, this cost will only increase club costs not even 5% in most cases, perhaps often not even 1%. Its nothing compared to the tier we pay.
  3. A play list I put together of Eric Church, one of the greatest artists of all time in my opinion. You're welcome. 😋
  4. * 39 year old Canadian paraplegic who considers himself uniquely abled, not disabled. * A firm believer in God. * A country boy at heart. I appreciate most any music, however. Everything from The Chief Eric Church to The G.O.A.T Michael Jackson. * More old school than my age suggests I have any right to be. My most prized possession in my music collection is Michael Jackson's album Thriller, purchased just last year on vinyl. Trade ya my digital collection for your vinyl one (provided I like your musical tastes, heh). * A lover of people and a hater of nobody, to a fault if you want to think there is such a thing. It might leave me vulnerable, but I prefer vulnerability over anger. This song pretty much sums me up
  5. Thing is, it literally could have been, should have been, and still could be.
  6. I rediscovered the forums a few months ago. Happy to be a part of this!
  7. I may be older than prim dirt but trust me the noob stories are as recent as last week!
  8. Great read. Thanks. I can't say I agree with much of it, but a great read nonetheless. "It’s a perfect summation of the hype that was impossible for Second Life to live up to" More like a perfect summation of the possibilities it failed to live up to.
  9. Your link is incorrect @RaeLeeH, it leads to the wish list of whomever clicks it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/RaeLeeH is yours
  10. @momomoonusagi This grid needs more stuff like this. How great a community Second Life can be if we all step outside of ourselves every now and then. Thank you for reminding me of that. You rock. Count me in. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/Adam.Spark
  11. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  12. Disagreement is not bullying. This is a discussion forum. Not a Q&A forum. There is another place called Answers for strictly Q&A. I'm sorry you've been bullied and stalked and hope you get the help you need with that. But seriously, you are not getting that bullying here.
  13. Not everyone fills out their profile. Its far from a requirement. Many alts fill out profile (some even using their profile to reveal their alt status). Alt accounts are not bad. Some of their operators are. But so are some operators of single accounts.
  14. Its up to the venue, or in this case Linden Lab, to maintain license. It is not up to the DJ. "When a DJ plays live at a venue and mixes a collection of tracks, the venue usually pays the licensing fees for the songs that the DJ’s play, 99% of the time, to a Performing Rights Organisation (PRO for short). In the U.S., this is an organisation like ASCAP or BMI (in my country, Australia, it’s called APRA AMCOS). This means that DJs don’t have to worry about breaching copyright by playing other people’s tracks, because the venue covers you." https://djtechtools.com/2017/06/05/basics-dj-copyright-laws/ Is just like the gambling that was shut down. Nobody went after the operators of the virtual casinos until Linden Lab had no choice but to block their operation.
  15. Nope. Get out more in-world. The vast majority of the grid has nothing to do with sex.
  16. Where they ask for money themselves? Or where the venues ask to tip them? If its the former, I tend to avoid anyone who asks for money themselves. Being a DJ has nothing to do with the ethics of that to me. If its the latter, that should happen. DJs should not be treated any differently than anyone else trying to do the job they were hired for and that they enjoy doing.
  17. Not everybody has the group room to follow their favorite DJs. You may not need the info, but that doesn't mean or even come close to suggesting that nobody does. Singers get posted and nobody bats an eye. DJs are trying to attract an audience and equally deserve the advertising any event gets. Should clubs only post a full lineup? Maybe. We can debate how to structure the events. But any time a club owner puts somebody on stage for people to hear its long been referred to and accepted as an event.
  18. Is it possible that the rest of the money charged is actually a paypal transaction fee? They have processing fees of their own. So actually, you should be losing more than 5% without any cheating
  19. You said in your original post you are getting 4,750 USD to process 5,000 USD. 5,000 minus 4,750 = 250, or 5% of 5,000
  20. Yes and getting to that end is the processing part. The part being processed into USD credit is the $5000 USD worth of lindens. The fee for that processing is 5% of the value.
  21. They charge 5% of what you are cashing out (the USD amount at the end of L$ conversion) and make no bones about it. It works the same as commission fee on the MP. You sell something on MP for 100L, 5% comes out (soon to be 10). 5% of 100L = 5L. $237.50 is not 5% of what you are cashing out if you are cashing out $5000 USD. 5% of 5000 is 250, so that is what comes out. https://secondlife.com/corporate/pricing.php 5000 minus 250, not minus 237.50, is 4750
  22. Hopefully both. I think it could, and I hope it will, re-energize, older residents. I certainly know it has for me. I've never left the platform, it still has a lot for me, but I've found myself less enthused about the product - and thus less vocal outside of Second Life - largely due to the loss of the community culture and the loss of the bold game changing 3D web dreams. I know that I can only speak for myself, at least matter of factly, but I do have a firm belief that the explosion in 2006-2010 was due to word of mouth and an excitement about what SL could become - about the fact that it was way more than anything you could call "a game". This alone would, I believe, engage new residents. It did the first time. Not to mention the positive effect that an energetic and positive userbase can have on new users coming in. Linden Lab has done a lot to reach scores of new users over the last few years. Steam (gamers, don't get me started), Facebook integration, ect. What has it led to? Inflated numbers of bad retention rates, incomplete signups and fixes for said problems that don't get anywhere near the root of the real issues. Just my opinion. Yes I'm passionate about SL lol. Or at least about what SL could be.
  23. I am an oldbie (or as I like to say, older than prim dirt LOL). My account was created on Oct. 26th, 2006. I missed being the millionth account created by almost precisely a week. I would say your assessment is pretty spot on. I think, and hope, we are entering a new generation now with the growing popularity of Bellissera and Linden Homes, which were, in the beginning, suited only for new residents. It feels, to a degree, like a return to the oldbie generation, which was an era where Residents were far more united as a community than they are today. I've been feeling a near full circle ride (albeit slower a ride than I'd like) back to those days ever since Ebbe took over. The dream of a 3D web died with Linden Lab's failure to execute it, and I will go to my grave believing in the possibilities of a 3D web, and believing that the death of that dream is what led to the decline of Second Life ever since. 3D web can happen, Second Life proves the concept and I believe it will one day.
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