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  1. I have items that have been returned to my lost and found folder by the parcel owner, while I was off line. My issue with this is I am the parcel owner so explain to me how this can happen. Also, Items that were rezed now have dissapeared, and do not show up in lost and found nor do they show up on the area search. What can and will be done about this? Not that anyone at LL cares as I am only a basic member
  2. I got nothing from LL. thats my point. I was inworld 8-12 hrs ago and had no issues. suddenly I cant access the account on my personal computer
  3. not sure what it is. it suddenly wont work. I was in world before bed working on an RP, tp'd to my home location to check on my horses, and then logged out for the night. 8.5 hrs later when I tried to log back in before I couldnt. I will try to reset the router but not sure if that is the issue.
  4. Why after two years as an age verified member, and using this personal gaming laptop for 6 months I am getting a message that SL can not be accessed from my personal computer. I sent an email to support@secondlife.com but there is not response. I have not violated TOS as far as I am aware, nor have I done anything to be banned from SL. I mainly go to one RP sim, or Hang out with my friends and tend my horses
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