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  1. Really? It's cool. Try shingling a roof without it, for example. It's not easy. If you want to be sure that the texture aligns with the edges of your angled segments, always use the planar setting. Experiment. You'll like it. :smileywink:
  2. Yeah, AFK sometimes cancels for no apparent reason. You can try going into Preferences and setting the time before AFK to some really small number (I don't know what the minimum setting is -- never tried it). That way, even if you do pop out of gear, you'll go back to AFK pretty quickly.
  3. The link is right at the end of my post. Among many other things, it explains how to check for packet loss and what to do about it.
  4. Don't panic prematurely. Did you work through the full list of suggestions on the Bake-Fail web site that I gave you a link for? Have you checked your statistics bar to see whether you are experiencing any packet loss, for example? There are quite a few possibilities. Most are things that you can do something about, and only a few are beyond your control (like your ISP's service).
  5. When that happens, it is usually a sign that the Internet connection between your computer and SL's servers is weak or intermittent. When you change your appearance, the changes always take place on your own computer and are then uploaded to SL, where the servers make them available to everyone else's viewer. That process takes a very large amount of bandwidth and can fail if it is interrupted. I'd suggest first being sure that you are on a direct cable connection, not wireless. Many people have no trouble with wireless, but it can be problematic for some. Wireless connections can compete for bandwidth with other computers and even with cell phones, garage door openers, and other things. Next, check your router and modem. Reboot both of them by unplugging them for a few minutes and replugging them. If you still have trouble, you can adjust the maximum bandwidth setting in your client or make other changes that may help. For a comprehensive list of other troubleshooting tips, see THIS WEB SITE.
  6. You ought to be able to open it by just dragging it to the ground in any place where you are allowed to rez objects, like a sandbox. Right click on the rezzed object and select "Open". You should get the option to copy all items to your inventory. Do that and the unpacked contents will be in a new folder, which you can see under your inventory's Recent tab. Depending on how they were packaged, they might also be copied directly to the Animations folder in your inventory.
  7. You can upload any textures to SL if they are in JPG, TGA, PNG, or BMP format. It doesn't make any difference what program you use to create those files. Before you upload a texture, it is smart to make each of its dimensions an even power of 2 (that is, 32, 64, 128, 512, or 1024), so that you have images that are, for example, 128 x 512 pixels. Otherwise, SL will automatically redimension odd-sized images to power-of-two dimensions, causing some potential distortion and loss of resolution. No dimension of an image can be larger than 1024 pixels. To apply a texture to any prim face, just drag it from your inventory with your mouse and drop it onto the face. To apply a texture to all faces of a prim, open your Edit window (CTRL + 3), select the prim, go to the Textures tab, and drag the texture into the texture-picker panel. There are other ways as well, but that's a good one to know about for starters. Take a look at THIS KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE for more information.
  8. You don't. LL does that, using their own mystical formula. All you do is be patient. :smileyhappy:
  9. There are many ways to start. I think you'll really enjoy working through the tutorials on Natalia Zelmanov's blog, for example. She has a nice, easy-to-follow style and her tutorials are well-illustrated. You should also spend time with Robin Wood's tutorials. The most imporant skills in creating clothing are the artistic skills you apply to creating textures, and Robin is one of the very best in SL to learn from. I'd also suggest taking at least one class in world. NCI is a good place to look, but there are others as well. Look in your Search tool under Events >> Educational to see what being given this week. Tools? You need a good graphics program that is capable of handling layers. There are three. Photoshop is the most powerful and versatile, and probably most commonly-used one. Paint Shop Pro also works well. Both of those are expensive, however, so you may at least want to take a look at the third alternative, GIMP. You'll find partisans who favor each of the three. Listen to what they have to say and make up your own mind. Finally, start reading and asking questions in the Texturing Forum. That's where many of us who do a lot of clothing design in SL learned, and it's where we keep coming back to as we have questions or exciting things to share. That's enough for a start. Have fun. I'd suggest starting slowly. Make a few T-shirts to get a feel for it, spend lots of time learning how your graphics program works, and experiment.
  10. That's a good possibility, Josh. If the OP has accidentally ticked the planar mode instead of leaving the texture in default, it will show up as a mass of tiny squares. Thing is, when he stretches it to fit, it should be obvious that it's in planar mode.
  11. That's odd. There's nothing wrong with the script, as far as I can see. There may be something wrong with your notecard, however. Just to check, try inserting a new diagnostic line in your script ...... dataserver(key id, string data) { if (id == linecountid) { linemax = (integer)data - 1; llOwnerSay("There are " + (string)data + " lines on this card."); // This is the new line } Each line on your notecard should end when you hit the Enter key. If you haven't done that, then you may see many lines of text because they wrap around, but they are really all part of a single long line. If this diagnostic statement says that there's only one line of text on your card, you'll know what's wrong.
  12. If you are using the curent V2 viewer, you may be in Basic mode, That's a stripped down mode, meant for very simple operations during your first day or so in SL. To see your Inventory and have the viewer's full functionality, log out of SL and then choose Advanced mode from the login screen.
  13. Anything that you build is yours, but you can't just leave it lying around unless it's on land that you own or rent (or unless you have a very kind friend). A sandbox is a public building area. You have temporary building rights, but anything left after a few hours will be returned automatically to your Lost & Found folder. The amount of time till autoreturn varies from one sandbox to another, so unless you know how long it is, it's a good idea to take working copies as you are developing something. When you're all done for the day, take everything back to your Inventory and file it where you'll find it next time. Then, next time just drag your saved work from Inventory and drop it on the ground to rez it and start where you left off.
  14. To get started in building, I'd recommend a trip to the Ivory Tower of Prims, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Natoma/210/164/27 . Spend an afternoon working with their great tutorials to understand the basics. Then, consider taking free building classes at Builder's Brewery (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Builders%20Brewery/111/151/23) or NCI (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fishermans%20Cove/37/232/25). You can also see a range of free classes in SL at any time by using your in-world Search (upper right corner of your screen in the V2 viewer .... lower toolbar in any other viewer) and looking for the Educational listings under the Events tab.
  15. It's usually smart to know the local rules, often included in the sim's covenant. As others have said, a sim owner can ban you for having red hair or looking cross-eyed, the same way you can toss someone out of your own house in RL. Still, most sim owners spell out the basics in a covenant. If you ever have doubts about whether something you are about to do is allowed, check there first. On a nude beach, I can think of a few things that might get you banned pretty fast...... :smileytongue:
  16. Try upgrading to the current Phoenix Release Candidate Previous versions did have some trouble with texture loading, but the new release seems much better so far.
  17. !. How to find out if a person has multiple avatars and the names, other than asking them? You don't. There's no way to tell, although there have been several very contraversial attempts to figure out by seeing if two or more avs are using the same IP address. That approach can yield a ton of false positives, for obvious reasons. (I still can't figure out why it's anyone's business whether I have an alt.) 2. How do you find anyone anywhere (even out of range) without having their permission? I know there are av finder gadgets, but what is the most effective one? You can't, unless the person is on your friends list and has checked the icon that allows you to track him/her. There would be too many possibilities for stalking if LL allowed you to find anyone anywhere. You can find out whether a person is on line -- a trivial exercise -- but not where the person is, thank goodness.
  18. Ah... That explains that one. In my tests, I was always sending complete sentences that ended with a period. Hence the %2E. Close, but no cigar. :smileysad:
  19. When you are planning to rez a coalesced object, ALWAYS open your editor (CTRL + 3) first. That way, when the object appears, you will be able to manipulate all of the objects together. If you don't open edit mode first, you may find that it's difficult to move some parts of the coalesced object that rez outside your parcel (which will annoy neighbors, at least) or underground or inside other objects (which will make them very hard to find).
  20. To fly, press the "Home" key. As Peewee says, it's much less likely to trigger other actions then the "F" key.
  21. I just checked your profile in world. Your name is ThommieRox Resident, you have been a SL resident for 104 days, and you are currently logged on. It looks as if you have figuired out the answer to your question. :smileywink:
  22. It sounds like you're asking about Display Names. To set your display name in the V2 viewer. Log into Second Life. Open the My Profile tab of the sidebar. Click the Profile button. Your profile opens. Click the Edit Profile button. Click Set Your Display Name to the right of Display Name. Enter your display name under New Display Name. Enter your display name again, under Type your new name again to confirm. Click Save. Check out THIS PAGE to learn more or THIS OTHER PAGE for answers to common questions about Display Names.
  23. Wierd! It worked fine on my sim earler this evening. Hmmmm... I wonder .... I was assuming that \n is the same thing as hitting the Enter key, which generates a hex 2E code. That may not be the case, in which case I have led you astray. For your application, you want to look for whatever the correct code is. I suggest that you send yourself a multiline message and run it through a short script that includes llOwnerSay( llEscapeURL(message)); to see what hex code really does appear at the end of a line. That's what you want to put in your script.
  24. Aha! That's what the cryptic comment meant. Of course! I have hit that button by mistake myself more than once. Nice catch, Innula.
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