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    Is there like a bumping mannequin or something I can use to test bumpers on? Don't wanna feel like I gotta bump into strangers or friends to know.
  2. To re-affirm what I've said, according to Pheonix's answer about multi-monitoring: "If you have two (or more) monitors and prefer to use Firestorm on one other than the primary, move it over as you normally would; but before closing it the first time, make sure the window is NOT maximized. This will save the window position when you next go to start the viewer. On subsequent runs you can maximize the viewer." There does not appear to be any settings to really deal with this. It's just, no matter how little or how big of a change I make my settings, I'm not coming back on the next time I want to run the viewer. UPDATE: While the settings don't exist in Firestorm, they exist to NVIDIA. I played around in the settings and found the option I wanted - Monitor Preference. I toggled my Dell ST2421L monitor to be the primary. Now the viewer will open without fail. It kept opening to the HP W2082 monitor which I presume didn't meet some kind of requirement for the viewer but the Dell did. Quite odd but intriguing to me. Anywho, consider this matter closed and solved. Thanks, Whirly, for assistance and suggestions.
  3. Bit of an update: It's apparent that I can only run the viewer again and again if I continue deleting the whole folder in my Roaming folder. Which is essentially just clearing my settings over and over again at the expense of running the viewer. That's quite annoying.
  4. I have two monitors. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ePE2-cAEcbT_LlQSb9Fk3LQs8KHPhYm_
  5. This is something I've been dealing with for the past month now and it's aggravating. I primarily use FireStorm viewer but it appears that any viewer I use, it'll be as affected. I'll install, say FireStorm, and it'll run fine. Once I'm done and I go to run it again another day, it shows a white screen and it hangs. I can't do anything to it other than close it after it says it's not responding. It's done this to Alchemy and it's even done this to the SL viewer. The only way I'd get them to run again, is to go into Regedit, after uninstalling them and delete almost every registry key tied to FireStorm or any other viewer I've used. My NVIDIA had a driver update recently, dated back to May 27th and it's updated. Thought that was it, but no. I go and delete the folder in the Roaming folder of my user file and no it didn't work either. I've tried downloading a past version of FireStorm, thinking maybe this latest version was a bust, but no that wasn't it either. I tried a 32-bit version of FireStorm, thinking maybe the 64 bit version was buggy and it wasn't that either. I run on Windows 10 Pro, with a MSI Armor 1060 6GB card, with a Ryzen 2600X CPU. What's going on with the viewers?
  6. This is not a good way to make money though. This is a good way to make people think twice before buying more lindens. Linden Labs is not thinking very smart and this is a prime example. So, since you're going to drag the whole "uh they have to make money somehow..." point, what is this going to achieve in the long run? Not a whole lot. You don't even seem to save that much from the link I've read on this thread. So, really, they're just finding an excuse to inflate the prices of buying linden, which is an essential part of SL as it is, if nothing else if someone wants to do anything. And don't act like people pay for lindens that way, because not all of them do. They treat buying lindens like as if it's extracting money from ATMs and that's pretty frequent. I've sank probably $150 ~ $200 at Linden Labs where I was happily giving $5 here and there from different periods of time when I wanted to do something like mod and shop. There were no stupid fees preventing me from this. Now they're going to give people second thoughts. Good on ya, LL...
  7. That is just poor justification. What a bunch of idiots.
  8. I didn't know when this happened, but honestly Linden Labs, the way you've got the method of buying lindens right now is just straight up greedy. Never would I thought that when I want to just pay $4 so I can have $987L, would turn into $5.49. Is the workload to transact virtual currency such a hassle to warrant the servicing fee? Honestly, this move really speaks a lot of volumes. Is SL dying now? What is it? This is the worst decision I've seen when it comes to buying more lindens. Greeeeeeed!
  9. I really, really wish that Linden Labs had it so the arrows you use to resize and move objects would follow you. Because it's stressful having to zoom out and lose focus when you're focusing on tiny things to make sure they size up right. Like paneling and making shapes meet up with eachother before linking them. I never understood why it is that it has to be fixed in one point. I've edited stuff in video games that had simpler building and edit tools than Second Life does. Why not have the arrows move with you than it being fixed?
  10. My only irritable issue with mesh is why it's such an incovenience to simply make it resizable. Laziness? Incompetent? What is it, because I cannot tell you how many mesh items I've come across where it looks good but can't resize it. In a world full of possibilities, there's no excuse or defense as to why there cannot be a method to resize mesh. When I gaze at these items, I can see them being bigger and I could see them fitting more when resized. I just think it's outright laziness for a lot of vendors out there who don't do this.
  11. No, you can't. Because, if that was the case, we'd be able to buy lindens by a single dollar. Yet, for some reason, it was decided back then that $2.50 was the bare minimum. So much for influence.
  12. I know how the damn thing works. Don't need to be reminded for the hundredth time. But, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere on what's worth it and what's not. Just doing things by sprinkling between fingers is not the answer.
  13. Okay, so I've noticed that $5 is no longer $5.30 but now $5.40. Okay...so just to screw around a bit, I've assessed the values of various amounts to see how much of a piss-squirt of a difference this makes. $30 usually got you like 7,440L just about. Now it's 7,470. That's when I noticed a key difference. LL, your economics don't make sense with me.
  14. Okay, there's this ring toss game I've built for use for a pub I attend at and I want to make it a good gift for them. But, I have no idea how to go about it's scripting process. Like, I'd want to be able to make it so you toss this ring to several of these pegged hooks and register the corresponding points and all that. Moreso, to even throw the ring six times to try and score with. It's one of those old-fashioned Irish Ring Toss games where you toss rings at a fixed wall board and your goal is to get to 100 points. So, I figure I'd have to script each individual peg, I assume? and I'd like for it to have it's own scoreboard and everything. Help, please?
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