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  1. I figured out out what happened i think. I modded my tattoo layer and i think it saved wrongly, meaning it got lost. I ended using a duplicate and reapplied it to my 300 + looks.
  2. I'm having a weid issue regarding a tattoo layer, though i had it in the past for other parts. it seem missing from datrabase. Usually a relog would fix it, but not this tiome. S is there a trouble with the server or do any of you have an idea that might work? so far i tried clearling my cache as well with no results.
  3. could log in once i tried another region as well. so either it's a server issue or a firestorm one ( i'm on latest firestorm) but my guess is someone **bleep**ed up somewhere.
  4. ok... so I updated to the latest firestorm and I've run into a strange bug. somehow, there are some avatars i don't see. no idea why. I know the viewer supposed to use the jelly dolls things, but this doesn't look like what is described. I don't even see the nametag, I just know the avatars that I don't see are there due to the radar. Anyone have an idea what it could be?
  5. thanks for the infos, after exhaustive testing from many people, it would seem i was dealling with a cap sim.
  6. actually, i log in fine in my home loocation. Tthe troubles start when i go anywhere else. I can tp somewhere, but get logged out if i tp out of the new place. I can't open IMs conversations, and i see only the id numbers of avatars not in contact list, no names, nothing. inventory wise, i'm ok, but i met people who lost all of it. now, yesterday, it was all fine.. but tgoday there is , per coincidence maybe, mainbtrenance. !+!=2.... what i wonder if it is connected to that and if so, are they working on fixing the trouble.
  7. just a quick question... There seem to be troubles in worlds such as being unable to tp, inventory empty, id not being visible asnd others... could that be a direct effect of the maintenance? others experienced it as well
  8. ok.. i rebooted my modem, cleared my cache, rebouted the rooter. I tried an avatar rest. I opened yourtube and it work at usual speed so trouble is not from my end... So where the hell is the avatar that i should see instead of a cloud? I know.. another post toi complaint. But if the server or the program were seen to the right way.. If they'd care to use their techs and not just fixing it when it's broken. maybe we would have a SL that function.
  9. OK so it's tuesday and I assume something went wrong AGAIN with the server..... Now is it possible to fix it in a reasonnable time so we don't crash one time of two when we teleport to other sims? Is it so illogical to expect stuff to work right once in a while?
  10. honestly..is it so hard to get everything right once in a while after a scheduled '' unscheduled'' maintenance? At this point,monkeys would fare better. They at least have an excuse not to get everything right. every time**bleep** like this happen it's an avalanche and there is always side effects. Would have been better if LL gave everyone 1K l$ and close for a whole day so the suposed experienced techies run tests to fix stuff the right and complete way
  11. *come back from spying at LL head office and show a tape showing a blue clad figure with a silver-gray face visor giving a speech * ', yessss we did it and now that the world isssss in chaosssss we can finally ssssssstrike. Gather your troops and await the order.. COBRAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!'' tape now show a huge gray robot talking to a grey and red one '' The beta grid is working? Starscream you fail me yet again!!!!''
  12. exactly what i meant, at least partially. Maybe LL don't have to give L$ to everyone as compensation for their failure. But they should be redevable to those who pay them for land use.
  13. you mean they forgot to feed the lemming on the treadmills powering the servers? and are now looking for replacements?
  14. I sometime wonder if LL is not a front for the COBRA organisation. What better way to conquer the world than introduce such a place as SL as a distraction. And of course the bugs are explainable as COBRA techies are always leaving unseen flaws..or maybe they are the flaws? ok now i can't get the picture of guys in blue uniforms working to ', fix'' the trouble.......:smileyvery-happy:
  15. By the way, Homer simpsons is not the Sl caretaker. If he were, Lisa would fix it behind his back. Maybe they hired peter griffin though...hmmm no.. then Stewie would fix it in order to take over the world.... I know.. they made Jar-Jar binks the sl caretaker!!!!!!!!!
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