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  1. Is everyone still sticking with it? At just fifteen minutes (or even less) everyday, I've been making enormous strides. Most of the time, I don't even have to search for stuff I've used recently now -I know right where it is!
  2. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh LL doesn't know or admit Ruth still exists.
  3. I've deleted over 2,000 items so far, and am feeling really good about it. I still have a long way to go, but every little bit helps, and it does add up fast. Just getting rid of duplicate items alone made a dent. Now, to tackle the confusing mess of body parts. (sigh) I have my "main" avatar -mesh human, all the old classic stuff -hair, eyes, shapes, etc that I do sometimes still use, and then all the new stuff I've acquired since buying the mesh. Ugh! I don't even want to think about the rat's nest of clothing, because its' the same way but there's a lot more of it.
  4. Wow. Your alt should be in here, teaching us how to maintain an inventory like that! In fact, I need her skills in real life, too!
  5. (nods) Yes; I tried that for the first time yesterday, and have to say I love it. Using characters puts the folders in an order I choose, and that's making life much easier already. I appreciate all the tips and tricks from everyone. Even after all these years, I still learn new stuff about SL and the ways the client can be customized, so if you have a method that works for you, please do post about it.
  6. You tried to clean stuff out, but just got more? What do you think went wrong? Carrying around that many items would make me homicidal! Maybe just try boxing up the hair? How many different ones do you really wear in a month?
  7. That's true, Zeta. Many of my folders contain landmarks, group inviters, thank-you notes and other items that are really useless. It's nice to be wanted -and thanked- but how many such notices does one really need? I'd say: ONE per creator or one per location. Another way to evaluate stuff: would you buy it again today? If you had to pay to upload a particular file again would you? If not, it's probably trash. If you ever really need such a thing, how likely is it you can find another just as good? One of the best things about SL is the huge variety of choices for every th
  8. Onward: We might as well start at the top with "animations". This is an area where I wish I could rename the system folders, because to me "animations" "poses", "gestures", and "sounds" all belong in the same place, and many of the scripts I keep and use belong there, too. So I'd like to eliminate the separate folders for those...but...we'll work with what we have. First, look for the redundant items, and clean them out. Be careful to make sure you keep at least one copy of each item, and that's it's a good, working copy. I'm still hurting over the day I accidentally deleted eve
  9. 2nd day: let's sort the demos. Search for "demo" in your inventory. If you are a creator, move your OWN demos to a "work" folder. There, you can sort them into current stuff and past stuff, and decide if you want to keep any -or all- of them. If you are able to get copies easily from your vendors or the marketplace listings, you can probably safely delete them. If not, you may want to box them up for future reference. Or, just add the textures to a notecard and keep it. If you're an end user, move the demos to a temporary folder somewhere, and sort them by date. If you've ha
  10. Anna, is your wardrobe system limited to full perm items? Or can you put all of your clothing into it?
  11. Awesome, Littleme and Tari Landar. Thank-you for sharing that with us. I was really worried I'd steered someone wrong, despite my method working perfectly for me.
  12. oh, good! In fact, I've had that happen, so that must be what is causing it.
  13. Gosh...I've never moved the folder, only the contents, so I have no idea what to expect if it goes away altogether. Can you just make a new one?
  14. All those beautiful advent gifts and hunt items are exactly WHY I'm doing this now. I got a great box of textures a few days ago. But I absolutely can't find it. I don't know what it was called, and now it's buried in all the new stuff I've picked up since. It's time for a new start!
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