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  1. Please tell me how to fix this problem
  2. How do I set a picture for my group? I looked in profiles settings and i didnt see anywhere in there for group
  3. i didnt do anything do make my avi run, but she is running everywhere at its annoying. i tried to change ao to see if that would do it... i dont want her running..... pheonix viewer I did try "stop animating my avitar" i tried teleporting... still running i tried double tapping (which is to run) to see if she would stop running... didnt work
  4. I want to delete it all together, is that possible?
  5. There is some outfits he can wear that I do see, and there are some that I dont see, he has cleared his cache, alt+crtl+R, manually cleared his cache, changed group name, switched hair base... and countless others. what else could he do to fix this problem? please help, thanks he has tried everything on that page plus some..... ty for the link, is there any other possibilities?
  6. it does not last very long but i think it is using a lot of prims I would like to get rid of it, I alt+ctrl+t to show hidden prims, but nothing shows up for them. howw do i get rid of it? there is no base or anything for this.... its just.... there? how do i get rid of it?
  7. but no one can hear me, what is wrong? I never had this issue before..... i am using Pheonix
  8. I have tried alt+ctrl+r and tried alt+ctrl+d and nothing worked pleaase help OH also tried changing groups... sat on clear cache stump... and the graphic glitch rocket manually cleared cache, and followed steps from other people with this issue..... nothing any more ideas? AWESOME!!!! I'm fixed... i changed hair base
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